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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Overcoming Lack of Motivation

Reasons We Lack Motivation

A lot of times it can be difficult to stay motivated to reach our goals and there are several reasons what that may be the case. Today's post explores some of these reasons and gives some suggestions on ways to get back in touch with what you truly want and to make goals more manageable.


First of all, if you find you chronically lack motivation it may be time to do a bit of soul searching.  Is what you want truly what you want?  A lot of us get caught up in what we "think" we should do or want, or what others have convinced us is the right goal. 

I know many women for example who feel pressured to be a "supermom".  They wear themselves out trying to do everything without truly considering what they actually want.  The result is they feel worn down, tired, and unsure of themselves.  They wrap themselves so completely around their roles that they lose sight of themselves. 

This is just one example where busy doesn't necessarily mean not bored.  Boredom leads to depression and avoiding our true wants and desires leads to lack of fulfillment (boredom) and it becomes a vicious circle until we can strike that balance between meeting the needs of those who depend on us, with meeting our own needs.  You can't give to others when you, yourself are empty.  Often we are taught that being selfless means to give until you can't give anymore.  This is a backwards concept, because in reality, when an individual is fulfilled it overflows and pours out of him/her to others.  When we try to give when we are already on empty, it leads to depression, resentment, and anxiety. 

Action Plan

If this is the case in your life, resolve to spend some time with yourself.  Even if it's half an hour of "my time" per day.  Use this time to do some mind mapping.  place your ultimate goal in the center of a page - whatever that may be whether it's to get in shape, start your own business, whatever goals centers around YOU and your needs.  Around this start writing out ideas and thoughts, what would you do? what would your ideal situation feel like? What do you need to do to start working towards that loftier goal? What can you do right now? Explore all the angles branching out from the center with different ideas.  After you have finished this over the course of a week or so, then start to organize the thoughts and ideas.   This helps you to make plans and plans allow the universe to align with the nature of your thoughts/feelings and help you to manifest your goals.  

Don't get so caught up in the daily grind you lose yourself.  The universe cannot help you manifest your dreams if you are not fully connected with them in the present moment.  Take time for yourself, make you a priority and start making plans and writing down your ideas - this solidifies your goals and allows the process of manifesting to begin. 

Without "divinely inspired action" there can be no manifesting! It will not find you, or drop into your lap - you MUST take action and facilitate your goals and ideas. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another inspirational graphic I created to share.  Feel free to pin and share it so others can also be touched by words of wisdom.  I plan to create more to post here and hope that everyone enjoys them!

7 Tricks to Use Law of Attraction Successfully

Using Law of Attraction Successfully - Use These Techniques to Stay on Course

Awhile back I wrote a hub on HubPages I am going to revisit here today because I feel it works so well.  I wrote it in an effort to create simple, easy to remember steps to allow you to be able to stop and assess if you are facilitating the Universal Laws in your life, or sabotaging your best intentions. 

Have you ever used an acronym or letter of the alphabet to help commit something to memory? If so these 7 tricks will be great for you because they all start with the letter A.  I found that was fitting, because A is the 1st letter, and these practices are all about recognizing and valuing yourself as important enough to put yourself first.  Also, A being the number one, ties into the universal law of divine oneness - we are ALL one :) - so it was fitting. 

So now you are wondering - what are these 7 A's and what do they mean?

The 7 A's are:

  • Awareness

  • Acceptance 

  • Allowing

  • Appreciation

  • Adjustment

  • Application 

  • Attainment 

So what do they mean and how do they help you make the universal laws actually work in your life?

Find out by reading the original hub "7 Simple Tips for Using the Universal Laws Successfully"

Have a beautiful day!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Want to be a Success? Develop Strong Habits

The most successful people are the ones who develop strong habits centered around the universal laws.  They do something every day that moves them towards their goals.  Remember, it isn't just about visualizing and waiting for something to fall in your lap. 

The law of action states that you must facilitate by taking action on your ideas.  ACT as though you are what you want to be - and you will become that very thing.  The key here is actually taking action.  That can be difficult to do without a plan. 

For that reason, I recommend making a check list and following it. 

Weight loss can be a great example - It's not something that is going to happen without action.  You can't merely wish those extra pounds away.  So an example of developing new habits might mean you create a checklist of daily tasks that will get you towards your goal. 

For example make daily goals to exercise, drink plenty of water, etc. and check those goals off as you hit them.  Save all of your daily goals and watch all those x's add up as you reach each milestone.  At every 5 or 10 or 20 pound milestone reward yourself and look back at how far you've come.  This gives you the motivation and the inspiration you need to keep going. 

As you go along focus on what you have gained from the experience and be truly grateful for it.  Gratitude is the attitude that manifests miracles in your life.  If you truly, to your core, feel gratitude in every cell of your body - you will see miraculous transformations in your life. 

Large goals are nice, but without detailed plans and a visible means to achieve them, they tend to go by the wayside. 

Use your vision boards to keep you focused, use your checklists and journals to keep yourself motivated and then allow the Universe to guide the rest.  Plan, facilitate, and take meaningful actions - those things all lead to success, not sitting around waiting. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Einstein was a truly brilliant man, well ahead of his time in many respects. Many wise quotes can be attributed to him, including the following. If you agree with the wisdom here please pin or otherwise share these words of wisdom with a friend.