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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

Can I use the law of attraction to help with my weight loss goals? 

Yes.  and I will use this post to explain how this can happen.  Does this mean you can simply visualize being thin and do nothing else? no.  

Weight loss tends to come with "weightier" issues to deal with - forgive the pun.  Typically when we are dealing with issues of weight there are underlying fears and beliefs we have in place that sabotage us from the very beginning. 

Step One - Using Law of Attraction to Shift Your Focus

First big challenge - overcoming negative body image and hostility towards our bodies.  How often do you look at or think about your body and have negative thoughts? Do you continually chastise yourself and your body for how you look? Do you stop ever to say "thank you" to your body for the amazing job it does of keeping you alive? Our bodies are amazing machinery - every cell of your body is like a factory with working parts that interconnect and work together.  These millions of cells form the various tissues and organs of your body that work together in harmony.  Every day your body goes through countless functions to give you the simple ability to move, breathe, see, etc.  

When you really stop to think about how miraculous your body is - and all the hard work it does for you, it is easier to get in the right mindset.  Now instead of yelling at your body - you are raising your vibration to gratitude and that is the first necessary step. 

When you continually chastise yourself or get down on your body for being heavy, or tired, or achy etc. you surround yourself in that lower vibrational energy - a heaviness that is both energetic and literal.  

Step Two - Why are you overweight? 

This requires honesty and acceptance without shame or guilt.  You have to look at the situation and be very candid with yourself.  Do you eat food that you are addicted to? (sugar, refined carbs, etc) Do you eat because you are bored? stressed? Are you eating the right foods for your body? Are you taking the time to respect your body by giving it enough water and nutrients every day? If you are carrying too much weight you must accept and acknowledge that you are doing things in error and that you need to make changes.   

Do this from a place of love and respect for yourself.  No one is perfect and you shouldn't hold yourself up to unrealistic standards.  Your goal should be focused from a higher vibrational place of abundance, healing, and love of self.  

If you approach weight loss from a place of having to "fix something broken" rather than improve what is already wonderful - chances are you will not be successful long term.  

Step Three - Taking Inspired Action

Now it's time to take inspired action.  Find activities you enjoy and be more active.  Move your body and love and respect it for the great job it's doing.  As you drink more water and move your body - focus on how grateful you are for improving your health and tell your body you are so pleased and grateful to be working with it.  

Our minds/bodies/spirit are deeply interconnected - engage in activities that are focused on whole being wellness.  Listen to guided meditations or hemi-sync music while you walk, do yoga and learn to be fully "in the now", Dance at a zumba class and have fun and celebrate life.  As your physical health improves and you accept your body as perfect for you - your body will release pounds easier and you will have the motivation to continue on your healthy journey and overcome things like emotional eating and food cravings/addictions. 

when your mind is in the right place - your body will want to follow.  

Other Tips: 

When using visualization be realistic - we are all not able to be a size 2 - love your natural shape and visualize yourself at your true ideal - not what you "think" a "perfect' you should look like etc.  Remember to be effective - visualizations must be believable. 

Love the skin you're in - pamper yourself! Take care of your skin, dress nicely, work on your posture, wear a little makeup - anything that demonstrates to you and others that you truly value yourself 

Empower - don't deprive!  Do not deprive or deny yourself.  If you need to cut carbs rather than focus on "I can't have sugar" .. focus on other ways to enjoy a sweet treat - a piece of fresh fruit or a frozen smoothie.  Indulge yourself in healthier ways and never approach a lifestyle change as a "diet" - because it won't last.  

Embrace a lifestyle that is healthy body/mind/spirit and make it something that can last a lifetime. 

Get more movement every day even if you don't work out at the gym etc.  Here are 101simple ways to be more active that are actually quite useful and easy to incorporate.

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