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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome to the Universal Laws Explained Website and Blog

I was inspired to create this website/blog due to the popularity of a Hub I wrote called "The Twelve Universal Laws Explained in a Nutshell".  It was a great primer, but universal laws are very complex and require more space and thought to explore in detail. 

I have worked for many years with the principles of Universal Laws and have learned a great deal on my journey from teachers, my guides, and other sources of wisdom along the path.  I know that there is no "quick fix" solution to finding our soul purpose or making life easy.

There are however simple concepts and practices that can lead to great personal understanding and growth, and the goal is to share those ideas and tools here.

Anyone who learns to value themselves enough to devote time to inner exploration can learn to co-create their own destiny.   Living life according to certain principles will lead you to more clarity, a deeper sense of self and higher purpose, and joyful, abundant living.

People all want different things - but typically what lies beneath the desire for these different things is the craving we all have for freedom - freedom from fear and limitations.  The universal laws hold the keys to this freedom and through this blog I hope to share the keys with you.

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