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Law of Attraction Misconceptions

 3 Myths that are getting in your way....

Many people try their hand at visualizations, vision boards, pretending they have what they want.  Many people have gotten themselves further into debt throwing away money because they believed that to manifest something you have to act like you already have it.  There are many misconceptions around the "Law of Attraction" that can actually cause people to go astray. 

What Doesn't Work

First of all, as you already know by the title of the blog ;) there are more universal laws than simply the law of attraction.  All of these laws are interconnected and trying to work with only one - or without a full understanding of the whole, leads to fractured results or, even worse, doesn't work at all. 

In a certain popular movie it was taught that the key to getting out of debt for example was to stop thinking about it.  This is true, but there is more to it than that.  On top of not focusing on debt, you also have to align yourself with manifesting abundance and attracting wealth.  There are a few things that may be getting in your way. 

First of all, considering our current economy, it's likely that you have some pretty deeply rooted fears about money.  We don't want to lose money, lose jobs, etc. We focus then on "losing stability" and "losing money" etc. You can't "build" while you are focusing on "loss".  This is true.  In our current environment it's best to turn the fear mongering TV OFF and focus on empowering yourself.  You will see what you expect to see - don't let television or others fears and propaganda determine your fate, take your power back. 

Misconception # 2 You should act as if you already have what you desire... Actually this is true - to a certain extent, but it still falls short.  If you want to manifest abundance and wealth you should in fact be very generous.  Does this mean you should give away money you don't have? No, but you should give abundance to others in whatever means you have available to you.  Give of yourself - give time and attention to others who need your experience and wisdom.  Be open to new ideas and change - opportunities lead to new abundance.  Sitting in the same place expecting different results leads to "insanity" as the definition states ;).

In addition to abundance you should also focus your attention on feeling peace and stability - and doing things to develop them.  Most people when they want money - don't truly want that paper cluttering up everything - they want what money can provide - security, freedom, and the means to share with others.  Money itself, has no value.  That paper is printed on is next to worthless.  As a society, we have determined the value that money holds.  Think about that - how much power there is in that illusion of money.  Money is not what you truly want - you want what you feel money can provide to you... and THAT is what you should be focusing on.

Focus on ways to make the things you truly want a part of your present daily life - Do something that inspires thoughts of freedom, be adventurous and brave, focus on stability by building something of your very own...  As you build stability, generosity, and freedom, you will find that money starts to flow to you.  Remember, money itself is worthless, you can cut up newspapers and have piles of worthless paper in your hands right now lol ;) that paper is not what you are after - you need to manifest what you truly want - freedom, peace, stability.

Misconception #3 Certain lessons tell us to focus on what we "want"... what they should teach is focus on the result - freedom, abundance etc. specifically - because if you focus on "wanting money" or "wanting a car" ... you're focusing on "want"... not on "manifesting" or "having"... so the very thing you are wishing for is eluding you. 

These are the gravest misconceptions and half truths that surround the law of attraction.  It is my goal through this website to inspire others how to truly manifest the life of their dreams and how to stop sabotaging themselves on their quest ;).