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Find Your Soul Purpose

How to Find Your Soul's Purpose 

Many people struggle with this question - What am I here for? What am I "supposed to be" doing? etc.  It's an understandable question.  When we open up to seeking more meaning in life it is natural to fall into believing we have a "set purpose". 

Many religions have taught this - that God has a plan for you etc.  So what is your soul purpose and how do you find it? 

The answer is simple actually - your souls purpose - is simply to discover its purpose.  Although the answer is simple, the process is complex.

You have been born here to have experiences, to explore creation itself and to discover (or not) based upon your free will your true power.  You are an expression of the divine and your purpose is to first fully accept and appreciate that honor.  What comes next is up to you.  If you want to be a poet you can do that, if you want to be a scientist you can do that.  You can serve others - or not.  Whatever you choose to do is up to you.

Many people who awaken spiritually are overwhelmed by the need to serve others - often at the expense of themselves.  There is this belief that because we are blessed with insight and because we recognize blessings that we must tirelessly give of ourselves etc.  This is a noble calling but one that must be balanced.  We don't have to run into burning buildings and grab people out to prove ourselves spiritually.  

Whatever you choose to do - whether it's sweep floors or save lives - you are an equally important part of the whole.   The world would be less without your participation regardless of your lot in life.  There is no need to "prove your worth" by running yourself into the ground.  Many spiritual people struggle with this, I have too, but the truth of the matter is you must be of service to yourself, you must recognize your own importance in order to be fulfilled and in order to truly be of help to others.

Many people struggle with "finding their purpose" because they spend all their time giving themselves away - to their jobs, their family, their community, the dog, etc. so much so that when the day ends they have nothing left for themselves.  We've been taught that this is "selfless" and noble - but in fact to neglect oneself is the ultimate act of selfishness, because we cannot fully give to others what we have not cultivated within.  Many people balk at this idea - but keep an open mind.  

When you learn to live authentically, when you are able to give yourself all that you need and desire you become a beacon of light in the world.  You no longer depend on others to give you a sense of purpose or self-worth.  You recognize that you are in fact important and vital and as you fulfill your own destiny, suddenly you give others around you the permission to do the same.  Your living example can encourage others to also find their inner purpose - to live authentically on their terms.  Suddenly everyone around you becomes more self-satisfied and in turn they encourage and inspire others and it grows... 

When we serve others in an effort to "feel valuable" we burden those we serve, because we make them responsible for our happiness, sense of self-worth, and satisfaction.  No one can make you happy but you.  Fill your cup first and let it overflow - that abundance will bless you and bless those who surround you.

There is no great single function that you are required to fulfill.   I have always believed that we incarnate here with the intention of having certain specific experiences, but that the itenerary is highly customizable.  Every day we have free will and opportunities to make choices.  Those choices are what determine our experience and our purpose.  Every choice we make can lead us to new discovery. There is no "wrong choice" when it comes to discovering your purpose - because you are the purpose ;).

Your primary purpose - one that is difficult for many to achieve is to live authentically, to develop the courage and inner strength to be who YOU are - not who others think you should be or want you to be etc.  

In life we tend to get hung up on the conditioning of societal norms, family and cultural belief systems etc.  As we become engrained in these ways of thinking we start to let go of our sense of self.  Have you ever wondered why people adore babies? It's because of their potential - they haven't been jaded by life yet - they are completely open and absorbing all the different experiences around them.  We revere babies and young children because we long to be like them ourselves - to be able to explore and have freedom to learn and grow.

Your soul purpose is to live as a child - even in your adult world of responsibilities and obligations.  You need to take time to live authentically, to be who you are - or your soul loses its sense of purpose and you struggle to find a sense of meaning... 

Discover Your Soul Purpose 

Meditate: Take time every day, even a few moments for quiet contemplation.  Allow yourself this time to connect with Spirit, to be "in the now".  As you do this you will find that in the stillness your answers begin to appear to you.  We can't discover ourselves when our minds are too busy being distracted by other things.  Quiet time benefits you body, mind, and spirit.  

Write: Keep a journal for thoughts and ideas.  Ask yourself questions and write the answers.  Talk to your "higher self" and record the conversations and what you learned.  If you are so inclined, do automatic writing - it is a great way to open up the subconscious mind and let its contents pour out.  You can learn a lot about yourself this way.