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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Seeds and Perspective

I really like this quote because it gives great perspective.  Think about the times in life you've grown the most.  Likely, this growth came as the result of facing a challenge or problem.  I believe this quote is a great reminder that we can allow our challenges to give us the stuff we need to grow.  Those who spend their lives avoiding challenge or seeking comfort don't ever take the risks necessary to achieve their fullest potential.  It's only through change, and a willingness to accept the risk of failure, that we truly find our greatest strengths. 

Have you found in life sometimes you accept what is less than ideal because your fear of change is so great it keeps you locked in situations that no longer serve your growth or give you joy?  Many people do this and the result is the loss of potential, mediocrity over greatness.  Don't settle for less in your life - take the time to plant some seeds and grow through change. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Find Your Perfect Partner

Can you use law of attraction to find a perfect partner? The answer is yes, but it may not work the way you think it does. 

This practice involves more than just visualizing - it requires some other steps in order to work effectively.  The end result, however, is worth the effort, because it will help lead you to a partnership that is healthy, strong and based on mutual love and respect. 

Learn how to manifest your perfect partner with this hub: How to Use Law of Attraction to Find Your Significant Other.

Monday, January 14, 2013

You Don't Need a New Year for a Fresh Start

One thing I love about this time of year is the sudden spark of initiative that seems to come.  With the coming of a new year, there is a washing away of the past, a clean start.  Many well-intentioned people vow at the beginning of a new year to really make positive changes in their lives.  At first, the initiative and drive is there, perhaps they buy a gym membership, or start a new diet, or begin organizing their office space, etc. 

The initial energy and enthusiasm is just the start.  It's maintaining that enthusiasm that becomes a difficult task.  It's hard to keep momentum going, particularly if you are reaching for large goals.  Perhaps you start to doubt yourself and you feel the inner critic start to kick in with all the reasons and excuses why you can't reach your goals right now.  Perhaps you feel the pull of old, bad habits and as your initiative wanes those habits creep back into your life before you even realize what happened. 

So, as much as I love a new year and the enthusiasm and energy it brings, I also dislike it, because so many people tend to focus that "newness and passion" only on a new year.  Imagine if we embraced each new morning the same way as we do January? So much more would get accomplished wouldn't it?

When we embrace each new day as a gift, an opportunity - life becomes richer and more fulfilling.  Those who recognize and truly feel, down to the depths of their souls this richness of life daily are able to achieve incredible things!

Look at many of our cultural icons and read their words and underneath it all you'll pick up on a type of burning passion, hope, optimism and determination that permeates all of their words, regardless of who they are.  They have something special that any of us can also learn to cultivate. 

Take that spirit of enthusiasm that comes with the new year and feed it continually - don't let the flames die down.  Do whatever it takes to remind you of your progress.  Journal daily about the mini-milestones you reach and let that momentum carry you forward.  When you want to give up or let go, look at your journals and see the written records of everything you have done.  Monumental successes rarely happen overnight.  Those who accomplish them travel long journeys - and they do what it takes to keep their faith and optimism high. 

So be determined, be stubborn! Don't let anything stop you and embrace each day, each minute if you have to, as an opportunity to make a fresh start.