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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Can Law of Attraction Get Me Out of Debt?

A lot of people are drawn to learn about law of attraction and the other universal laws because they want to end painful conditions in their lives - like debt for example.  Many people feel burdened by debt and the key to releasing debt is to reform some of your attitudes.

First of all you don't want to focus on "debt" - but instead focus on building wealth.  What we target our energy towards is what manifests - so even if you are thinking "get out of debt" your thought process and energy are still aimed at what you don't want to see - debt.  Guess what you are then manifesting? ;)

When you say the word "debt" - use your feelings as a gauge to see if you are pointed in the right direction.  Debt brings up feelings of helplessness, insecurity, powerlessness, fear etc.  That is a sure sign that you are not thinking the right thoughts.  Now focus on its opposite(s) "wealth" and "opportunity" ... These words likely invoke feelings of peace, happiness, "lightness" or being released from a burden etc.  Those are the feelings and the thoughts you need to cultivate in order to draw money or solutions to the debt.

Does "stop thinking about debt" mean ignore it? No.  It means focus on what you DO want to see - more abundance.  Direct your energy towards increasing your prosperity.  Put your energy towards business, or developing yourself to set yourself up to be in a better position etc.  If you are so far in the hole that you can't get out consult a financial advisor about your options (rather than ignoring the debt) and then focus on a plan that helps you solve the problem.

If you focus on debt - regardless of how you phrase it, you will continue to attract "debt" - in the forms of money debt or in the feelings of lack and limitation which also in turn tend to lead to a decline in resources.  Focus on "more" not "less".  Also focus on more and accepting opportunities and building yourself up "now" not on "want"... If you say I want to be more successful - that means you will always "want" to be that - act as though you are already what you want to be and the universe will line up to make that true for you.

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