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Monday, August 1, 2011

Understanding What Drives You & Learning to Shift

A lot of awakening people tend to struggle with the guilt of emotions.  There is a misconception of "perfection" that itself is merely an illusion and tied to fears.  Many believe that to be enlightened or spiritually awake means you never get angry, never say something dumb, or have fears that you struggle with etc. 

If you are "enlightened" suddenly you should be a perfect being who never grapples with the lower end of the emotional spectrum.  This is simply not true.  What awakened people do is look for the underlying reasons behind the undesirable emotions and then shift accordingly. 

As humans there are times when we all feel angry, afraid, overwhelmed, sorrowful.  These emotions are all great, they serve a higher purpose so long as they are not allowed to take over and fester and grow into something truly damaging (anger into violence, or anxiety into crippling fears for example). 

Learning to Shift 

One of the quickest ways to shift your energy from the lower vibrations (anger, fear, depression) to the higher vibrations that help you manifest what you truly desire - is to stare your "demons" straight in the face. 

The natural human response is to avoid or push aside or ignore negative emotions. We are taught to push aside or ignore anger and sadness.  We believe that if we avoid these emotions they will simply "go away", but what actually happens is they build up gradually and fester like an infection that will eventually take over. 

Those who are going through a process of awakening find that suddenly all the garbage they thought they had cast aside comes back up to be cleared away.  Purification of the spirit is some of the hardest work we do because we have to face our pain with honesty.  We have to look at it and then muster up the courage to finally walk through it to free ourselves.  This process, although healing and cleansing, can bring up some very unpleasant experiences and emotions. 

The key to further expansion is to not run away - recognizing that the only way to enlightenment is a willingness to walk through the darkness, eyes open and aware.  When someone angers you and you feel impatient (think traffic jams for instance) we often justify this anger with "I have important things to do I'm going to be late" etc.  What you are really angry about though is feeling powerless - suddenly your destiny is not in your hands (seemingly) and that feels bad.  Getting mad is actually easier to feel and deal with than feeling like you have no control... Chances are at other points in your life you also felt others were in control of your destiny and you didn't like it.  Perhaps it's not just the traffic - but you still feel that you are not in control, that your voice is lost in the sea of other voices and that you are not "heard" etc. 

This goes back to separation and duality - not recognizing that you are a powerful being.  No one wants to feel powerless - it churns up other deeper emotions and feelings so we just get pissed off in the moment because it feels better than the deeper feelings that anger is likely pointing to on a deeper level.  A lot of "chronically late" people are actually rebelling against feelings of powerlessness ;) They don't mean disrespect etc. they are exerting their power (whether they realize it or not) by doing things on their own time - but in a way that is more self-sabotaging than helpful.

To deal with the pitfalls in life - you have to be willing to take the fall... really look at what is bothering you.  Typically we vent frustration at things that don't truly matter to avoid facing what really does.

What you do to avoid pain now will cause greater pain later - shift your perspective and empower your life!

That "path of least resistance" allure is actually what tends to lead us to deeper pain ultimately.  Have you ever noticed how often times great growth comes as the result of deep pain? People will often resist change until it is foisted upon them through a painful experience, simply because we are masters of avoidance.  The irony  - what we are avoiding is usually less painful to deal with head on than the circumstances that pop up later on to force us to change.

An example in my own life I can share.  I had my heart broken by my first real love many years ago and I swore I would never date a scum like that again, I was going to find a nice guy that would appreciate me etc.  Fast forward 3 years and I met and married a very nice man.  We married quickly, both for the wrong reasons, had a child and quickly learned that marrying the wrong person (even if they are nice) is a bad choice.

Well we had a child so we kept ignoring the larger problems that were brewing.  Eventually after nearly 8 years it reached a breaking point and we divorced with a lot of initial hard feelings and resentments... These didn't last however and we became what we should have been all along - fantastic friends who both love and share a wonderful child.

Eventually when the pain was too great that it exploded in our faces, we could no longer push aside or avoid what needed to be done.  After the pain of divorce though we both went on to find our ideal partners and so ultimately it worked out for the good of all, however in the interim we spent many years in a painful situation that we could have empowered ourselves to end all along, but we always had excuses.  We didn't want to hurt our son (but our constant fighting was what was hurting him, he was happier when we split) We didn't have the money to live separate lives, we didn't know if we could make it etc. so we kept living a lie trying to "make it fit" .. ignoring the emotions that were telling us constantly 'you're making the wrong choices"...

In life, your fears, anger, and hurt are gauges that are telling you something.  You can ignore and push aside and target your anger/fears onto "smaller targets", but that will never fix the larger problems until you face them with honesty. 

You don't need (and shouldn't) push aside anger, fear, sorrow etc. they are a beautiful part of human expression and knowledge.  Learning to control emotions doesn't mean beating them into submission - it means working with them and trusting them as the barometer to your truth that they are. 

Often what we do to make life "easier" - leads to more of the very thing we are trying to avoid.  It isn't enlightened or spiritual to demonize and push aside your emotions - love them and honor them (ALL of them) and allow them to teach you how to shift your thinking. 

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