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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm right - so you must be wrong... or not?

Duality and separation are funny things.  As humans we tend to identify with what we deem as "right" at the expense of all other ideas/opinions, which by default of course must be "wrong".  It happens all the time - in politics, religion etc. especially.  That polarizing "with us or against us" theme that so many feel the need to partake in. 

This is where I love the Buddhist teachings of "the middle road" and learning to be in the world but not of it.  In a universe so vast - we don't need to be "right" at the expense of everyone else.  I believe in the possibility and always have that "many roads lead to the Truth" and we are all having the experience we are having to learn something more about that truth.  Ultimately we are all a part of the same source - regardless of who we are, what we believe etc. 

  We come from the same source that created everything (The law of Divine Oneness) and duality and separation are illusions that we continue to engage in that are so limiting.  Open your mind to the vast possibilities and you soon see that there is no need to be "right" or "wrong" - you are here to just be.  

Imagine a world where we allowed one another to truly be individuals - and respected them for their differences?  Would we not evolve so much faster as a species? It takes a lot of energy to fight all these battles of "right and wrong" and when we get too caught up in that we lose the ability to be open-minded. 

I have been told often, by many people of different belief systems why I am "wrong" - I'm sure in life not one of us ever goes without hearing from someone why what we are doing, believe etc is "wrong" in their opinion.  Perhaps my way is wrong for some and that's fine - so long as they respect my path and I respect theirs.  If no one is being harmed - then what difference does it truly make?

In the vast universe of possibilities - all things are possible - hard to be "wrong" in a universe where all things are possible now isn't it?  Duality and opposition are an illusion.  If "God" or "The Universe" is behind all creation - then truly anything we've created has some basis in reality.  What if there are many "realities", what if "reality" is as infinite as the stars? What if "God" has many faces because it was by design?

There is no judge/jury save your higher self and your source - you are the power of the universe made manifest and you are larger than you think you are.  You have the right to be here and the right to live your own truth so long as it doesn't harm others or yourself.  Those who live according to the Universal laws understand that to harm another is to harm yourself.

Don't put off being who you truly are to please others or to keep others from fearing your beliefs etc.  Live authentically - it's the only way to find "God" anything else is an illusion.  Why do you think so many people feel lost and uncertain? Because they spend so much time trying to make their life make sense according to the constructs of others - and not their own experience.  We are taught to conform from a very young age and as we age it becomes harder to break free from that conditioning and seek our source - which leads of course then to more duality and separation... and a deeper descent into illusion that separates us even further from the truth we seek.

You are here to be who you are and to live authentically as an expression of the one creative power - whatever you deem  him/her/it to be.  Many people are tied to faith based and other belief systems that engage in strong fear based thought of "eternal punishment" and "God vs Satan" etc. The truth is there is light and darkness in each of us - and we must learn to embrace the whole of existence.  What we resist, persists so to "battle darkness" or deny its existence is to further indulge and empower that energy.  Viewing God as some distant, external Deity who is separate from us keeps us perpetually small and struggling.

Through acceptance lie the keys to understanding and with understanding comes wisdom and clarity.  You cannot achieve these things when mired in fear.  Fear itself is not a bad thing - it is a protection mechanism that tells you to protect yourself from danger etc. It has a higher functioning purpose, but when fear is cultivated through centuries of misguided thoughts or perceptions it becomes the very demon itself.  Fear needs to be kept in its proper perspective and not allowed to fester and grow into the very monster one is trying to avoid. 

Namaste... (I bow to you) It is a Sanskrit word and sign of respect that says I acknowledge the place in you where the light of God abides. 

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