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The Right Path

Am I on the right path?  

Many people ask this question.  It is a normal and natural thing to wonder.  We often fear going astray or doing something "wrong".  Life is full of choices and the one thing many find hard to accept is that there all paths have benefit - even if you make a "wrong" choice, ultimately you will learn from that and hopefully your next choice will be a better one.  Many times a "wrong" choice now leads to something better down the road that would not have happened otherwise. 

Rather than worry about the potential of your choice to be "wrong" - focus instead on what you can gain from the experience.  If you start a business and it bombs - at least you tried.  In that process you likely learned a whole lot about what not to do next time right? Your mistakes are ultimately what build you up.  If we spend all of our time avoiding risk for fear of making a mistake - we can't grow! Growth is only possible in learning to accept and embrace change.  All things are constantly growing and changing... (it's a Universal Law after all ;) )

As for the "right path" there are ways to determine if your path is right - or merely only what you "think" you want.  The best gauge to test the waters is your emotions and your experiences.  If you are pursuing a goal and it is hard work, but feels good at the end of the day - chances are that is a goal that you are aligned with that is serving your highest good.  You are taking inspired actions (universal law) that is manifesting for you a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Hard work vs Struggle

If you find you work hard and it's a struggle and you feel drained at the end of the day.  That is a big red flag that you are not following your truth or walking on your ideal path.  Many people struggle with this.  They end up following career paths that they believe will give them more money, which of course in their minds says "more happiness".  What typically ends up happening is burnout, resentment for one's path because it is not their true calling, and a sense of emotional and spiritual starvation that steadily grows worse over time until action is taken to correct the path. 

Emotions are the perfect barometer to tell us if we are on the right path or if we need to adjust accordingly.  Listening to this inner wisdom is important.  We often push our emotions aside or avoid the ones that don't feel good as opposed to fixing the problem itself. 

It is normal and natural to have fleeting doubts or insecurities, but when those feelings bombard you day after day or they become so loud that you cannot ignore them you know that this path is indeed in error and that you are not living authentically. 

Your emotions will tell you every time when you are being dishonest - and most of us don't want to admit we have been dishonest with ourselves.  We choose to rationalize our emotions - which ultimately leads us even further astray.  

Want to know if you are on the right path? Ask yourself how you honestly feel and explore those feelings with depth and acceptance.  Only you can correct your path because only you know what you need to live authentically.