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Friday, July 6, 2012

Universal Law of Divine Timing

Today's quote I chose because it so beautifully illustrates the Universal Law of Divine Timing.  When we consider our dreams, often we feel impatient - when things don't happen according to our sense of time we begin to resist the natural flow of events.  We start to distrust the process, ourselves, and ultimately we begin to allow thoughts of failure to creep in. 

It is important to work hard towards our goals, to visualize and see ourselves as what we want to be, but at the same time, we must realize that the Universe unfolds according to schedule.  Manifesting is not a process of strong arming our will - but a process of allowing and trust.  We do our part and put our faith in the Universe to deliver at the appropriate time. 

Impatience blinds us from truth and leads us astray.  Pour your energy into the goals that you are passionate about - but do so with a faith that can embrace and enjoy the journey itself because that's where true happiness lies. 

Today's quote comes from an excellent book by Dan Millman "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior".  This book is filled with wisdom and valuable lessons on life and how to live joyfully, now - with full awareness.  He speaks in this book not only of the lessons of divine timing, but also of our connection with Universal knowledge on a cell level.  Everything you have ever wanted or needed to know is actually imprinted on the very cells of your being! (law of divine oneness or unity) 

If you haven't read it I highly recommend picking up a copy!

Have a blessed day and do feel free to comment or share the lovely inspirational graphics on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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