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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Need Proof Law of Attraction Works? - Keep Good Records

The Universal Laws are an ongoing process and sometimes when things take time to grow and take hold, we can get frustrated and let our anxieties take over.  If you feel fear of not reaching your goal keep in mind that this energy too manifests.  Cultivating patience and flexibility is absolutely essential if you want to work with the universal laws and have them work with you.

Picture yourself planting a seed and waiting for it to grow.  You give it what it needs - water and sunlight, and then you have faith that as long as you are taking those steps your seeds will bloom.  Law of Attraction and the other universal laws work in similar ways.  You plant the seed, then take the steps necessary to make that seed grow.  When you plant that seed in your garden do you sit and obsess over it? Do you sit and think of all the possible worst case scenarios as to why that seed probably isn't going to make it? Ironically enough, when most of us set goals to "grow ourselves" and take action on our dreams - we do tend to sit and obsess.  Well guess what? While you're sitting there obsessing over all that is wrong or could go wrong, you are not taking the steps necessary to grow the seed you planted! 

In the movie "The Secret" There was one part where they were talking about when you drive at night - your headlights only allow you to see so far in front of you, yet you drive forward trusting that the road will be there.  You don't stop driving fearing the road will end abruptly.  You don't sit and obsess about "what if the road isn't there?" - You drive.  You are taking action and not stopping.  I thought that was a brilliant analogy for how to make law of attraction work for you.  So much of the other mainstream law of attraction is all about "visualizing" and "wishing" - it's lazy and does not work.  Nothing is going to just fall into your lap - you MUST do the work. This was one piece of advice I could truly get behind - drive forward anyway - do NOT stop.

Remember the Universal Law of Gender - when you plant a seed it takes time, space, and nurturing to grow.  No amount of obsessing or wishing otherwise changes this fact.  It can, however, stop you in your tracks if you aren't careful. 

Ok so how do I know if I am making progress - how do I keep going? 

This is where the title of this post comes into play - keep good records!

Remember those growth charts growing up where mom or grandma would mark on the wall or the chart how much you'd grown throughout the year.  In the course of a week or a month you wouldn't see much change, if at all - but at a year mark or two years - Whoa! You would suddenly see just how much happened that was so gradual and naturally expanding you didn't notice at the time...

When pursuing a goal make a list every day or once a week of the steps you took that kept you moving in the right direction.  Also record any "wins" anything that showed you that you were on the right track - from a sign, to a positive event etc. 

All of these things are so small sometimes when you first experience them that it becomes easy to put them to the back of your mind and not give them credit.  However if you keep track of things, when you look back in a month, six months, or a year - you easily see how you are progressing and can make any changes (or not!) accordingly. 

KEEP GOOD RECORDS if you truly want to reach your loftier goals... and recognize the importance of allowing things to happen according to "the law of divine timing"... Remember impatience is a roadblock and does nothing to make your seeds grow faster.  Drive forward anyway, knowing the road is there to greet you. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why Creative Expression is SO important

Many people tend to look at themselves and say "I'm not creative" or "I'm not artistic".  The truth is however, we are ALL creative by nature - we are living, breathing examples of the creative process itself, and nothing can get you centered and help relieve stress like doing something creative just for the fun of doing it.  Pick up a craft, a pencil, write something, draw, build - all of these activities are wonderful for helping us return to center.

Those who regularly engage in activities they find enjoyable - find life more enjoyable as a whole.  By your very nature, you are designed to express your individualism, even though the media pushes on us all the stuff we are supposed to need/want to feel whole.  Deep down, most people really long to just be themselves and don't know how. 

Take some time today, and every day, to do something that is purely for your enjoyment that you have a hand in creating yourself.  You'll enjoy the process and all the benefits that come with it guaranteed. 

Don't have a creative hobby? Not to worry.  Go to a hobby shop, look up a tutorial online, or just try your hand at something without formal training and see how it goes.  Sometimes just the act of doing something new will inspire you to come up with new ideas.