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What do you Really Want?

 What do you really want? Do you know? Lets find out!
In order to learn to manifest you have to know what you truly want.  Many people will say I want to get married for example.  That's nice, but to whom? Do you have the picture of your ideal partner in your head? If not - then you cannot possibly expect to be able to manifest him/her.

The truth is most of us have an "idea" of what we would like - a very general premise, but we do not know down to the finest detail what that is.  In short, this causes us to send "mixed signals" and those mixed signals result in manifesting things that are often not to our liking.

If you truly want to manifest something - you have to know exactly what that is and be very clear about your goal. 

For example if your goal is "I want to own my own business"... that's a great start, but there's a whole lot left to interpretation there if you don't get more specific.

OK, so how do you manifest what you truly want?

Develop the image, not only in your mind, but on paper as well.  There is mind map software (free) that I find great for this or you can do it on paper.  In the center you put the core idea - "my own business".  From there you branch out and free write all the details.

Where do you work? What do you do? Even if you don't know specifically what the business is yet, ask yourself what would I most like to do? something creative? something more analytical? work with my hands? work with people? etc. Whittle it down and put all of your ideas on your mind map. As you work on this your vision of what you truly want will become clearer - making it that much easier for the Universe to deliver.

After you have done this you can go through and consolidate it into a solid statement.  I am so happy I am starting my business as an (fill in the blank here).  I can use my "whatever" skills and do a great job doing whatever... this will give me great joy and satisfaction.  Thank you universe for allowing me to create this business... "

Put your statement on your vision board.  Do this to manifest whatever it is you want - an ideal partner, a new business or career, a new home etc.  Once your ideal is held in your mind regularly you can start to take "inspired action" (law of inspired action) to help facilitate the delivery of your specific request.  You can also enhance your statement with images as well - anything that helps you make it "feel real" and well developed.

If you want the universe to deliver you better be sure of what you want and the energy you are putting out there - if you don't know - the universe won't either!

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