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Monday, March 26, 2012

Make Law of Attraction a Habit - and watch it work regularly!

Sorry for the long hiatus! I have been super busy with some new projects and with classes so I haven't had the time to keep up with the blog posts the past month.

Today's topic - developing good self-motivating habits for Law of Attraction

Everyone has them - habits that become so routine you don't really think about them, but do them regularly as if on autopilot.  Brushing your teeth, showering, exercise etc. are all examples of habits we get into that just become a normal, routine part of our daily lives. 

Turning law of attraction practices into new habits is a great way to ensure they will begin to work for you in your daily life.  Every morning when I wake up I consciously shift my thoughts to positive things - even if I am facing some challenges that day I focus on being grateful for having what I need to meet them head on.  I also focus on positive goals for that day and make a short list of things I want to accomplish that I can cross off.  (seeing progress is motivational and boosts energy levels)

Starting off the day motivated, with a "can do" attitude helps the whole day flow smoother.  If you get out of bed thinking "oh man I'll never get it all done or I have to do all this stuff I don't want to do etc.." it will drag you down and lower your vibration and things will not flow smoothly.  Being positive gives you great energy, and more energy means more ability to get things done. 

Each day start your day in ways that develop positive energy.  

Before you get out of bed spend 5-10 minutes focusing on positives - motivate yourself. 

When you get up move your body and exercise.  Everyone can make time to exercise in the morning, even if it's only a few minutes.  Do yoga, do aerobics, do whatever but move your body.  This gives you more energy and makes the body and the mind work more efficiently. 

Make a daily "to do" list and cross things off so that you see you are making progress. 

In the evening before you go to bed - take time to relax and meditate for a bit focusing on what you are grateful for and what you accomplished.  Really allow yourself to feel gratitude for the day you just had and how wonderful it was and how much you are looking forward to tomorrow. 

These are not just "nice ideas" they need to be formed into a routine.  Developing positive habits helps to ensure more overall peace of mind.  Those who are peaceful and feeling positive manifest more of the "good stuff" they want to see in life.