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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fear of Change and Managing it

The past few months have given me a great deal to reflect on when it comes to change, especially the fully unexpected events that throw you into change like a whirlwind.   In challenging times, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture and like the last quote I posted, we have to keep moving forward even when we can't see the whole staircase. 

A few months ago, I had a series of upheavals.  My son was in a school bus crash and ended up with a severely broken leg, having 2 surgeries and spending his entire summer, including his 13th birthday in a cast.  We went from a full leg cast and wheelchair, to a regular cast, to now a walking cast.  During all of this my youngest child finally potty trained as we worked on intense physical therapy with his brother.  My husband lost his job because he missed too much work while trying to help in the care of the boys.  It was very heartbreaking initially and stressful.  Practicing the universal laws does not make us immune to struggles in life, it just helps us cope with them better.

I realize that everyone in life has periods of struggle.  Now I am watching my mothers health decline and for the first time both her and my father are getting old in my eyes.  I am facing the probability of caring for both of them in the coming years.  My husbands parents are both older than mine, and his mother is also chronically ill.  These changes we can prepare for a bit I suppose, but they are still difficult transitions.  We realize that in life, all people face changes that are difficult.  Not every change is easy, in fact most aren't and that is why we spend a lot of time avoiding them.  The downside to that of course is a lack of growth. Especially if we never risk failure or doing something that makes us feel truly alive. 

All of these incidents the past few months, while challenging, have also reinforced my belief in the laws of the universe.  I am seeing the natural cycles of life, the fact that things change regardless of our resistance to it and that life on this plane can be fragile at any age.  I have watched my son grow up, seen his courage develop, and watched him find a love and awe for life again that has been truly amazing. 

In the past couple of weeks, I have also seen a friend of mine who is only in her late 30's almost die from smoking and obesity.  Everyone tiptoes around these subjects with people, but the doctor in the ER finally told her bluntly - keep doing what you are doing and you will die, leaving your two young boys motherless.  It worked - her fear was finally the catalyst to helping her make major changes. I know now she values her health and wellness and will do what she can to ensure she lives her best life possible, if not for herself, then for her kids.  It can become easy to stay stuck in our habits - even ones we know are hurting us.  Change is hard - but I've learned that if we wait too long, until we "must change or else" - it is much harder. 

So, I guess the point of today's post is to acknowledge change is inevitable and yes - it is hard.  It's also the one thing in life that is guaranteed, and you can flow with it and live freely or resist it and struggle - but the changes are still going to happen.  So, if you want to improve the quality of your life, jump in the deep end, embrace change and make it your friend instead of your enemy. 

Looking back over the past six months, I realize I have also grown.  I have truly focused on wellness for not only my family, but now for myself as well.  I am working towards my goals, setting a better example by working hard but also striking a better balance between work, personal, and family time.  I am making the things that matter a priority.  For example, we are having dinner at the table every night again.  We had let our busy lives take over previously and would grab a quick bite or eat in front of TV etc.  Now, we enjoy a home cooked meal each night at the dining room table.  It is amazing how that small act allows us to really connect in new ways.  We killed an old bad habit, made a new one and it's lead to positive changes.  Every day you can do something that leads to positive change also - and don't worry about resisting the unexpected changes, because you can't stop them anyway. Comfort zones serve no one and they don't allow us to avoid pain, only prolong suffering.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blessing a Virus and Embracing Illness?

So, I haven't posted in just over a week now.  I have been dealing with a virus/sinus infection - or shall I say it's been dealing with me.  One unfortunate thing will sickness is that it doesn't seem to ask us when the most convenient time is to show up lol - it just sort of happens.

So what does this have to do with Universal Law you may be asking? Not a lot honestly ;), but I did do some reflecting while healing.  One way I do healing is through meditation and visualizing healing occurring within the body.  This has multiple benefits.  First of all, meditation relaxes the body which allows the natural healing processes to kick in.  Secondly, it helps you focus your mind not to "oh my face hurts woe is me", but to "thank you for my healing" and to think of other blessings - such as the blessing of having some down time to hang out with my family and watch some movies.  When my mind is not full of chaos and trying to figure out which of my projects to tackle next while taking care of the kids, house, etc. It makes me take time to focus on myself.  It also allows other inspirations to flow through to me that couldn't get through all the noise of the mind before.

When you get that next cold or virus or whatever that goes around, take some time to bless the experiences of down time and allow yourself to rest and not feel guilty for taking some time for yourself.  Everything will be there in a day or two when you get back.

For the physical element of it I highly recommend the herb Astragalus for boosting your immune system.  It is used in conjunction with chemotherapy in Japan to help cancer patients bounce back.  It is amazing stuff and you can find it inexpensively online.  I also use Grapefruit Seed Extract as a natural anti-biotic, anti-viral without side effects.  My results - big sinus infection gone in 2 days.  Much better than the 7 - 10 it usually takes.  Rest, proper diet, supplements and embracing the situation are all key.

What we resist persists - its' another law that ties in with "where thoughts go energy flows" ... It's natural to "fight" an illness, which in turn often keeps us fueling and feeding energy to the very thing we are trying to be free from.  Consider that next time you feel illness coming on and then allow it to do its thing while giving your body what it needs.  You'll find you recover faster and feel even more energetic.

If you are curious about the herbs I used, you can learn more about the herb Astragalus at this website: I highly recommend taking it during the fall/winter months to keep your immunity boosted and it provides a subtle energizing effect as well.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Believe in Yourself and Have Faith in Your Universal Plan

I've always loved this quote - it reminds us that we don't have to have all the answers in advance in order to reach our destination.  Self-doubt and lack of faith are what inhibit growth. 

Know that when you move towards your goal - your path will be there in front of you to greet you. 

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Today's Power Word - Energy!

The Daily Power Words Revisited

The power words were a free column I wrote and published years ago on YahooGroups.  At the time, universal laws had not be made popular yet, however my little self-discovery journal exercises were well-received.  I believe that on a subconscious level, we are all aware of the laws that govern the universe and existence, even if we don't always perceive them consciously.

The power word I am sharing below is the law of attraction in a nutshell and what you can do to be aware of how it is working in your life. 



There is a Universal Law that states "Where thoughts go energy flows". We are often bombarded with negativity, and we tend to engage in negative thought patterns more often than we realize. Many are unaware of the power of the mind. Our ability to mold and shape our destiny lies within the power of our thoughts.
Does this mean directing our thoughts will make our lives simple all the time and that nothing "bad" will ever happen? Of course not. Life will always have its little pitfalls, but through controlling and directing the energy we put out, we make our lives easier. With this effort, our minds become clearer enabling us to remain focused on that which truly matters.
Remember also, that like attracts like. If your thoughts are mostly negative, most of what you receive and perceive will be negative as well.

Today's Exercise:

Today be mindful of your thoughts. Seemingly random thoughts can hold a lot of power. Make an effort to direct your thoughts in a positive manner in order to restore balance. At the end of the day note anything you learned through being more observant of your thoughts. What were the proportions of negative to positive? How often did you catch yourself in negative self-talk etc.? What you observe today may surprise you!

If you would like to read more about the Daily Power Words and how to use them for personal growth and empowerment be sure to also visit 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happiness and How to Find It

I love this quote because it is a reminder that happiness and joy is a choice and not an attainment.  When we make happiness or joy dependent on some distant goal, we never find our bliss, because it remains perpetually in the future. 

The Law of Attraction states we must be what we hope to attract. It works in the present.   If you want to attract more opportunities that make you joyful, focus on being happy "now".  What we feel and think now is what creates our tomorrow's.  If you spend your life focused on the future or living in the past, you are not making use of the present and therefore are not manifesting effectively. 

Focus on joy now.  Happiness is the one universal thing we all seek.  Too often we put our expectations on others, or on things outside of ourselves to "provide" or "bring" happiness. 

Have you ever said to yourself "If only I had _________, I'd be happy" or "I'd be happy IF _______" well, that may be precisely why those things (and happiness) never showed up, because you put a condition on them that was dependent on some future event. We tend to focus on joy all wrong - we need to be fulfilled to find the circumstances and people that also fulfill and uplift us. 

Be happy, choose it - and the things and circumstances and people that will help uplift you and keep you in that higher vibrational state will follow. 
Remember that "Don't Worry, Be Happy" song :) I love that song, no matter what happens there is always something to be thankful for and happy about.  Even in our darkest hours, when we seek we can find something that has blessed us.

Be Happy - Stay Happy.  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daily Power Words & Law of Attraction

Power Words 

For many years, I wrote a free daily column "Daily Power Words".  Each word is used to illuminate a particular spiritual or personal growth lesson.  That words "power" is used for inspiration and to encourage introspection and growth via journaling.

I am going to share one for you today on Focus, because I think it illuminates the way we humans tend to approach things and how it sabotages our ability to truly manifest a rich and meaningful life.
If you would like to view 40 of the Daily Power Words and read more about how to use journals and power words to change and empower your life I encourage you to visit that website as well at 



Focus is what gets us from the drawing table to the end results; it's the combining of all parts into the whole: vision, knowledge, and decisive action.  For example, when we are physically ill, the first thing we usually do is reach for the medicine cabinet. This effectively treats the symptom, but how often do we seek the underlying cause and work to correct that as well? A headache may be easily treated and dismissed, but notice how they tend to recur?

When we focus on finding the underlying cause to our discomfort, such as diet, stress, or emotional trauma, we can eliminate the problem at its source and prevent it from recurring. So it is with all aspects of our lives. When we are feeling a lack of harmony, or off balance, we must address the whole situation, not just the symptoms.

Focus is the process of directing our energies, empowering ourselves to feel whole, connected to our Spirit, at peace with ourselves. It's odd to me how when we speak of focus and concentration we tend to view it as narrow sight, looking only at what is right in front of the eyes. Healing focus is broad, not narrow. Focus allows us to heal all areas simultaneously.


Today's Exercise:

Bring focus to an area of your life that is bringing you "dis-ease". This can be anything that tends to trouble you on a recurring basis and doesn't necessarily have to be physical. Take note of what you have been doing to correct this. Expand and look deeper into the situation, what else ties into it? Have you focused on all aspects of the situation? Broaden your focus and record the experience with action plans of what you can do on all levels to help correct it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Resolve to be Happy

I love this quote because it sums up beautifully one of the primary components of law of attraction.  We must be what we want to attract.  Happiness is not a destination, but a choice.  When you choose to find peace and joy, more of the things that give you peace and joy will make their way into your life.  The opposite is also true and becomes very apparent when we are stressed, angry, or otherwise upset.

Many of us give our power away.  We believe on some level that life is a series of events that just happens and we have no influence over it whatsoever.  That mindset can lead to self-sabotage.  For example, have you ever woke up late only to panic and exclaim "I'm going to be late!" Feelings of powerlessness set in and suddenly you are anxious.  As you stumble around, rushed, confused and full of anxiety, thoughts of the boss being angry or losing a chance at promotion start flooding your thoughts.  Your anxiety level heightens and you are feeling these fears with great fervor.

As you run around in a panic, nothing goes smoothly.  You lose your keys, struggle to get out of the door and the whole time you are feeling increasingly pressured, tense and anxious.  You drive off only to realize you forgot something important and on your way, you are caught by every single traffic light. For no good reason, every slow driver in the free world manages to be in front of you.  Your anxiety heightens even more and even more things begin to go awry.   Why? Because you woke up in a panic and felt it with so much passion, that you continued to attract situations that fed that panic. 

However, had you woke up late, but remained calm - you likely would have discovered that everything you needed was where it belonged, you didn't carelessly forget your items because you weren't distracted by feeling panicky and rushed.  As you relaxed, things would once again flow smoothly and instead of being a half an hour late, running through the door already stressed and frazzled, you may find you walk in the door only a couple of minutes late (if at all), prepared with everything you need, and that no one really notices and you can go on about your day as normal.

If you resonated with the above scenario ;) and many of us have, chances are you are allowing your feelings to dictate your state of mind rather than consciously choosing where to place your thoughts and energy.

This quote is a reminder to condition your circumstances - rather than letting your circumstances control you.  The one thing you always have the power to control is your mind.  Condition your thoughts and your world will be transformed.  This is the main focus of the Law of Attraction and also the Law of Vibration that states what you put forth energy wise is returned to you.