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Monday, January 30, 2012

Creating a Sanctuary - Instantly Raise Your Vibrations & Improve Your Energy

We all know that like energy attracts like energy - for that reason it is very important that your home has at least one area that is serene and allows you to detach and feel at ease. 

We just recently redid our bedroom with beautiful soothing colors, a comfortable bed, nice draperies and accented it with nice pillows, candles, a Buddha statue and other items that invoke a sense of serenity.  Having this sanctuary gives us a place away from the kids where we can go to take a breather when we need to.  It also gives us a lovely location to reconnect with each other. 

Ideally all rooms in your home should be free of clutter, function well and feel inviting - however those of us with small kids and pets know that is almost always easier said than done ;).  Having one room that is "adults only" - be it a bedroom or a den etc. is a great way to have a serene space that you can keep clean and welcoming.  Sometimes a five minute escape to your home sanctuary is all that is needed to instantly elevate your vibration.

When you design your room declare it to be a place of peace and restoration and that once you cross through that door you will no longer focus on anxiety, worry, anger and other life draining things and instead focus only on relaxation, inspiration, etc. 

This is a great way to get your vibrations up every day - so invest in your space and make it your own. 

For our space we chose blues that remind us of our favorite Ocean hideaways.  The soft whites/greys with the blues instantly calm and relax us.  The wall art we are about to place is all ocean/island themed with soft muted colors.  This room is so relaxing now and as soon as we walk in we feel instantly at peace and "cozy at home"

Our next project will be the dining room which is already nice but we are wanting to recreate it in a way that is very welcoming and open to our friends/family and gives them a sense of ease and love when they enter our home (our entry way goes straight into the dining room area). 

Choose an area of your house that is your own and finish that first - then next focus on the area you want to use that welcomes others and makes them feel the high vibrational energy that your home embodies.  :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

What is the Universal Law of Compensation?

The Universal Law of Compensation doesn't refer to the word in the way we've come to think of it.  Typically when we think of compensation we think of salary/wages paid for a job completed. 

When it comes to understanding the universal laws or constants, compensation has a somewhat different meaning.

The Law of Compensation states that you get back what you give to others.  This law is stated in many scriptures and ideas you are likely already familiar with "do unto others as you would have done to you" or the famous Gahndi saying "be the change you wish to see in the world".

It is a basic understanding that what you project is returned to you. Like attracts like.  If most of what you send out into the world is positive, most of what you receive in return will also be positive.  If you work to be a strong, nurturing, and supportive person for others, chances are when you are in need of support yourself you will have this same strength and support returned to you. 

The biggest lesson of this law - give freely to others what you want to see yourself.

Some people misinterpret this, especially when it comes to things like money.  Does this law mean that to receive abundance in the form of money - you should give away the money/resources you have? No.  What you should do however, is give away your generosity freely.  Give of your time, your talents, your wisdom, love etc. and give it freely to all who need it.  In return you'll find that abundance and generosity find their way back to you in the time and form you need. 

Unfortunately, this law works in reverse as well.  Have you heard the phrase "misery loves company"?  This means that people who are angry, hurting, feeling negative send out the energy vibrations of hurt, anger, etc. and in return they attract more people or circumstances that return to them what they are projecting.  It can certainly be a vicious circle at times.

An example of this - think back to a day where first thing in the morning something went wrong and it really made you mad or anxious.  Did you find the rest of the day kind of spiraled? It's because the energy you were projecting with such passion was being reflected back to you.  Typically how we start our day will be very close to how we finish it. 

For this reason, a good habit to get into is focusing on gratitude and abundance first thing in the morning.  Really get into it and let yourself feel it deeply with every fiber of your being.  When you do this, you'll find that this positive, focused energy is returned to you throughout the day.  You'll be able to handle any challenges with greater ease and everything will flow more smoothly.  You'll also be a positive influence on others - because smiles and joy are contagious too :).  Have you ever been around someone genuinely happy and smiling - or someone who was laughing and not felt the urge to smile yourself?

Be what you want to see - it will come back to you. 
The Law of Compensation. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Choose Your Words Wisely

Why place such importance on the words you use? 

Words are extremely important yet many of us are not truly conscious of the words we use when conveying thoughts to ourselves or via our own inner dialog. 

Words are what form your thoughts - and thoughts are what drive your feelings.  If what you think and/or feel is negative, chances are very likely the words you are choosing are negative as well.  Choosing your words and changing your dialog are absolutely key to working with the universal law of attraction (and others) to manifest what you desire.

This is a good place to remember the important lesson of focusing on what you do want.  A great way to do this is to be mindful of your inner dialog.  When you catch yourself thinking something negative for example - "I don't want to get sick" (it is cold/flu season after all ;) ) Instead of thinking about what you don't want - focus on what you do and what is.  "I'm so happy and grateful that I'm feel well today" or "I want to stay healthy" These are both positive alternatives and have higher vibrations than the original thought - "I don't want to get sick".

There is only room for positive or negative in your focus at any one time - both cannot exist in harmony.  That doesn't mean negative thoughts don't have usefulness - in my last post I discussed on why you should focus (briefly) on what you don't want.  That is of course, to fully understand what you do!

Try this Exercise: 

Today be mindful of your thoughts and when you pick up on negative key words in your thoughts like "don't" "can't" "shouldn't" etc. stop briefly and reshape your thought to come from a positive perspective and refocus on what you DO indeed want to experience. 

Words are very powerful - in fact one of my original projects that I started over 10 years ago was a project called "Daily Power Words" and in these exercises, positive goals and ideas were centered around a one word Mantra of sorts.  This practice each day allowed me to grow in ways I couldn't imagine at the time and it was a great catalyst on my path.  I share many of these exercises for free at my Daily Power Words website.  I am also linking to a video below that features one of these so you can get an idea how they work and exactly how motivating and powerful something as seemingly simple as words can be. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Law of Attraction How To - You Should Think About What You Don't Want!

Focus on what I don't want?

What??? I can hear you thinking ;) ....

Yes you should! and here's why :)

Ok so perhaps the title is a tad misleading ;) ... but not entirely untrue.  I'll explain

Often people are unaware of what they truly want.  When they think of an ideal partner for a relationship for example they may have vague general statements about what they want.  He/she should be nice - well DUH! ;) ask this same person to define "nice" and they may struggle a bit putting into words exactly what they mean.  If you can't express it then you certainly aren't going to be able to efficiently manifest it.

For this example, to get a very clear and precise idea of what you DO want you need to spend some time focusing on what you don't want - perhaps what you experienced in past relationships that was negative. 

Take a sheet of paper and on one side (this doesn't have to be for relationships it can be for an ideal job, or whatever goal you want) Anyway, on the left put "Don't want" or "Won't work for me" etc. and make a list of these things.  On the right side of your page create a "clarity" or "manifest this" column and focus on the true opposite of what you don't want. 

Don't be vague either "Mean" and "Nice" are not good comparison contrasts ;) A good example might be on the "Don't want" side to put someone who speaks to me disrespectfully and on the "clarity" side - "someone who is wise and respectful enough to show restraint before speaking - who can speak with true honesty and candor without being insulting or rude"  This is a very clear idea of what you truly want - not just some vague generalizations.  

Remember the key to manifesting is to understand thoroughly, in painstaking detail, what you want to create.  Sometimes the key to doing that IS considering what you don't want! - but only as long as it takes to help you determine what you do!

Blessings and Light