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Monday, July 16, 2012

Mind Mapping & Law of Attraction

Yesterday, I was writing a hub about Free writing and Mind Mapping and how they can be used to help writers become more expressive and better organized.

The basic premise of a freewrite is that you sit down and do nothing but type.  You cannot self-edit as you write and you simply allow your ideas to flow freely.  After an allotted time, you go through your free written material and cull it for things you can use.  You then use those ideas and plug them into a mind map.  For those unfamiliar, a mindmap starts with an overall concept or idea which is placed in the center of your page.  From there you draw branches to subtopics, and from those to further subtopics etc.  It helps you visually organize your thoughts quickly.

I got to thinking about these exercises today and how I have used them for both journaling as well as professional writing.  These two practices, whether you are a writer or not, can be a great way to get yourself focused and organized.  Those who are focused and organized know exactly what they want, and they have mapped out steps to help facilitate the reaching of those goals.  Therefore, mind mapping and freewriting are excellent tools for working with the Law of Attraction

I have mindmapped business ideas before, story plans, websites, you name it.  I love to mindmap because it helps me to clear the clutter of my mind and shift my focus.  I can see where i could better spend my energy and other areas where I may be expending too much energy.  I can clearly see patterns, wants, needs, and underlying issues.  There is no better way to discover your fears (to help you manage them) than a mindmap or freewrite.  You can also use them to find hidden talents and ideas - things you may not have been consciously fully aware of.

If you are feeling a little cloudy, uncertain of your direction or exactly what you are aiming for, sit down and write about it.  Freewrite, just let everything flow from you.  You may find you start your writing with not knowing what to say - so write about that :).  The idea is to let ideas flow as though you were turning on a faucet.  Do not stop to make corrections, edit, etc. as you write - just let the ideas out.

Once you have done this and the ideas are flowing, start a mind map.  You may come up with new, inspired ideas that weren't able to get through before.  Who knows what exciting places it may take you to.

Give it a try and see how it opens up your energy to better flow with the Universal Laws.  Try keeping your journal exercises and particularly your mind maps and organized lists from mind maps in a special journal.  This keeps your ideas all together neatly in one place where you can reflect on them and even go back for new inspiration.


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