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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Better Use Law of Attraction with These 3 Quick Tips

Ok, I wanted to keep today's post short and sweet and focus on a few things I've heard over and over, common themes that seem to keep people kind of struggling with manifesting. 

Before I get into these quick tips it's important to remember that learning to work with law of attraction (and the other universal laws) is a process.  It is something that takes time and dedication - just like it does when you say start eating properly to regain your health.  They say "diets don't work" and the reason that is, is because diets are a fad, something temporary you do for awhile and then when you reach a goal you go right back to your old ways.  A "lifestyle change" is what is embraced by people who lose weight and get healthy and keep it up long term. 

The same premise applies to Law of Attraction - there isn't just some quick things you can do for awhile and then revert back to your old habits and expect it to keep working for you.  You have to change the way you think and act and you have to do it for life.  There I said it - it requires a big commitment, but in the end it is SO worth the effort you put in.

Now for those 3 quick tips

When you visualize or focus on what you want to attract - focus on what you truly want to attract. 

I'll use the example of money here again because it's a big huge stumbling block for so many people.  You don't want money - what you want and what you should be focusing on are the things that you feel money can provide you - security, freedom, choice, abundance etc.  Focus on those energies, align yourself with those higher vibrations and you will allow money to flow to you. 

Once you've decided what you want to focus on - ask yourself how do you truly feel about it? 

Are you passionate enough about this desire to truly change your behaviors and attitudes long term? Can you really pour all your heart and soul into this goal? If not, chances are you may need to tweak your goals a bit.  If you can't see making lifestyle changes to accommodate reaching the goal chances are you don't want it enough.  Many people say they want to quit smoking or want to lose weight - but they don't make the choices and changes necessary to do so.  Are you being honest - is the passion truly there to take some risks and put yourself out there and really make an effort? 

Finally, and this one kind of ties in with the one above the law of inspired action applies.
When you want something you must take action on your ideas and do so without wasting time.  

You can't wish for something and expect it to fall into your lap.  You must visualize, tweak the plan, get passionate and then act as though you already have what you want to have - act as though you are already what you want to be.  Then take actions to get yourself there.  One way to do this is to push yourself in new directions, try new things.  

You want a million dollars you say? Ok prove it.  Sit down and brainstorm business ideas or product ideas.  Tap into your inner inventor or businessman/woman.  Formulate your ideas and take steps every day to tighten your focus.  

Universal laws are all about trust in your higher self, the universe, and directing your energies in ways that facilitate that faith.  Fear is the absence of faith and fear is the robber of dreams.

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