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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Law of Correspondence Your World is a Reflection

This law states that your outer world reflects your inner world. 


You will experience what you think about and what you experience and perceive in your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world.

Have you ever noticed how if you are in a very cluttered room you begin to feel dragged down, stifled, or overwhelmed?  Some feel an overwhelming need to straighten the area, to give it order. Others turn a blind eye to the mess almost instinctively.  Perhaps making excuses like "I have no space, or I am so disorganized" Most of us battle this in our homes or work places at some point,   some to a larger degree than others.

 Hoarding for example has become a huge problem - and the people who engage in this are often using "stuff" to literally bury their emotions and problems, rather than bringing them out into the light of day to be dealt with.  On the other end of the spectrum are people who have such strong OCD compulsions they never stop cleaning, the fear of disorder or germs etc take over.  It's never enough and there is a need for more comfort through control etc.

Looking at these two scenarios we see how our outer world is a direct reflection of what is going on within our inner world.  The person who is buried by clutter and feeling overwhelmed by it is almost always "burying" or feels overwhelmed by something they can't face emotionally. 

The person who obsesses over germs and cleanliness is afraid of what is beyond his/her control.  They continually clean and sanitize (which is actually harmful) in an effort to feel they are controlling the world around them.  There is a sense of powerlessness and fear deep down that is buried by this activity. 

What Influences You? Do You Even Know Anymore? 

An example and what helped me to reshape both my inner and my outer world is to pay attention to what influences you.  We turn the TV OFF.  We do not watch the news, "reality tv" or get bombarded by advertisements constantly that play on fears and insecurities.  This was the best thing our family ever did for our sanity and peace of mind.  We watch family friendly movies and programs commercial free via Roku in extreme moderation. We read the news once or twice per week just to stay abreast of what is important in the world, but refuse to be "news junkies" or overtaken with all the negativity.  

The media loves FEAR and so do businesses! What better way to make you buy tons of beauty potions, diet pills, expensive items you don't need etc. than to play on your fears.  The images of women you see are fake.  I work with Photoshop as a professional - trust me!  Fear of not being "perfect" causes people to consume more - to buy the next gadget or potion in an attempt to live up to an illusion that will never be reality.  I read once where Cindy Crawford said "I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford" In other words the makeup, expensive lighting and Photoshop are what create that image and she doesn't actually look like that in daily life.  This is just one example.  There are always images of "happy people" with expensive cars, jewelry etc. giving the illusion that if you get enough stuff you'll suddenly be happy.  It's an illusion and it creates fear based thinking that robs people of joy rather than creates it.

Have you ever felt tired and just "edgy" after watching crime dramas or the news? Especially the news, because in a half hour you may be bombarded with hundreds of negative stories.  This gives a skewed perception of reality.  Suddenly the world looks far more dangerous than it actually is, people start to become so paranoid that we all live in isolation from each other.  We don't feel connected like we used to.  There is always a sense of impending doom and a need to be over vigilant against danger etc.  This isn't to suggest throw caution to the wind of course, but I remember as a child going outside, riding bikes, playing in the woods etc. until it was dark and then I had to be home when the street lights came on.  ALL of the neighborhood kids had that freedom.  We had fun, we stayed fit and healthy, and had better social skills than young people today who are kept in a bubble and who rely on texts and tweets for their social skills. 

Crime existed when we grew up too, but as a society we were not obsessed with it and bombarded by images of it constantly.  We kept it in its proper perspective and were educated about how to protect ourselves and trust our instincts.  Today we don't give our young people that opportunity, because we've become too obsessed with trying to protect them and smother them.

So back to the original point - what you focus on in your outer world is a direct reflection of what you need to address in your inner world.  This law is hard to embrace, because it means looking at ourselves with genuine honesty and that often means having to admit we are wrong about how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.  Who really enjoys admitting they are wrong?

If you want to change your vibrations - you have to eliminate habits that keep you in negative mindsets.  Reduce your exposure to media, advertising, sensationalism etc.  Acknowledge that these things influence you more than you realize and then work to deprogram those ideas (this takes considerable time and effort but life is so much lighter and freer when you do this)

I have run the gamut in my life, from being sloppy to being very obsessive about my home.  After addressing my inner world, I finally came to a place where I am a "happy medium".  I don't feel compelled to be a super hero mom/woman anymore.  I don't need to obsesses to be worthy of love.  I do not feel buried or overwhelmed anymore and therefore I naturally became better organized.  I was able to streamline my inner thinking and that allowed me to get control of my "stuff" - to keep what I truly need and want to use and to get rid of extra clutter.  I know that my family will still love me if there is a dish left in the sink or laundry left to do.  I know it doesn't mean I've failed as a mom etc.  The image of a "super mom" is fake - and many women are running themselves into the ground trying to uphold that image to their own detriment.  When you run yourself ragged, there is nothing left to give and that makes our families suffer. 

Sometimes the inner world is harder to tackle - in that case start with your external world.  If you are a pack rat, start letting go.  It hurts, it's difficult at first - and that's because getting rid of stuff in your environment directly results in starting to let go of "stuff" in your inner world. It's all connected.

 If you obsess the other way, start to give up some of that false sense of security and need for control. You will NEVER be able to control the outside world no matter how much you work yourself up ;). Your family will still love you even when the house looks lived in ;).  The only thing we are in true control of at all times is our own thoughts/actions.  Work to take some of your power back by focusing on what you can control, rather than obsessing over what you can't. 


Those who get stuck in anger, resentment, and other self-sabotaging emotions and beliefs find that they tend to draw more chaos into their lives – and they likely don't realize they are doing it. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mind Body Connection and Law of Attraction

Exercise to Help Manifest Your Goals 

Exercise is probably the single most vital thing the body needs and also tends to be the one thing we neglect the most in Western society.  When it comes to using the Universal Laws however, you may want to ensure you are making time each day for physical exercise, preferably in the mornings when you first get up.  Law of Attraction requires higher vibrations to work effectively.  The best way to get body, mind, and spirit aligned and working for you in a higher vibrational frequency is exercise.


Exercise gives the body energy and helps clear the mind and reduce anxiety.  When you exercise in the morning it helps set both body and mind up for strong performance throughout the day.  It doesn't have to be vigorous, but it should become a habit just like taking a shower or brushing your teeth.  Get up in the morning and go for a 20 minute brisk walk or hop on the treadmill while you watch your morning show.  It gets the blood moving - energizing the mind and helping your spirits soar.  It's harder to feel drained on days where you've engaged in morning exercise. 

People who exercise early in the day tend to have lasting energy throughout the day.  The momentum continues like a snowball effect and that higher energy level leads to more productivity, which of course leads to a deeper sense of satisfaction.  All of these things raise your vibrations and help you line up with those goals you have that you want to manifest.  Not only that, but you have the energy you need to reach more of your goals successfully and regularly.  As you know this chain continues, when you see yourself accomplishing things the momentum to continue growing becomes very strong encouraging even more positive action. 

Unfortunately, the opposite can also occur.  Many of us wake up, roll out of bed to chug down our coffee and start our work day.  Mid morning rolls around you already feel tired and that heavy, lethargic feeling starts to kick in.  By the end of the day you go home exhausted, feeling stressed about doing it all over again tomorrow.  This cycle also continues into lethargy, anxiety, depression which also feed off of one another.  If you struggle with low energy, aches and pains, worry, etc. exercise is a great way to break this chain and start over.  Worried you are out of shape? Don't be - simple activities like going for a walk will quickly build your strength and stamina and as that happens you'll feel compelled to take on even more physical activity.  This will lead to improved mood, energy, and health overall.

In the Evenings...

If you work a job that is exhausting to you mentally or physically, consider a soothing exercise routine in the evenings.  Do some yoga or stretching, even if its only for a few minutes, to allow your mind and body to relax.  You'll find you sleep better with a daily dose or two of exercise and waking up well rested will help you continue the process and develop the good habits that will enrich your life far beyond the mere physical benefits. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is The Law of Vibration?

Universal Laws: The Law of Vibration 

Everything is made of energy, from thoughts to tangible objects, everything has an energy signature or vibration.  You've likely heard the phrases "bad vibes" or "good vibes".  If you really connect with someone it's often because that person has "good energy" or energy that is in sync with your own.  On the other hand,have you ever been around a drama queen? You know the type ;) an overly negative person - someone who is angry and bitching about everything and blaming everyone for their problems while engaged in self-pity etc.  How do you feel after spending time with that type of person? Do you feel drained and exhausted? That's because of the lower vibrations that "pull you down".

When working with the law of vibration it is important to learn to feel and tap into different vibrational energies so that you can align your own energy with what it is you want to manifest.  Also, learning to feel these energy signatures can show you when what you want may not be in sync with what you believe. 

Money is a great example here.  Many people think about winning the lottery for example and they feel really good.  They feel that life would be great if they had lots of money etc.  However, in their daily life if they are struggling when they think about money the thoughts/vibes are likely more negative.  Perhaps there is fear around money, worry over job loss, etc.  Suddenly what you want is not in vibrational "sync" and so manifesting that item/idea etc doesn't happen. 

If you feel negative emotions towards the object you desire (love, money, etc) you have to work to get to the bottom of the fears surrounding that in order to raise your thought vibrations high enough to line up with it and manifest it.   

Feelings are your barometer to let you know if you are pursuing the right ideas - or if you are off course.  Use your feelings as a tool to guide and redirect your thoughts. 

We cannot manifest what we are not correctly aligned with energetically.  This is one concept where the Law of Attraction movies/books often come up short. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is the Law of Divine Oneness?

For today's post I want to explore the law of divine oneness.  It is a complex law that takes time to fully integrate and understand on a deeper level.  Many spiritual seekers work their whole lives to attain that sense of peace/clarity/unity and still find it fleeting.  It is perhaps one of the trickiest laws to fully integrate due to our limited perceptions of reality in our daily lives.

There is one simple word that is a greeting which sums up the law of one nicely...

Namaste "I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides; I honor the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us."

What this greeting points to is the principle of divine oneness.  In our daily lives we are chronically "pulled apart".  We focus on separation and what divides us, class, race, faith, intellect etc. Although most religious teachings focus on unity, the results over the course of history have too often lead to anything but.  

It is easy to say "we are all connected", but it takes a great deal of spiritual devotion and practice to experience that knowledge at soul level.  Once you have experienced a glimpse of it, it becomes difficult to carry anger and disdain for others, because you recognize them and yourself as interwoven into the same fabric of existence. 

Meditation and stillness allows us to connect to the "universal mind" - the power, the creative force that we all come from, every thing that exists is a part of this source.  While connected with this source there is no duality, there is a sense of "just me" but it is not an isolating feeling, nor is it a place of arrogance or ego,  rather it is an all encompassing feeling that brings peace and a depth of understanding and acceptance that leads to deep inner peace and knowing that no matter what we perceive in the outside world, all is well and in perfect order.  When you experience a glimmer of it you become like a child again - filled with awe and wonder and curiosity.

This often goes against the grain when people first read it, because the tendency is for the mind to shift to all of the perceived ill in the world war, starvation, disease etc. and say it is not true that all is well and all is as it should be.  It takes a lot of conditioning to undo all of our perceptions that cause us to lock into toxic thinking.  After all the moment in time we live in - even if we live a full century, is less than a blink of an eye in all that exists.... When things look negative we can get caught up in all that we perceive as wrong - and that leads to further separation and feelings of alienation.  A personal hell of sorts that keeps us always struggling and resisting.  What we resist persists - because we put so much energy behind that resistance that it keeps those things manifesting as well.

Universal laws are truly a balancing act.  They require the true seeker to dig down to the deepest levels of collective consciousness in order to fully understand and implement them.  There are no shortcuts, there is no "instant gratification".  The laws are always there and always working whether we choose to use them consciously or not.  

The next time you feel isolated and alone or angry at the state of the world, remember your life here is only a blink and do not put all your energy into resisting what you don't like.  Instead take time to find your quiet center - that place in you where the creative force resides, and connect with it.  Allow that presence into your life and let it empower you to expand your awareness.  In doing so, life itself opens up to you and you find peace and fulfillment in a sometimes seemingly scary world.  After this you can redirect your energy towards what you do want to see.  Instead of being "anti-war" be "pro-peace" as what you focus on manifests :).  People who are "anti" whatever tend to put all their energy into resisting what they don't want rather than manifesting what  they do want and the circle continues... 

You are connected intimately with the "all that is" the "alpha and omega" "God" whatever name you choose to give it.  It works through you and you exist because of it, there is no separation.  If God is the brain and existence (you, me, all of us) is the heart, truly one cannot live without the other and are a cohesive, connected and communicating unit.  All one working body - a whole.  "As above so below" you might say ;). 

Overcome Duality

All is as it should be - even when you feel it shouldn't be that way or wish it was different, shift your perspective.  All of human existence thus far is but a blink, less than a heartbeat in the all that is.  All things have a purpose and we are all connected.  Let that sink in, work to practice understanding it fully, not only at an intellectual level, but on a deeply spiritual one.  It takes time and devotion, but once you experience it and truly feel it at the depths of your consciousness, your life with transform "miraculously". 

Affirmations and Visualizations 

Visualize the body of the all as you would a human body with all parts interconnected and working/communicating together.  If you don't know fully how the human body works, read about it, visit a "body worlds" exhibit etc.  It will give you a sense of awe and wonder at the process of life itself and how trillions of cells work together in harmony.  

Did you know? There are more working parts in ONE cell of your body than there are human beings on the face of the earth? Keep a sense of perspective.  Within you is greatness - vast universes all working together in unity to make your body and mind function as cohesive unit.  You are a cell or working part within the whole as well. 

Read the following "You - Yes YOU are Beauty and Greatness Beyond Comprehension
Allow this to sink in and work to truly feel it at the core of your being... 

Repeat to yourself regularly the following affirmation and let it sink in: "I am one with the Universal Mind"

Namaste Friends 

Friday, April 6, 2012

What Anger Can Teach Us

Sometimes in life, it is just unavoidable, someone is going to do something that makes you angry.  People will hurt one another or act unreasonably.  It can become easy to get sidetracked with justifying our anger.  We feel that we have been wronged and we want the validation from others that yes, you are good enough and this person did something bad etc.  When we get caught up in the web of anger is when it becomes detrimental to our health and the well-being of those around us. 

Has someone ever really p****d you off and for the rest of the day your energy sinks lower and lower, because you are so focused on how this person or event or whatever it was brought you down?  Anger can drown us or it can be turned around and made into a catalyst.

We will never be able to control the actions of others - and perhaps that makes us even more angry.

After all, anger is simply another version of fear.  We fear being hurt, fear losing control, fear being defeated etc.  What we do ultimately control however, is how our fear controls us (or not).  We can take that anger and turn it into a catalyst for something good - or we can take the anger and let it fester into more negative feelings and hostility.

When we see injustice in the word we can go back and forth with others, get angry, blame everyone else etc. but that does nothing to solve the problem.  It doesn't make the person you are mad at less of a jerk. It doesn't make the situation you are mad at less unfortunate.  Rather than waste time compounding misery, you can make an empowered choice to direct your energy towards different things. This is how solutions are found - not in being angry, fighting or blaming.

I can't change what happened and I can't change other people, but I can always change myself.  I don't have to give in and be swept away by negativity.  I can take that same energy that I waste being mad and do something positive for the world.  Stewing in anger never leads to productive solutions, all it does is polarize and bring progress to a grinding halt.

Next time you get mad, don't get down on yourself for it.  Get mad as hell! then take that energy and redirect it in ways that are going to lead to something better.  This is where your true power lies.  Does this mean be a pushover and never stand up for yourself etc? Of course not, but learn to do so from a place of love and respect and you'll find solutions are easier to come by.  People who are angry and defensive have a hard time persuading others to see their side of a situation - as granny used to say "You get more flies with honey than vinegar". If you come at others with hostility or defensiveness, their natural reaction will also be hostile and defensive.

 You can be assertive without being aggressive.  This is where people seem to blur the line and then problems escalate.

 Anger and fear are not your enemies - they are your friends when you know how to learn from them and use them properly.

Life is short - don't get mad - get busy manifesting what you DO want instead ;)

If you are angry at a problem, focus on the solution, not being mad at the problem itself.  Instead of being "anti-war" - be "pro-peace".  Instead of having a proverbial "war on whatever", disengage and be proactive.

Anger that seeks solutions is anger with a purpose.  Anger that festers and boils like an infection is what will kill your spirit.