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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Using Universal Laws to Ease Pain and Sickness

This time of year it seems all the kiddos and co-workers are in the spirit of sharing - viruses and germs that is ;).  I am an advocate of course of the body being a temple and working to give your body what it needs to resist and overcome disease naturally.  Our immune systems are fantastic things!  Of course in a busy daily life it isn't always practical to eat 100% properly, exercise regularly and be stress free etc.  The fact is even if you are superman/woman and can do all those things consistently - eventually you're still probably going to get sick with something.  It's a part of life and sometimes I think the universes way of enforced rest and recovery. 

Eventually, we all get sick and face illness in life.  One of my pet peeves with LOA is that it tends to sound like it is blaming us when our bodies become ill.  That isn't necessarily the case, although most of us, if we are honest could treat our bodies better on a daily basis, the fact is at some point we all face "dis-ease". 

It's how we handle illness that determines how much we suffer however.  The mind/body connection is an amazing thing and we all know that what we think about manifests.  If you are ill and you focus on how much it hurts, or how uncomfortable you are or how bad you feel etc. - you will manifest more of that energy. 

The best approach, as with anything, is to focus on what you DO want - healing.  I use meditations and visualization regularly when I am under the weather and it always helps me to recover in shorter times than those I know who tend to focus on "being sick".  I visualize my immune system doing it's thing and I thank it for working so beautifully.  I bless whatever I can about the experience - from the extra down time, to an opportunity to honor and respect the parts of my life I take for granted everyday.  A hot shower never feels as good as it does when you are sore from the flu for instance ;)

I believe that when we use the mind/body connection we enable healing to manifest faster and easier.  Higher vibrational energies are very conducive for healing.  So this year when you face the possibility of the latest cold or whatever, embrace it for how it benefits you and focus on healing - not illness.  

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  1. Christin- you make so many positive contributions and I thank you for writing each and every one.

    C Jonah