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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Develop Positive Habits to Manifest Your Desires

Develop Positive Habits - Manifest Your True Desires 

Many people live life passively as though it were a series of events that just happens in which they don't truly have any real control.  The result is, we tend to become complacent and just accept mediocrity, rather than push for greatness.

The Law of Attraction works best when we facilitate it by developing and engaging in regular habits.

Lets say your ultimate goal is to make money doing what you love.  Each day you talk about it, you visualize it, but are you developing daily habits of working towards your goals? Thinking, visualizing, and talking are not enough.

To manifest a lofty goal, break it down into daily bits and pieces.  Develop daily habits that move you towards your ultimate attainment.  Keep track of your progress - allow this to continue to motivate you.

Work on honing your craft each day.  I'll use my writing for an example.  If I want to continue to manifest my dreams of being a successful writer, every day I need to write something and I do.  I write for my Tarot site, this blog, or other projects I am working on.  This enforces that I am indeed already a writer.  I am doing it, not just imagining it etc. 

I have a Mantra: "My creativity heals myself and others.  I deserve to live an abundant, creative life".  I focus on this mantra each day - not just saying it or thinking it, but taking time to deeply feel it on every level of my being.  Meditating on positive statements, letting it really sink in, is a good example of a positive habit that will keep you manifesting your larger goals.

In short, I verify to the universe every day that this is the reality I am creating and living by making it a part of my present reality. The universe works now - and what we do now shapes our future, so we have to be or act as if we are already what we hope to be, to create that reality.  Daily habits reinforce and motivate.

Choose a loftier goal you have and then think of a couple of daily habits that you can turn into a routine that help keep you moving in the right direction.  Once those habits are in play, you'll find you naturally branch out and want to do more and the means for you to do so begin to appear.

Focus on what you want - drop thoughts of how it will happen, when it will happen etc.  Pour everything you've got into developing strong habits that encourage your dream and make them a part of who you are and you'll see your life start to transform. 

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