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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Positive Affirmations Don't Work

Many products that push Law of Attraction speak of the need to use "positive affirmations" along with visualizations in order to manifest what you desire.  This is partially correct, however there are times when using positive affirmations, despite your best intentions, may sabotage you.

For example Law of Attraction states that we should focus on having what we want in the present moment and act as if we are already what we want to be.  So for the example of weight loss for instance - technically a strong positive affirmation would be something along the lines of "I have a slender, healthy body that I love". 

It sounds great doesn't it? So why is it the exact WRONG thing to do? 

If you put an affirmation like this on your mirror and you repeat it - but you don't believe it, or your mind contradicts it, or it simply isn't true, this actually sends out negative vibrations because your doubt is stronger than your faith in the affirmation.  If I look at my body and I am overweight and I am out of shape - telling myself " I have a slender healthy body" is a lie - it is untrue and as I state the affirmation, the part of me that recognizes that is not a true statement counters this "positive" affirmation with the same false, limiting mindset and reinforces THAT instead of increasing the vibration. 

Ok - so what do I do? I hear you ask ;) 

Instead of writing positive affirmations about yourself - make them third person.  For example "Many people my age have lost weight successfully" or "It is possible to lose weight"... you know this is a true statement because people do this all the time.  Reinforcing true statements helps you whittle down doubts and anxieties that actually block your progress. 

When focusing on more personal affirmations - work them into something doable and believable.  "I am thankful for my body because it does wonderful things for me every day"  or "Right now I am doing healthy things for my body" or "I am growing stronger and healthier every day".  These are all "resistance free" examples of affirmations. 

To work effectively you must use "resistance free affirmations" combined with visualization and inspired action. 

Overcoming obstacles on your path to liberation and growth requires you to use the law of attraction and other universal laws in ways that eliminate resistance in order to be effective. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Law of Attraction for Learning - Improve your Grades

Now that I am back in class again I thought it would be a good time to share some techniques I have used to help me master harder classes I have been in.  A lot of times when a subject doesn't come easy to us, the first response is to panic, to fear we'll fail or fall short of our expectations, and those worries can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

When faced with classes and subjects that rattle my confidence I spend some time doing some confidence building and positive manifesting exercises.  These can be modified and used really for any goal or purpose where you want to succeed or do more than you thought you could. 

The first step is to get clear on exactly what you expect from yourself and why.  If you are wanting an A because you feel that you need that grade or that judgment from someone else in order to feel worthwhile - you are wanting that grade for the wrong reasons, and it will elude you. 

The correct focus should not be on the "letter grade" but on being successful overall.  For me, a B in math or advanced programming is like an A++++ lol.  I have to restructure my mindset and know and ACCEPT that if I do my absolute best - whatever grade comes from it is not a measure of "my worth" but a reflection of the effort I gave to my subject.

Those of us who are perfectionists are often that way to our own detriment - getting good grades becomes self-destructive because we are too focused on "proving our worth" to please others - rather than simply accepting ourselves as doing well enough or being enough despite the letter grade.

Does that mean you shouldn't go for the A? not at all - but it means you SHOULD examine why you want that A - is it for the right reason or the wrong ones? We should all strive to do our best in a way that is still joyful! If you get an A but you spend months in misery trying to accomplish it - the reward is just not as sweet.  I'd rather stress less and get a B - than pull my hair out for an A.

The next step is to visualize - see yourself understanding the subject matter.  Envision yourself succeeding at this course and feel the feelings that being successful give you.  Hold this in your mind several minutes each day and truly get into the visualization with feeling and passion. 

Every time you get something right or you catch on to a concept that was tricky before - Thank your mind for allowing you to comprehend that subject.  Thank the universe for inspiring that knowledge.  Give yourself proper credit for the achievements rather than focusing on "well I have to keep going".. stop for a minute and say "I accomplished something and it feels amazing".. That positive energy will help you manifest more goals than berating or bullying yourself.

Remember that you are ONE with the universal mind/wisdom.  This is the power and energy that is within all things and allows you to open up to all things.  There is nothing you can't understand if you don't barricade your ability to grasp it with fears/anxiety.  We can ALL learn.  Embrace learning as a natural extension of yourself - just like breathing and motion. 

Other Techniques I use...

I also use hemi-sync recordings that are designed for enhancing learning.  They work by triggering parts of the brain that allow you to think more efficiently and creatively.  I've found that when I am doing  a task that requires a lot of brain power listening to these types of music/recordings really do give me a boost. 

Remember also that your brain needs regular exercise to function effectively and efficiently, just like the body does.  Exercise your brain regularly with puzzles and games designed for that purpose.  It does help.  I do logic problems and brain training exercises a few times a week and it benefits me greatly.

Exercise your body!  A healthy body means more energy and less stress which equate to more stamina and endurance and a clearer, sharper mind.  Eat right and exercise! If you feed your body garbage, do not drink water, and don't move - you can't very well get upset that your brain is not functioning at peak capacity ;).  Many college students get caught in the junk food/fast food trap due to time constraints etc.  Trust me take time to nourish/exercise your body properly and you will have more time, because you will become more efficient.

In short, take inspired action to give your body/mind what it needs to facilitate learning and then get out of your own way.  :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can I Use Universal Laws to Make Someone Love Me?

The short answer to this question is No.  We cannot use the law of attraction to change another persons free will and aren't you glad we can't? You wouldn't want someone to have the power to influence your decisions either. 

Each of us creates our own realities and we will love who we love. 

Can you use universal laws to help in the search for your ideal love? Absolutely yes! 

There are techniques to do this and the key is to not focus on a specific person - but rather to focus on getting clear on exactly what you want.  When many of us think of love we get attached to a person and then project our ideals onto that person before truly getting to know them authentically.  Think back to a time you had a crush on someone and then when you actually dated that person they disappointed you.  The reason is you tried to attach an idea to a person - rather than put a clear picture of what you wanted out to the Universe and allow the correct person to come to you.

How to Attract Your Perfect Mate 

Write him/her down on paper and go into great detail about the traits you want in your ideal person.  Envision this persons conversational style and what you would talk about.  This gives a big clue into what you expect in a partner. 

Find images that represent the important values you want your partner to have.  You can focus on "deal breakers" too - but only long enough to determine what you don't want so that you can return your focus to what you do want. 

Once you have identified the right type of person for you - let go and allow the process to blossom.  Don't put pressure on it by attaching to people immediately.  Make yourself available to meet others of like interests (take a class or join a social club - try online dating if you like) Get to know people slowly and see how they measure up. 

In the meantime focus on YOU - when you love you, others can love you and not before that.  If you don't love yourself - and I mean really, truly love yourself you cannot find the truly right partner for you.  When we cultivate love from within - we overflow with an abundance of positive energy that in turn magnetizes us to others who have similar vibrations. 

If you are focused on being "lonely" and wanting someone to "fulfill" a need - you will always feel that need no matter who is around.  That loneliness stems from an inner soul desire that needs to be filled by you first - so that you can enter a strong partnership that will last later.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

Can I use the law of attraction to help with my weight loss goals? 

Yes.  and I will use this post to explain how this can happen.  Does this mean you can simply visualize being thin and do nothing else? no.  

Weight loss tends to come with "weightier" issues to deal with - forgive the pun.  Typically when we are dealing with issues of weight there are underlying fears and beliefs we have in place that sabotage us from the very beginning. 

Step One - Using Law of Attraction to Shift Your Focus

First big challenge - overcoming negative body image and hostility towards our bodies.  How often do you look at or think about your body and have negative thoughts? Do you continually chastise yourself and your body for how you look? Do you stop ever to say "thank you" to your body for the amazing job it does of keeping you alive? Our bodies are amazing machinery - every cell of your body is like a factory with working parts that interconnect and work together.  These millions of cells form the various tissues and organs of your body that work together in harmony.  Every day your body goes through countless functions to give you the simple ability to move, breathe, see, etc.  

When you really stop to think about how miraculous your body is - and all the hard work it does for you, it is easier to get in the right mindset.  Now instead of yelling at your body - you are raising your vibration to gratitude and that is the first necessary step. 

When you continually chastise yourself or get down on your body for being heavy, or tired, or achy etc. you surround yourself in that lower vibrational energy - a heaviness that is both energetic and literal.  

Step Two - Why are you overweight? 

This requires honesty and acceptance without shame or guilt.  You have to look at the situation and be very candid with yourself.  Do you eat food that you are addicted to? (sugar, refined carbs, etc) Do you eat because you are bored? stressed? Are you eating the right foods for your body? Are you taking the time to respect your body by giving it enough water and nutrients every day? If you are carrying too much weight you must accept and acknowledge that you are doing things in error and that you need to make changes.   

Do this from a place of love and respect for yourself.  No one is perfect and you shouldn't hold yourself up to unrealistic standards.  Your goal should be focused from a higher vibrational place of abundance, healing, and love of self.  

If you approach weight loss from a place of having to "fix something broken" rather than improve what is already wonderful - chances are you will not be successful long term.  

Step Three - Taking Inspired Action

Now it's time to take inspired action.  Find activities you enjoy and be more active.  Move your body and love and respect it for the great job it's doing.  As you drink more water and move your body - focus on how grateful you are for improving your health and tell your body you are so pleased and grateful to be working with it.  

Our minds/bodies/spirit are deeply interconnected - engage in activities that are focused on whole being wellness.  Listen to guided meditations or hemi-sync music while you walk, do yoga and learn to be fully "in the now", Dance at a zumba class and have fun and celebrate life.  As your physical health improves and you accept your body as perfect for you - your body will release pounds easier and you will have the motivation to continue on your healthy journey and overcome things like emotional eating and food cravings/addictions. 

when your mind is in the right place - your body will want to follow.  

Other Tips: 

When using visualization be realistic - we are all not able to be a size 2 - love your natural shape and visualize yourself at your true ideal - not what you "think" a "perfect' you should look like etc.  Remember to be effective - visualizations must be believable. 

Love the skin you're in - pamper yourself! Take care of your skin, dress nicely, work on your posture, wear a little makeup - anything that demonstrates to you and others that you truly value yourself 

Empower - don't deprive!  Do not deprive or deny yourself.  If you need to cut carbs rather than focus on "I can't have sugar" .. focus on other ways to enjoy a sweet treat - a piece of fresh fruit or a frozen smoothie.  Indulge yourself in healthier ways and never approach a lifestyle change as a "diet" - because it won't last.  

Embrace a lifestyle that is healthy body/mind/spirit and make it something that can last a lifetime. 

Get more movement every day even if you don't work out at the gym etc.  Here are 101simple ways to be more active that are actually quite useful and easy to incorporate.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Long Does it Take to Manifest Goals using Law of Attraction?

This is a very common question and the response is always the same - it depends.  There are several steps required when preparing to manifest a goal.

First of all are you focused on what you truly want - not merely what you think you want or need.  Everyone "thinks" they want to win the lottery - I mean who wouldn't?  It's not like any of us are going to turn that down right? lol.

What you really want though is what you feel that money would provide you - so your focus should be directed towards those things - not the "how" but the "what".  In this example the "what" would be the deeper answers of security, freedom, independence, ability to give to others, prosperity, etc.

So the first step is to identify the TRUE goals - remember it's not the "how" but the "what"... so make a list of genuine goals you want for yourself.  If you have always dreamed of owning your own business, start to focus on what you would want to do every day that would make you happy.

Would you be an artist, a counselor, sell your own product or service?  Envision yourself getting up to go to your dream "job".. do you actually own the business and do everything yourself? What part of the business/job do you see yourself doing with joy? That's what you need to focus on intently - not a generalization.

Overly general ideas are vague - they do not help you target your energy effectively.  You must determine what you truly want - the true underlying thing and target your energy concisely.  When you know this then you can start to focus on having it,  which will encourage inspired actions.  When we are clear on what we want, the universe has a way of giving us hints/ideas intuitively as to  how to get there. Signposts that direct us to take certain actions if we choose to listen.  The universe likes to be as expedient and efficient as possible.  If you are not manifesting goals in a reasonable amount of time, chances are you are either not focusing your energy properly or you are not following up on the "leads" given to you - sorry, but that's the truth.

The next step is listening to and ACTING on that intuitive guidance.  I'm sorry folks - but dreams are not going to pop out of thin air and drop in your lap the way many LOA products seem to infer.  Everyone is looking for an easy answer and those false promises sell a lot of products for their creators - but don't do a lot for you.  If you want something you have to plant the seed and then you have to tend it before you can achieve the harvest. 

Clarity about what you truly want is the first piece, the second is visualizing productively and planning, and the next is focus and action... When you do these things you can begin to manifest changes very quickly in your life.

If you believe in it - you can do it.  So some find they benefit from faith building exercises.  Focus on something small - something you feel in your mind is very easy to attract or accomplish - and then do that.  Build from there and learn to recognize the way your thoughts sabotage or get in the way.  Preconditioned responses are sometimes difficult to break, the first step is recognizing them and then moving forward.  Accomplishments, even small ones, build momentum.  Keep track of your little victories in life and let them propel your energy forward.

If you need some more tools to help make all of these laws work for you, don't forget to visit my latest hub post "The 7 A's Easily Learn to Use the Law of Attraction"  These 7 key words will help you remember what you need to be doing! :)  Write them down, commit them to memory, print them and post them on the wall :) it's a great reminder

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Law of Attraction - Turning "Bad" Feelings Into Something Useful

Bad Feelings are Natural and Beneficial 

Huh? I can hear the response now! That can't be right can it?

In a lot of writings on the Law of Attraction the need to remove yourself from negative feelings is really stressed.  This is true, sort of.  We definitely shouldn't let feelings of fear, anger, sorrow etc overwhelm us for too long.  The challenge I think with many lessons on Law of Attraction and the other universal laws is that people tend to feel they have "avoid" rather than work with and reconstruct negative emotions.  It's almost as if we look at anger, fear etc as a personal failure so we cast it aside rather than embrace it.  That will always keep you struggling.

It is perfectly normal and natural to feel fear, anger, etc.  At times in life our circumstances or others are going to elicit these feelings and make us feel challenged in some capacity.  Rather than "ignore" it or push it away or chastise yourself for feeling the way you do - you have to consciously focus on its opposite and work to manifest that.  This is not the same as sweeping these feelings under the rug though.  If you simply ignore bad feelings without addressing the source - they will continue to come back.  If you pile guilt on top of that and push them away they grow malignant like a cancer to the soul.

When we grow a garden we have to continually weed that garden to allow it to grow and be fruitful.  When we merely pull at the weeds and don't remove the root - the weeds take over and choke off the garden.  Weeds are natural - weeds happen.  Anger, sadness, frustration, despair - those are all natural too - they happen.  Spiritual growth and enlightenment is a process of cultivation - of working to bring out our personal best through wisdom and inspired action.

Resist the urge to resist the challenging emotions.  Pushing them away is like pulling at weeds without removing the root - they are going to grow back and will be stronger than ever.  

Working With Negative Emotions 

When we see what we don't want.  When we feel that bad feeling, it is a cue to us to focus that energy on healing the source of the pain and on manifesting its opposite by focusing on what we do want.  So lets say for example you are feeling angry because your significant other or boss or someone close said something that offended you. 

This of course brings up deeper emotions - perhaps anger that the person is acting unreasonably, or fear of rejection from this person, devaluing yourself due to the opinion of another you hold in high esteem, fear of failure, etc.

The key to moving past this is to acknowledge all of the feelings the situation has brought up and then to look at them not through the lens of raw emotion - but rationally.  Ask yourself (and I do this regularly lol) Is this situation truly going to matter in the grand cosmic scheme of things? Then ask yourself with honesty - could I have done something different? Is there a lesson in this for me? How can I grow from this? Reflect on these and you will not only heal from the initial anger/fear - but also grow at the same time (weeding the garden so the fruit can come forward) Sometimes other people are going to "wrong" us - and we are only human and we are going to make errors too - embrace it as part of experience and learning and then work to let it go in a manner that benefits all involved.

Often this act alone is enough to diffuse the negative emotions in place and instead of being reactive, or making a situation worse etc.  you turned it into an empowering experience for yourself.  

We all have days where we want to reach out and slap somebody ;) those feelings are natural so long as you use them as a tool to get to the underlying problem that needs to be solved.  No matter how much we work on personal growth - eventually someone or something is going to get on our nerves and elicit an initially negative response.  Don't beat yourself up for having those thoughts - or you add more fuel to the negative vibe fire through guilt and chastising yourself etc.

Although these feelings are natural - we shouldn't wallow in them or ever ever act on them.  The wise see them for what they are - opportunities.  We always have a choice - we can take the high road or we can let our emotions overwhelm and rob us of our personal power.  Have you ever heard someone who has lashed out say "I don't know what came over me?"  - that's because we often push away and cast aside and that energy builds up like a pressure cooker until it reaches a breaking point.  Our job in working with Universal Laws is to not ever reach that point of meltdown where we lash out.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can Law of Attraction Get Me Out of Debt?

A lot of people are drawn to learn about law of attraction and the other universal laws because they want to end painful conditions in their lives - like debt for example.  Many people feel burdened by debt and the key to releasing debt is to reform some of your attitudes.

First of all you don't want to focus on "debt" - but instead focus on building wealth.  What we target our energy towards is what manifests - so even if you are thinking "get out of debt" your thought process and energy are still aimed at what you don't want to see - debt.  Guess what you are then manifesting? ;)

When you say the word "debt" - use your feelings as a gauge to see if you are pointed in the right direction.  Debt brings up feelings of helplessness, insecurity, powerlessness, fear etc.  That is a sure sign that you are not thinking the right thoughts.  Now focus on its opposite(s) "wealth" and "opportunity" ... These words likely invoke feelings of peace, happiness, "lightness" or being released from a burden etc.  Those are the feelings and the thoughts you need to cultivate in order to draw money or solutions to the debt.

Does "stop thinking about debt" mean ignore it? No.  It means focus on what you DO want to see - more abundance.  Direct your energy towards increasing your prosperity.  Put your energy towards business, or developing yourself to set yourself up to be in a better position etc.  If you are so far in the hole that you can't get out consult a financial advisor about your options (rather than ignoring the debt) and then focus on a plan that helps you solve the problem.

If you focus on debt - regardless of how you phrase it, you will continue to attract "debt" - in the forms of money debt or in the feelings of lack and limitation which also in turn tend to lead to a decline in resources.  Focus on "more" not "less".  Also focus on more and accepting opportunities and building yourself up "now" not on "want"... If you say I want to be more successful - that means you will always "want" to be that - act as though you are already what you want to be and the universe will line up to make that true for you.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How Whole Being Wellness Helps with Law of Attraction

In order to manifest our hearts desire we have to align energetically with the things we hope to attract and experience. 

We all have several "bodies" that work together - and in order to achieve higher vibrational energies it is very important to work to improve health on all levels.  When we are healthy, giving our body proper hydration, nutrition, and exercise our vibrations lift.  People who exercise regularly and eat right find they have boundless energy and can manage their time better because they don't have the "brain fog" or "dragging" feeling that many others have. 

When we don't use our bodies regularly we tend to suffer from fatigue, aches, pains, etc that drag our vibrations down.  When we are tired and chronically feeling ill or tired - the lower vibrational energies of anxiety, fear, anger, etc can take hold easier.

It is important that we start to recognize the benefits of whole being wellness - we need to exercise our body, mind, and spirit and learn to reestablish a connection.  What we do for one "body" also effects the others.  If you exercise regularly you'll find your mind is sharper and your mood is improved. 

Those who meditate and work with energy find they are able to assist the healing process of their bodies by consciously learning how to direct life force energy and raise to the vibrational frequency of healing.  This act of connecting spiritually and "plugging in" to source allows the mind/body to work together to facilitate faster recoveries from illness/injury etc.

When we sharpen our mind through puzzles or learning - we typically find a greater sense of well being and a creative "spark" or ideas start to flow.  When we trigger the mind through learning the process wants to continue - the mind loves information and wants more.  The mind also loves the expression of ideas - take time to creatively express yourself every day through a journal or art or music - whatever speaks to you.  You'll find that in doing so your thoughts/emotions flow more freely and you have less anxiety, pent up pressure etc.

The opposite is also true.  When we regularly eat junk food for example or engage in other bad habits that harm our body - our energy suffers, our mind becomes foggy, we start to feel the effects of lower vibrational energy through fatigue etc. 

Another example is when we watch too much TV or spend too much time playing games etc. it atrophies the mind and creativity - have you ever watched a long movie or stayed in front of the TV so long that you felt exhausted mentally?

Spiritually, when we don't take time to connect to the divine, we begin to feel "small" and disconnected - anxiety and fear take over and we feel at the mercy of the world around us instead of empowered.  Regular meditation or other forms of spiritual practice help us to feel that connection with our source, to recognize we are larger than our daily troubles etc.  Without that time to connect the little stuff can pile up.

All of our bodies are not "separate" but a part of one functioning whole.  Whole being wellness is vital in working with law of attraction because it helps us to properly align our energy.  The closer we are to aligning our whole selves with this higher vibrational energy - the better the universal energy can flow through us and help us manifest the life of our dreams.

Focus on your current habits and ask yourself what you need to do to shift to a higher vibration in your daily life.  Do you need to watch your diet/fitness levels? Are you tired all the time? Do you need to take more time to learn or exercise the mind? Do you spend too much time with distractions? Do you take some "me time" each day to recharge your batteries?

Take some time today to assess with honesty (not judgment or criticism) what you may be doing that is lowering your vibration and take small steps to make corrections for this.  Every positive thing you do will have positive effects on the "whole" - the "whole" of you and the "whole" of all of us because we are all connected :). 

I highly recommend activities that engage different areas simultaneously - yoga is a good example of an activity that helps you on all levels through physical movement and refocusing the mind on the "here and now".  I often practice meditation while exercising - it makes the time on a treadmill go faster and flow easier.  There are many techniques you can use to engage in whole being wellness - find something you love and let it raise your vibration.  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Simple Concepts to Help You Use the Universal Laws Effectively - the "7 A's"

I wrote a new Hubpages hub today to share seven simple tips that will help you learn to use the universal laws effectively.  My hope is that the hub introduces people to more of the concepts we explore in depth here.

Sometimes I believe that we can make complex processes easier when we use things like acronyms or in this case all the concepts start with the letter A. 

In coming posts I am going to go into greater detail about each of the "A's" and what all they truly entail, but the hub is a good primer. 

If you're wondering ;) the 7 A's are: 
  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Allowing 
  • Appreciation
  • Adjusting
  • Application 
  • Attainment
To learn more visit my latest hub:
Please be sure to stop by and check out the hub.  Tweet it out to your friends or facebook or +1 it if you find it helpful. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Sky is Falling!

The current environment is certainly one mired in fear.  Wall street up to its antics again and the media pushing huge fears of a deeper rooted "double dip" recession etc.  What humans at large fail to realize is that what we focus on manifests  - and nowhere is this more evident than on Wall street where we see giant drops in the market based on people's fears and talking themselves into a frenzy. It solves no problems, produces no solutions and ultimately causes pain - why? because we allow it, we engage in it and we let others tell us why "the sky is falling".  (remember chicken little? good read lol)  

Throughout history mankind has been very good at letting his fear get the best of him - remember the persecution of witches for example? Mass hysteria where everyone turned on everyone for fear that evil was afoot and sure to destroy their lives.  This is just one of many historic examples of fear and paranoia destroying lives.  On hindsight we look back and say how stupid and juvenile that behavior was, but in the moment, those people were swept up in that powerful fear movement - so much that they couldn't see the forest for the trees and the result was great suffering. 

Fear is a wonderful way for those in power to instill control and complacency in others.  When we fear the bogeyman we can be convinced to do all sorts of things we normally wouldn't consider. 

Fear is very effective for marketing - how often do you notice advertisements play on your insecurities and fears to get you to buy a product or service?  If you don't use this you won't be beautiful enough, if you don't have that your neighbors will think you suck etc. We are so constantly bombarded with fear based thought/propaganda in so many areas of our lives it can be difficult to "break free".  We come to accept it as "normal" - and a constant state of anxiety/alarm, even when it feels subtle, causes us to miss out on joy in our lives.  It also causes health problems, mental/emotional stress, and feeling disconnected from our source.

One of the biggest threats to you ever reaching your fullest potential is to be swept away by the "sky is falling" mentality - that constant state of alarm/anxiety that is foisted upon us by everyone from wall street to advertising agencies and even the television programs/movies we love to watch to "escape". 

The key to overcoming fear - and the hysteria that ensues , is to step back and take a deep breath and realize that there is nothing to fear truly but what you let in and decide to fear.  Don't get swept away in the currents of despair and turmoil.  Fight back - not by raging against fear, but by embracing its opposite. 

If you fear money (loss of stability and freedom etc) you will attract more debt and less money (you'll repel it) - focus instead on manifesting opportunities, solutions, and doing what makes you feel "free to be you" - when you act authentically, and focus on manifesting (rather than avoiding or worry) you will find there is more than enough sustenance to go around.  Opportunities are there for everyone who embrace them.  People who get rich don't do so while believing money is hard to come by - if they believed that then money would not manifest and they would not feel compelled to act on the business ideas etc. that generate the high levels of income etc.  

If you are afraid of how others view you - chances are you fear rejection, fear lack of acceptance etc. - in that instance the best way to "combat" that fear is to focus on loving you, turning your mindset around and focusing on your importance in this universe.  You are a living expression of the creator/universe/God - whatever you deem it to be.  Stop separating yourself from this source and stop being small  - it doesn't serve you and it doesn't serve the whole.  When you learn to value yourself you'll find that what others think of you truly won't matter to you as much - and you'll also find that you tend to only draw those who support and encourage you because you have aligned your vibration to love and acceptance which allows more of it to manifest in your life.  You cannot give others and others cannot give to you what you don't have within yourself.  Many people make the mistake of expecting others to "make them happy" - and at the end of the day still feel lonely and unfulfilled.  Fulfillment, acceptance, love all have to be cultivated from within to be truly experienced.

Be what you want to see in this world - don't succumb to fear and don't allow yourself to be controlled by external circumstances - you are at the helm of your own experience - always were and always will be - take the wheel and change your destiny. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When Time is the Enemy

When learning to work effectively with the universal laws it becomes important to reevaluate how we look at time.  When we get stuck in the past - pining away over how we wish something would have gone, feeling guilt, regret, etc. we remain stuck there.  We cannot hope for progress or new joy if we remain victims of the past.

Those who direct all their energy towards "future" goals also get caught in a similar trap.  They postpone joy and full awareness believing that happiness is a goal rather than a choice and part of the journey itself.  Joy, peace, gratitude should all have a place in the "now".  If you give all of your energy to the future, you will find that your bliss also remains in your future. 

Does this mean you shouldn't have goals for the future? No - of course not.  Dreams and inspired actions because of those dreams are what keep us motivated and growing - embracing change.  What you should not do is pin the results (happiness, satisfaction) on the future - embrace those now.  Allow yourself to love the journey itself, be grateful for all of your experiences and you will find the universe opens so many doors for you that you can't fathom them all.

Being in the present, fully aware takes practice.  It requires us to slow down, to consciously direct our thoughts/emotions to "what is" as opposed to what was or what will be.  When we slow down to pay attention to our thoughts we often find they are directed anywhere but now - but the present is where you manifest.  Your thoughts right now are manifesting the energies that are making their way into your life.  If you interrupt that "now" thinking and redirect your energy backwards or forwards you lose momentum. 

Does this mean you have to have total mind control at all times? No, but it does mean you need to learn to be mindful of where your thoughts/energy are going and redirect them.  When you notice things are not going as you like or you are feeling "off" or confused etc. it is a sure sign you've been living in the past/future and not in the now.

Retraining the mind takes dedication and practice, but it gets easier in time. Your mind is the most powerful thing you have, yet people often don't realize it and neglect it - and they find themselves struggling because of it.  Your mind is a great gift - and it is connected directly to Universal Knowledge and Wisdom.  "I am one with the Universal Mind" is a mantra I use regularly when I feel answers are not flowing easily.  I meditate on that, put myself completely in the present moment and let go of "time constraints" and impatience.  I know that the infinite flows through me and that my correct answers will appear in the time that is right - not the time constraints that I place out of a fear based need for a false sense of control. 

Impatience and wanting everything immediately - that desire for instant gratification is a fear based belief system.  We get impatient when we fear things are not going to go our way.  That energy - fear, impatience, etc deafens our receptivity to the universe and causes our answers to elude us.  Put your problem or question out there to the universe in the now and know that your answers are manifesting and coming your way without a need for you to struggle to see them etc.  They will come to you if you let go and relax and allow them to happen according to divine providence/timing.

Those who learn to consciously focus their thoughts achieve greater levels of inner well being and find that they open up to many new possibilities.  Don't focus on "timelines" rather focus on where you are and how to use that to its fullest benefit so that the universe will lay out the clear path for you to walk into the future. 

As for your past, look back long enough to bless it for what it has taught you and then redirect your attention/energy to the present.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Understanding What Drives You & Learning to Shift

A lot of awakening people tend to struggle with the guilt of emotions.  There is a misconception of "perfection" that itself is merely an illusion and tied to fears.  Many believe that to be enlightened or spiritually awake means you never get angry, never say something dumb, or have fears that you struggle with etc. 

If you are "enlightened" suddenly you should be a perfect being who never grapples with the lower end of the emotional spectrum.  This is simply not true.  What awakened people do is look for the underlying reasons behind the undesirable emotions and then shift accordingly. 

As humans there are times when we all feel angry, afraid, overwhelmed, sorrowful.  These emotions are all great, they serve a higher purpose so long as they are not allowed to take over and fester and grow into something truly damaging (anger into violence, or anxiety into crippling fears for example). 

Learning to Shift 

One of the quickest ways to shift your energy from the lower vibrations (anger, fear, depression) to the higher vibrations that help you manifest what you truly desire - is to stare your "demons" straight in the face. 

The natural human response is to avoid or push aside or ignore negative emotions. We are taught to push aside or ignore anger and sadness.  We believe that if we avoid these emotions they will simply "go away", but what actually happens is they build up gradually and fester like an infection that will eventually take over. 

Those who are going through a process of awakening find that suddenly all the garbage they thought they had cast aside comes back up to be cleared away.  Purification of the spirit is some of the hardest work we do because we have to face our pain with honesty.  We have to look at it and then muster up the courage to finally walk through it to free ourselves.  This process, although healing and cleansing, can bring up some very unpleasant experiences and emotions. 

The key to further expansion is to not run away - recognizing that the only way to enlightenment is a willingness to walk through the darkness, eyes open and aware.  When someone angers you and you feel impatient (think traffic jams for instance) we often justify this anger with "I have important things to do I'm going to be late" etc.  What you are really angry about though is feeling powerless - suddenly your destiny is not in your hands (seemingly) and that feels bad.  Getting mad is actually easier to feel and deal with than feeling like you have no control... Chances are at other points in your life you also felt others were in control of your destiny and you didn't like it.  Perhaps it's not just the traffic - but you still feel that you are not in control, that your voice is lost in the sea of other voices and that you are not "heard" etc. 

This goes back to separation and duality - not recognizing that you are a powerful being.  No one wants to feel powerless - it churns up other deeper emotions and feelings so we just get pissed off in the moment because it feels better than the deeper feelings that anger is likely pointing to on a deeper level.  A lot of "chronically late" people are actually rebelling against feelings of powerlessness ;) They don't mean disrespect etc. they are exerting their power (whether they realize it or not) by doing things on their own time - but in a way that is more self-sabotaging than helpful.

To deal with the pitfalls in life - you have to be willing to take the fall... really look at what is bothering you.  Typically we vent frustration at things that don't truly matter to avoid facing what really does.

What you do to avoid pain now will cause greater pain later - shift your perspective and empower your life!

That "path of least resistance" allure is actually what tends to lead us to deeper pain ultimately.  Have you ever noticed how often times great growth comes as the result of deep pain? People will often resist change until it is foisted upon them through a painful experience, simply because we are masters of avoidance.  The irony  - what we are avoiding is usually less painful to deal with head on than the circumstances that pop up later on to force us to change.

An example in my own life I can share.  I had my heart broken by my first real love many years ago and I swore I would never date a scum like that again, I was going to find a nice guy that would appreciate me etc.  Fast forward 3 years and I met and married a very nice man.  We married quickly, both for the wrong reasons, had a child and quickly learned that marrying the wrong person (even if they are nice) is a bad choice.

Well we had a child so we kept ignoring the larger problems that were brewing.  Eventually after nearly 8 years it reached a breaking point and we divorced with a lot of initial hard feelings and resentments... These didn't last however and we became what we should have been all along - fantastic friends who both love and share a wonderful child.

Eventually when the pain was too great that it exploded in our faces, we could no longer push aside or avoid what needed to be done.  After the pain of divorce though we both went on to find our ideal partners and so ultimately it worked out for the good of all, however in the interim we spent many years in a painful situation that we could have empowered ourselves to end all along, but we always had excuses.  We didn't want to hurt our son (but our constant fighting was what was hurting him, he was happier when we split) We didn't have the money to live separate lives, we didn't know if we could make it etc. so we kept living a lie trying to "make it fit" .. ignoring the emotions that were telling us constantly 'you're making the wrong choices"...

In life, your fears, anger, and hurt are gauges that are telling you something.  You can ignore and push aside and target your anger/fears onto "smaller targets", but that will never fix the larger problems until you face them with honesty. 

You don't need (and shouldn't) push aside anger, fear, sorrow etc. they are a beautiful part of human expression and knowledge.  Learning to control emotions doesn't mean beating them into submission - it means working with them and trusting them as the barometer to your truth that they are. 

Often what we do to make life "easier" - leads to more of the very thing we are trying to avoid.  It isn't enlightened or spiritual to demonize and push aside your emotions - love them and honor them (ALL of them) and allow them to teach you how to shift your thinking.