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Monday, November 28, 2011

Reflections on Thanksgiving & a Visualization Exercise/Tool

Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone and I always enjoy the meal, the company of family, playing games, and all that the holiday entails.  The "vibes" on this holiday are always great - we take time to consciously focus on the things we are thankful for while taking a day to simply enjoy good times, good food, good wine, whatever... :)

The best way to approach "thanksgiving" however is every day - not on some appointed 4th Thursday in November.  That doesn't mean we should overindulge, stuff ourselves silly etc... but more that we should stop and pause everyday and offer thanks to the universe for the blessings we have. 

Everyone, even those facing dark times or difficult challenges, can find something to be thankful for.  Even if it takes every ounce of strength you have to muster up that sense of thanksgiving - the simple "attitude of gratitude" is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration.  Higher vibrational energies on a consistent basis lead to more joy, opportunity, and peace of mind overall. 

A little mindtrick to help you with mindfulness :)

When I focus on something I truly love, that truly makes me feel blessed and abundant, in my minds eye I draw a heart around that object and say "I heart you"... and as I did it the first few times I really focused on how deeply I loved the person/place/experience/ etc. I really let it sink in to every fiber of my heart and soul to the point I could feel my vibration raise. 

Now when I see something I love - a beautiful scene on my long drive (the long drive I don't enjoy every day lol) I draw a heart around it in my minds eye and that feeling starts to come back - and once it starts you can really pull yourself almost instantly into a "higher" frame of mind. 

Try it - draw a heart around your loved one, your child, your pet and focus on how intensely you love them, the last thing they did that gave you joy, made you smile etc.  really spend some time and feel it as powerfully as you can - and then start to draw your hearts around everything that makes you feel good - in time you'll see just how amazing this little exercise can be. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Better Use Law of Attraction with These 3 Quick Tips

Ok, I wanted to keep today's post short and sweet and focus on a few things I've heard over and over, common themes that seem to keep people kind of struggling with manifesting. 

Before I get into these quick tips it's important to remember that learning to work with law of attraction (and the other universal laws) is a process.  It is something that takes time and dedication - just like it does when you say start eating properly to regain your health.  They say "diets don't work" and the reason that is, is because diets are a fad, something temporary you do for awhile and then when you reach a goal you go right back to your old ways.  A "lifestyle change" is what is embraced by people who lose weight and get healthy and keep it up long term. 

The same premise applies to Law of Attraction - there isn't just some quick things you can do for awhile and then revert back to your old habits and expect it to keep working for you.  You have to change the way you think and act and you have to do it for life.  There I said it - it requires a big commitment, but in the end it is SO worth the effort you put in.

Now for those 3 quick tips

When you visualize or focus on what you want to attract - focus on what you truly want to attract. 

I'll use the example of money here again because it's a big huge stumbling block for so many people.  You don't want money - what you want and what you should be focusing on are the things that you feel money can provide you - security, freedom, choice, abundance etc.  Focus on those energies, align yourself with those higher vibrations and you will allow money to flow to you. 

Once you've decided what you want to focus on - ask yourself how do you truly feel about it? 

Are you passionate enough about this desire to truly change your behaviors and attitudes long term? Can you really pour all your heart and soul into this goal? If not, chances are you may need to tweak your goals a bit.  If you can't see making lifestyle changes to accommodate reaching the goal chances are you don't want it enough.  Many people say they want to quit smoking or want to lose weight - but they don't make the choices and changes necessary to do so.  Are you being honest - is the passion truly there to take some risks and put yourself out there and really make an effort? 

Finally, and this one kind of ties in with the one above the law of inspired action applies.
When you want something you must take action on your ideas and do so without wasting time.  

You can't wish for something and expect it to fall into your lap.  You must visualize, tweak the plan, get passionate and then act as though you already have what you want to have - act as though you are already what you want to be.  Then take actions to get yourself there.  One way to do this is to push yourself in new directions, try new things.  

You want a million dollars you say? Ok prove it.  Sit down and brainstorm business ideas or product ideas.  Tap into your inner inventor or businessman/woman.  Formulate your ideas and take steps every day to tighten your focus.  

Universal laws are all about trust in your higher self, the universe, and directing your energies in ways that facilitate that faith.  Fear is the absence of faith and fear is the robber of dreams.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't Just Face Your Fears - Embrace Them!

How many times in life have you been told you have to face your fears in order to grow?  - This is very true, but today I'm going to tell you what is possible by taking it even further.  Want to really reach your fullest potential and see what you are made of? Let fear be your friend rather than your enemy and you'll find the universal laws flow with ease.  

After all, it's been stated repeatedly that fears block the flow of abundance and this is true.  Why? because we feed so much energy into fear and our fears are always directed at what we don't want.  So while it is important to redirect your energy to what you DO want - it is also important to accept fear is a natural part of life and embrace it rather than try to avoid it or fight it.  Fears can be a catalyst in the right direction when you know how to use them. 

An example: I am petrified of public speaking - have been since I was a kid.  I am introverted by nature, friendly, but quiet and the idea of having all these eyes on me and fearing that I'll mess up  or look stupid or say something wrong etc. brings out the worst in my insecurities.  The thought of it makes my heart race, makes my mouth dry, makes we want to run home and crawl under the covers and bury my head...

So, last month I signed up for a Public Speaking class - whoa! I must be crazy right? or a glutton for punishment perhaps? No - not at all.  I know that by facing this fear I will prove to myself that I can indeed do this.  I will not die of embarrassment, I will not be less of a person if I stumble, and in the end I will have learned some valuable skills to improve not only how I speak - but most importantly how I LISTEN.  So in this one step, a rather agonizing step, I am empowering myself and in that process I get to see just what I am made of. 

So far I have actually enjoyed the class.  Have I been nervous - no, more like a nervous wreck ;) - but I have played it as cool as I can and I learned that a lot of these people in my class who look so confident and self-assured also share a common trait with me - they are nervous wrecks too! We all are to some degree, granted some more than others, but it's quite normal and natural :)

How do I feel this experience will tie into the Universal Law of Attraction?  For many years I have felt too shy, to tongue tied to meet with people face to face about publishing my manuscripts or perhaps even eventually teaching others or doing seminars.  These are things I always thought would be fun, but never thought I would be cut out to do.  Now I am seeing that by pushing myself and focusing on my strengths and not shrinking back I am growing into more of my potential and the ultimate result will be that the universe continues to provide me the tools I need to continue growing and reaching out to others.  I told the universe 10 years ago, I want to use my talents to help others help themselves.  Since that time the universe has opened many doors for me.  I have taught myself web design, worked to improve my writing, finally went back to school for graphic arts and communications and I have opened myself up fully to my "mission".  I didn't know the "how" just what I wanted to do - and the universe has led me and pushed me to do all sorts of things aligned with that goal.

We all have our challenges, we each have our shortcomings.  Someone is always going to be better than you at anything you try.  You can let that defeat you (and many people do) or you can accept it and make a promise to yourself and to your creator to do the best you are capable of and to recognize and honor your own strengths.  When we shrink back the world loses.  Each of us has something unique and wonderful we can offer.  When you push yourself to reach new heights, your actions inspire others to do the same. 

I will never be the worlds greatest speech giver - in fact I'll never even probably be a very good speech giver ;) - BUT I can always say I showed great strength in facing a fear and that I am a better speech giver because of it - after all you can't be something if you don't give it a shot.  In the process, my fears have shrunk (not gone away but become manageable) I have gained valuable new experience and skills, and I feel fantastic about the accomplishments.

How about you?  What fears have you embraced - or what fears would you like to conquer? and how? Please share - we learn through the experiences of others! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Using Universal Laws to Ease Pain and Sickness

This time of year it seems all the kiddos and co-workers are in the spirit of sharing - viruses and germs that is ;).  I am an advocate of course of the body being a temple and working to give your body what it needs to resist and overcome disease naturally.  Our immune systems are fantastic things!  Of course in a busy daily life it isn't always practical to eat 100% properly, exercise regularly and be stress free etc.  The fact is even if you are superman/woman and can do all those things consistently - eventually you're still probably going to get sick with something.  It's a part of life and sometimes I think the universes way of enforced rest and recovery. 

Eventually, we all get sick and face illness in life.  One of my pet peeves with LOA is that it tends to sound like it is blaming us when our bodies become ill.  That isn't necessarily the case, although most of us, if we are honest could treat our bodies better on a daily basis, the fact is at some point we all face "dis-ease". 

It's how we handle illness that determines how much we suffer however.  The mind/body connection is an amazing thing and we all know that what we think about manifests.  If you are ill and you focus on how much it hurts, or how uncomfortable you are or how bad you feel etc. - you will manifest more of that energy. 

The best approach, as with anything, is to focus on what you DO want - healing.  I use meditations and visualization regularly when I am under the weather and it always helps me to recover in shorter times than those I know who tend to focus on "being sick".  I visualize my immune system doing it's thing and I thank it for working so beautifully.  I bless whatever I can about the experience - from the extra down time, to an opportunity to honor and respect the parts of my life I take for granted everyday.  A hot shower never feels as good as it does when you are sore from the flu for instance ;)

I believe that when we use the mind/body connection we enable healing to manifest faster and easier.  Higher vibrational energies are very conducive for healing.  So this year when you face the possibility of the latest cold or whatever, embrace it for how it benefits you and focus on healing - not illness.