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Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Make Effective Vision Boards

Vision boards can serve as great reminders to stay focused on our goals and dreams.  There are a variety of ways you can create a vision board, but the most important things are that it should be in a place where you see it regularly, and it should reflect a few of your highest goals.

Avoid the temptation to put 100 goals on a vision board.  You may have 100 goals and that's great, but when a vision board gets cluttered with "too much" going on - it can take away from the process.  You will scatter your energy and not be as effective as if you have only a few things (no more than 5 max) that you are working on.  When your goals are placed in manageable numbers, the power to manifest those goals will go a lot further.

Your vision board should be organized.  Collage is a nice artform, but even collages tend to have rhyme or reason to them.  When your thoughts are organized, your energy is more focused and you can better direct it to the goal(s) at hand.  Prioritize, place the goals you are working on that are more immediate first and ones that may take a bit more time or steps further down the line.

Your vision board should be something you enjoy adding to and it should be something easy to change and manipulate.  Mine is a giant corkboard that hangs in the office room.  I have some motivational quotes on there to help keep me inspired, and my more immediate goals in the center where we tend to naturally focus more.  On the perimeter are my more distant goals. 

Another idea for a convenient way to do a vision board is Pinterest! :) It is a virtual pinboard where you can pin everything under the sun - from favorite recipes, to craft ideas, and inspirations.  You can also put a vision board on there, pinning ideas from various places you visit on the web.  I love pinterest.  It has brought a lot of new ideas and creativity into my life and I hope it will do the same for you!

You can follow my pins there if you like

More Vision Board Ideas 

  • Draw your ideas out on paper - either literally, or in a mindmap.  Mind mapping can be a great way to narrow down a goal also.  I wrote about it in a previous post.  You can do a mindmap, scan it or print it and put it up with a picture or two on your vision board to keep you motivated. 
  • Instead of using magazine pics etc. or other "distant" visuals - take a day and go out with your camera.  Photograph some things for your vision board, perhaps a house that looks like the one you want to build or buy, maybe a garden you would like to build etc.  This makes you an active participant and enhances the energy behind your board.  

How to Use Your Vision Board 

It won't be effective to just look at it.  In order to make a vision board work for you, you have to spend several minutes daily focusing on your board.  Really look at it and focus your thoughts only on the goals you want to reach.  As you focus a few moments on each goal, allow yourself to experience the feelings of already having it.  Be grateful that it is yours and on its way to you.  Ask your higher self /Spirit for guidance on the steps you can take to facilitate reaching that goal.  If sudden ideas or inspirations hit you (while looking at your board or at other times) write them down right away so you don't forget!

Follow up! You must follow up on your inspirations and ideas with action.  When the right ideas appear you will naturally have or draw to you what you need to enact them.  Keep an open mind and heart and know that what you focus on intently and with purpose will manifest in your life.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A new look :)

I hope you enjoy the freshened up new look of the blog as much as I do.  Sometimes in life, we all need a change of scenery to inspire us and help keep us motivated. 

I really enjoy posting to the universal laws blog and I hope that you find it a place of serenity and inspiration.  So with that in mind, I decided to make some changes and give the blog a "softer" look and feel. 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Journaling to Enhance Law of Attraction

Journal Techniques That Will Change Your Life

This is a hub I want to share today because it shows different journaling exercises that can help you on your quest to make Law of Attraction work in your life.  Remember, LOA requires a few things to be effective - conscious effort, clarity of intent, and the ability to look beneath the surface to the deeper meanings and purpose behind your life events.

The journal exercises in this hub are designed to do just that - help you open up to all of these things and see with clarity not only your true desires, but your plans and progress at a glance.  This is a great habit that will keep you motivated and moving towards your ultimate attainments.

Journaling also is an action that puts your energy out to the universe in concise, concentrated ways to help you begin to manifest what you truly want - consciously.

Enjoy the journal exercises and feel free to vote, comment and discuss via the comments section of the hub.  I thrive on your feedback and it helps me to know what to discuss and publish next :) so feel free to participate here or there via comments anytime I post :)



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Accountability, Self and Law of Attraction

One of my problems with mainstream ideas and lessons with Law of Attraction is that they often tend to focus on a force outside of ourselves - In many faiths people pray for what they want, with movies like "The Secret" people are told that the universe is like a Genie that grants wishes.  While I loved the Secret and thought it was a great primer, there were some key concepts that I feel were left out.  Of course it is difficult to condense Law of Attraction fully into one book or a 90 minute movie so I definitely give them props for breaking down a complex subject admirably.

One key area I think that people miss though is accountability.  We tend to push things off onto others, onto God, the Devil, "evil", etc.  Most of us are not taught to look deep within ourselves, to embrace all aspects of our nature.  We spend much of our time dodging what we deem bad or unacceptable and trying to line up with ideals.  "I don't know what got into me" or "the Devil made me do it" - have you ever heard those phrases? Often people thank God for the good in their lives.  It's a nice gesture, but God lives and breathes through you, so when you find strength it is important to recognize your own role in that process.  God may be an inspiration to you, but you are the one who went above and beyond.  In life we always tend to pass the buck ;) good or bad, right or wrong, we struggle to "own ourselves"

 What happens in the process of all this is that we don't quiet down, we are never still long enough to maintain a deep connection to our source - which whether you call it God  or the Universe etc. - is the heart of everything, of all creation.  It lies within you and it is all around you.  Everything that exists comes from the same place.  You are not some detached, pitiful small creature - the greatness of all that is lives and breathes in every cell of your body.  I say all the time when viewing yourself, stop seeing a tiny drop in a vast ocean - instead see that the ocean exists in the drop.  When you can truly feel that connectedness and let it in, your ability to manifest the life of your dreams will take off.

So how do we tap into that? Silence, Stillness, Meditation...

In stillness we learn to to avoid the pitfalls of extreme emotions.  We become witnesses to our feelings and thoughts and as the observer, we are better able to detach and make choices from a place of wisdom.  In a place of silent meditation it is like the eye of the storm - as we sit calmly in this state, nothing in the chaotic outer realms can touch us.  When we have a dark thought we can allow it float by and not engage the thought by trying to fight it or avoid it - simply let it float by and then it gains no traction and has no power.

But what about positive thoughts then?  If we just observe our positive thoughts are their powers removed? No.  Why? Because when we detach we allow the "clutter" to move past us, so that our strongest, healthiest, most inspired ideas can flow to us during our regular activities throughout the day.  We can then take action on the best ones and allow the others to float on by.

The best way to learn to manage your thoughts, desires, and emotions is through becoming the observer.  Watch but do not attach.  As your emotions and thoughts flow, do your best to acknowledge them without hanging onto them.  One way to do this is to view yourself as a sieve where everything flows through.  When our emotions and thoughts are flowing properly, we naturally align with the true calling of our spirit.  We can then manifest away free from clutter, chaos, etc. and then we can bring into being our best life. 

This perspective allows us to "aim higher".  In the movie for example they showed a girl focusing intently on a necklace.  Well, yes technically you can focus on material items and manifest a way for them to come to you - HOWEVER, the Universal Laws are about much more than that.  They transcend the depths of our awareness and with proper focus and action, you can manifest a life that is truly joyful.  Things don't bring joy ultimately, so if you are focused solely on "stuff" - aim higher. Joy is a state of awareness where you can be at peace no matter what is going on in the world around you.  It is an inner state of grace that is attainable with practice.  When you are in that place, the "stuff" of the universe that you truly desire will make its way to you without great strain or effort.

If you find you are focusing on the wrong things - you won't manifest them no matter how hard you try.  Why? because they are not aligned with your true soul purpose.  Instead of focusing on things outside yourself - go within.  That is where the keys to the universe lie.  I find that when I get too caught up in the mundane or too focused on the fleeting things - I remind myself to "look up" - not to some distant place, but to a higher vibrational place of energy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mind Mapping & Law of Attraction

Yesterday, I was writing a hub about Free writing and Mind Mapping and how they can be used to help writers become more expressive and better organized.

The basic premise of a freewrite is that you sit down and do nothing but type.  You cannot self-edit as you write and you simply allow your ideas to flow freely.  After an allotted time, you go through your free written material and cull it for things you can use.  You then use those ideas and plug them into a mind map.  For those unfamiliar, a mindmap starts with an overall concept or idea which is placed in the center of your page.  From there you draw branches to subtopics, and from those to further subtopics etc.  It helps you visually organize your thoughts quickly.

I got to thinking about these exercises today and how I have used them for both journaling as well as professional writing.  These two practices, whether you are a writer or not, can be a great way to get yourself focused and organized.  Those who are focused and organized know exactly what they want, and they have mapped out steps to help facilitate the reaching of those goals.  Therefore, mind mapping and freewriting are excellent tools for working with the Law of Attraction

I have mindmapped business ideas before, story plans, websites, you name it.  I love to mindmap because it helps me to clear the clutter of my mind and shift my focus.  I can see where i could better spend my energy and other areas where I may be expending too much energy.  I can clearly see patterns, wants, needs, and underlying issues.  There is no better way to discover your fears (to help you manage them) than a mindmap or freewrite.  You can also use them to find hidden talents and ideas - things you may not have been consciously fully aware of.

If you are feeling a little cloudy, uncertain of your direction or exactly what you are aiming for, sit down and write about it.  Freewrite, just let everything flow from you.  You may find you start your writing with not knowing what to say - so write about that :).  The idea is to let ideas flow as though you were turning on a faucet.  Do not stop to make corrections, edit, etc. as you write - just let the ideas out.

Once you have done this and the ideas are flowing, start a mind map.  You may come up with new, inspired ideas that weren't able to get through before.  Who knows what exciting places it may take you to.

Give it a try and see how it opens up your energy to better flow with the Universal Laws.  Try keeping your journal exercises and particularly your mind maps and organized lists from mind maps in a special journal.  This keeps your ideas all together neatly in one place where you can reflect on them and even go back for new inspiration.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Develop Positive Habits to Manifest Your Desires

Develop Positive Habits - Manifest Your True Desires 

Many people live life passively as though it were a series of events that just happens in which they don't truly have any real control.  The result is, we tend to become complacent and just accept mediocrity, rather than push for greatness.

The Law of Attraction works best when we facilitate it by developing and engaging in regular habits.

Lets say your ultimate goal is to make money doing what you love.  Each day you talk about it, you visualize it, but are you developing daily habits of working towards your goals? Thinking, visualizing, and talking are not enough.

To manifest a lofty goal, break it down into daily bits and pieces.  Develop daily habits that move you towards your ultimate attainment.  Keep track of your progress - allow this to continue to motivate you.

Work on honing your craft each day.  I'll use my writing for an example.  If I want to continue to manifest my dreams of being a successful writer, every day I need to write something and I do.  I write for my Tarot site, this blog, or other projects I am working on.  This enforces that I am indeed already a writer.  I am doing it, not just imagining it etc. 

I have a Mantra: "My creativity heals myself and others.  I deserve to live an abundant, creative life".  I focus on this mantra each day - not just saying it or thinking it, but taking time to deeply feel it on every level of my being.  Meditating on positive statements, letting it really sink in, is a good example of a positive habit that will keep you manifesting your larger goals.

In short, I verify to the universe every day that this is the reality I am creating and living by making it a part of my present reality. The universe works now - and what we do now shapes our future, so we have to be or act as if we are already what we hope to be, to create that reality.  Daily habits reinforce and motivate.

Choose a loftier goal you have and then think of a couple of daily habits that you can turn into a routine that help keep you moving in the right direction.  Once those habits are in play, you'll find you naturally branch out and want to do more and the means for you to do so begin to appear.

Focus on what you want - drop thoughts of how it will happen, when it will happen etc.  Pour everything you've got into developing strong habits that encourage your dream and make them a part of who you are and you'll see your life start to transform. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Accept Risk, but Don't be Reckless

Universal laws state that we must be willing to take a chance on change, even when that change may go against social norms or what we have been previously programmed to believe.  When we seek change and truly embrace it with all our heart and soul, the universe works quickly to manifest those dreams.  You may notice it in the form of "serendipity" - little happy surprises that come just when you need them or affirm you made the right choice etc.  When those signs occur you can breathe easy that you are working in accordance with the universal laws.

Other times we get too caught up in what we "think" we want or become too dependent on our vision of how we think things will go.  We burst forth with guns blazing, but nothing seems to gel right.  Things seem to fall apart and then we start to question the laws - instead of ourselves.  We begin to say "this doesn't work" etc. without taking time to step back and look at the situation with an openness and receptivity of spirit.  Ego gets hung up on simple gratifications and wanting to "win" a goal.  Spirit or our higher selves, relaxes and allows our goals and dreams to manifest.  We are gently nudged and although we are encouraged to pursue our dreams with a sense of urgency, it flows easily, things get done and come together as if by magic.

Are you Embracing or Chasing?

Do you know the difference? If you are chasing a goal like you have to accomplish it to "prove something" or you are doing it for the thrill of a victory, or to push your own agenda, you may find that manifesting is more difficult.  Sure your putting your energy into something, but you may not be aligning with your higher power, your source and approaching it from a higher vibrational place.  Ego and spirit are two very different things.

That being said, ego isn't "bad" as it is so often depicted.  Our personalities help shape what we are good at, what we are drawn to, who we best interact with etc.  Personalities give us flavor and dimension.  It's only when we become caught up in the ego that we falter.  It is possible, and we should, embrace goals in ways that can gratify both the higher self and the ego. 

For example, the ego when hearing us say "we should be healthy and eat right and exercise and focus on whole being wellness" - will quickly get bored.  It's the part of you that loves that junk food and so it resists and says "eh, maybe later" ... or makes excuses, "Well I can't do that today because we are going out to eat tonight" etc. You know the excuses ;).  However, when you make a loftier goal fun for the ego too - then you have cooperation and then the truly miraculous can take place. 

I once resolved to do a 5k a day five days in a row for a month.  Mon - Friday I would run and rest on weekends.  I wanted to do this to clear my head, to build stamina and to push my limits.  My normal ego response would be to resist - no way sister! that isn't any fun... BUT, the ego loves to compete, so I made it into a contest with myself.  I focused on beating my own times, on pushing to go faster each day, or with more of an incline on the treadmill etc.  What happened was truly inspiring.  I spent my daily walk/run listening to meditative music while doing my workouts.  My whole being was rejuvenated - my mind was clear, my body became leaner and healthier, I began to feel more confident.  These achievements all gratified me on every level of my being.  When I would start to get tired if I ran for a long part of it, I would tell myself "sweat is fat crying!" lol - silly, but it was gratifying to the old ego and gave me incentive to keep pushing.  Spiritually I felt "lighter" and more connected and emotionally/mentally I was clear as a bell. All parts were working as a cohesive unit - it wasn't the typical "us vs them" type battle that is so often depicted between our ego and our higher self.  Cooperation is how to get things done!

So moral to the very long story - is follow your heart, pursue your goals that are inspired by a higher calling or purpose, and do so in a way that gratifies you on every level of your being...When you find that harmony, all things will pull together and manifest in ways you will not believe. 

Pursue your dreams, take chances, accept risk - but don't be reckless - LISTEN to your inner voice and ALLOW your dreams to manifest.  Embrace everything you pursue as a "whole being" aspiration and you'll be a master at manifesting in no time!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tarot & the Law of Attraction

The Tarot is a great tool for meditation and reflection.  Many of its lessons directly reflect those of the Universal Laws.  Some time ago I created the video here - it features all of the cards of the Major Arcana and the life lessons they represent.

It is a meditative movie designed to trigger reflection and relaxation.  I hope you will enjoy it - even if you are not a user or fan of Tarot - this video will still have valuable lessons for you I promise!

Enjoy, share it, and please feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts.  Did you get anything from it? What stood out most to you?

Universal Law of Divine Timing

Today's quote I chose because it so beautifully illustrates the Universal Law of Divine Timing.  When we consider our dreams, often we feel impatient - when things don't happen according to our sense of time we begin to resist the natural flow of events.  We start to distrust the process, ourselves, and ultimately we begin to allow thoughts of failure to creep in. 

It is important to work hard towards our goals, to visualize and see ourselves as what we want to be, but at the same time, we must realize that the Universe unfolds according to schedule.  Manifesting is not a process of strong arming our will - but a process of allowing and trust.  We do our part and put our faith in the Universe to deliver at the appropriate time. 

Impatience blinds us from truth and leads us astray.  Pour your energy into the goals that you are passionate about - but do so with a faith that can embrace and enjoy the journey itself because that's where true happiness lies. 

Today's quote comes from an excellent book by Dan Millman "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior".  This book is filled with wisdom and valuable lessons on life and how to live joyfully, now - with full awareness.  He speaks in this book not only of the lessons of divine timing, but also of our connection with Universal knowledge on a cell level.  Everything you have ever wanted or needed to know is actually imprinted on the very cells of your being! (law of divine oneness or unity) 

If you haven't read it I highly recommend picking up a copy!

Have a blessed day and do feel free to comment or share the lovely inspirational graphics on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Today, let the bumble bee be an inspiration.  

Bumble bees by design are kind of akward and clumsy, their shape, size, and weight should technically make them unable to fly, yet away they buzz not knowing that they aren't "made for flight"...

How many times in our lives are we told or led to believe we can't do certain things?  Most of us can recall times in our lives when others laughed at our dreams or told us "be practical" or "be more realistic" etc.  The result? those voiced ruled over our own inner voice and we settled for less than we were capable of. 

Bumble bee tells us not to settle.  Do what we were designed to do, despite what common knowledge dictates.  After all, at one time the majority believed the world to be flat and that the sun revolved around the earth ;) 

Be true to yourself - today and always!


Please, pin and share any of the lovely "vision board" reminders I share so that others may find my blog.  THANKS! :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Planting Seeds - What are you Growing?

I love this quote because there is so much truth in it.  What we plant today by our actions and attitudes, determines our ultimate course.  Will we choose happiness and the actions or "seeds" that allow joy to grow? or will we choose to keep sowing seeds that take over like weeds and cause us to drown out our true bliss? 

Often I talk about joy, happiness, peace being a choice and not a destination and this is true, but it is also true that the seeds we plant today grow into tomorrows manifestations.  Therefore if you choose joy and authentic living today - tomorrow more blossoms of opportunity will emerge for you. 

The opposite also applies, if you sew seeds of self-sabotage or choose to delay joy, what blossoms tomorrow will also lead to more of the same.  Wise choices now lead to brighter tomorrows - and you can always make new choices and sew new seeds!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Opportunities are Like Sunrises...

Sometimes we all need a reminder to get up and go for our dreams.  When we work with the universal laws it's important to remember that the laws are always working - so no matter what, the energy you put forth is working for you - or against you.

Procrastination, lack of clear direction, self-sabotaging thoughts, fear, remaining stationary, perfectionism, these are all the enemies of opportunity.  Divinely inspired action leads to abundant blessings.  Be bold and fly forward into the sunrise - make the most of the opportunities waiting for you to discover them today.  The more you do this, the more motivated and inspired you will become and then more doors will open for you.

Take action - move forward and let the rest unfold as it will.  Remember when you drive at night you trust that the road ahead of you will unfold as it should, even though you can only see so many feet in front of you.  When we embrace the sunrise, a new life and we take action, we put faith in the road - that it will be there to greet us as we continue to move forward.