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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your Power is in the Present - A Focus Exercise

Your power is in the present.  This is one of the reasons meditation is such a powerful and life-changing practice, because it trains the mind to be in the "now" which is where your true power lies.  Law of attraction works "now" not yesterday and not tomorrow.  You can certainly manifest tomorrow what you focus on today - but it is where your thoughts are directed today, right now, that determine what you are in the process of creating. 

If you ever want the universal laws to work in your favor, the one key concept you have to grasp and start working with actively is on being aware and fully present.  That is hard to do in a world full of distractions, stress, and other obligations.  It's difficult, but not impossible.  One great way to do this is to call yourself to attention several times per day.  Stop what you are doing and really focus on where you are, your breathing, your surroundings, how you feel, and where your thoughts are going.  Bring yourself to center and stay there for several seconds - like freezing time for just a moment.  When you make this a regular habit you will begin to notice how much of your life actually passes you by each day without a second thought.

This exercise can help you learn to establish mindfulness, and it can also help you to feel empowered and inspired.  Full and present awareness relieves stress and anxiety, calms the mind and body, and helps you to be more conscious of where your thought energy is going.  If you have trouble calling yourself to attention - set alarms to go off a few times per day.   When it goes off stop and be fully present for a full minute or two before resuming your normal activity.  It will truly be an eye opening (and mind opening) experience.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Beginnings

So I've had a bit of a hiatus from the blog due to other obligations the past couple of weeks.  This time of year I have a lot of family members with birthdays, then there's the fall cleaning and all sorts of things going on in addition to work. 

These rituals kind of got me to thinking about the larger things to embrace and celebrate.  Cleaning for example - most of  us tend to dread the heavy cleaning, decluttering etc.  that comes once or twice a year.  This year, I decided to embrace it as an opportunity to make room for more abundance to flow into my life by shedding what I no longer need. 

I made careful efforts to reuse/repurpose things that I could and to give away things to others that they could use that I no longer really, actually needed.  Many of us hang onto things we don't truly need out of fear.  We worry that "someday" there may be a use for that.  What is actually happening is we fear letting go of what we know and what is familiar to us.  So the next time you find it difficult to de-clutter and rearrange your life, ask yourself if that is pointing to larger fears you may need to acknowledge and address.  What we resist persists. 

Embrace those less than fun tasks from a positive attitude of gratitude and openness to new opportunities and you'll find you actually enjoy the process.  At least, it will become less of a chore. 

As for Birthdays, this year was a big one for my mom.  She turned 60 and she was struggling with that number for awhile.  More I think it was she was facing some of her own inner fears - like had she truly accomplished all she hoped to by this time and how will she fully embrace and use the years she has left.  She has had a recent injury that has been the cause of lack of mobility in a shoulder and that too I think has triggered some worries - like what might happen in the future if she loses more mobility etc. 

I think many times we struggle with birthdays because it causes us to reflect on similar issues - we direct our energies more at those times to living in the past or worry about the future instead of fully being in the present moment.  This year I am turning 39 and I am facing the whole "mid-life" issue where I find myself doing a lot of life review and also worrying about the future.  It's universal for all of us I think :) we may face different fears, but they all share the traits of taking our focus from the "now" which is the only place where our true power lies.  This year I am working to be conscious of it and to let go of those types of thoughts and to embrace the fact that my life right now is pretty darn nice and I am sure there are many more blessings to come if I stay within that place. 

SO - happy autumn everyone and I'll post more very soon :)