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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Positive Affirmations Don't Work

Many products that push Law of Attraction speak of the need to use "positive affirmations" along with visualizations in order to manifest what you desire.  This is partially correct, however there are times when using positive affirmations, despite your best intentions, may sabotage you.

For example Law of Attraction states that we should focus on having what we want in the present moment and act as if we are already what we want to be.  So for the example of weight loss for instance - technically a strong positive affirmation would be something along the lines of "I have a slender, healthy body that I love". 

It sounds great doesn't it? So why is it the exact WRONG thing to do? 

If you put an affirmation like this on your mirror and you repeat it - but you don't believe it, or your mind contradicts it, or it simply isn't true, this actually sends out negative vibrations because your doubt is stronger than your faith in the affirmation.  If I look at my body and I am overweight and I am out of shape - telling myself " I have a slender healthy body" is a lie - it is untrue and as I state the affirmation, the part of me that recognizes that is not a true statement counters this "positive" affirmation with the same false, limiting mindset and reinforces THAT instead of increasing the vibration. 

Ok - so what do I do? I hear you ask ;) 

Instead of writing positive affirmations about yourself - make them third person.  For example "Many people my age have lost weight successfully" or "It is possible to lose weight"... you know this is a true statement because people do this all the time.  Reinforcing true statements helps you whittle down doubts and anxieties that actually block your progress. 

When focusing on more personal affirmations - work them into something doable and believable.  "I am thankful for my body because it does wonderful things for me every day"  or "Right now I am doing healthy things for my body" or "I am growing stronger and healthier every day".  These are all "resistance free" examples of affirmations. 

To work effectively you must use "resistance free affirmations" combined with visualization and inspired action. 

Overcoming obstacles on your path to liberation and growth requires you to use the law of attraction and other universal laws in ways that eliminate resistance in order to be effective. 

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