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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Simple Concepts to Help You Use the Universal Laws Effectively - the "7 A's"

I wrote a new Hubpages hub today to share seven simple tips that will help you learn to use the universal laws effectively.  My hope is that the hub introduces people to more of the concepts we explore in depth here.

Sometimes I believe that we can make complex processes easier when we use things like acronyms or in this case all the concepts start with the letter A. 

In coming posts I am going to go into greater detail about each of the "A's" and what all they truly entail, but the hub is a good primer. 

If you're wondering ;) the 7 A's are: 
  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Allowing 
  • Appreciation
  • Adjusting
  • Application 
  • Attainment
To learn more visit my latest hub:
Please be sure to stop by and check out the hub.  Tweet it out to your friends or facebook or +1 it if you find it helpful. 

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