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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Seeds and Perspective

I really like this quote because it gives great perspective.  Think about the times in life you've grown the most.  Likely, this growth came as the result of facing a challenge or problem.  I believe this quote is a great reminder that we can allow our challenges to give us the stuff we need to grow.  Those who spend their lives avoiding challenge or seeking comfort don't ever take the risks necessary to achieve their fullest potential.  It's only through change, and a willingness to accept the risk of failure, that we truly find our greatest strengths. 

Have you found in life sometimes you accept what is less than ideal because your fear of change is so great it keeps you locked in situations that no longer serve your growth or give you joy?  Many people do this and the result is the loss of potential, mediocrity over greatness.  Don't settle for less in your life - take the time to plant some seeds and grow through change. 

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