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The Universal Laws Explained

I was actually inspired to create this blog by the popularity of a Hub I wrote called "The Twelve Universal Laws Explained in a Nutshell"... I recommend you start there for a quick primer...

Most people are familiar with the "Law of Attraction".  In fact, they are so familiar with it, that they spend all of their time focusing on only that premise, without accounting for how the LOA ties into the other Universal laws.  I likened it in my hub to going fishing without a hook, or bait, and possibly a broken line to boot ;).  The point being is that there is a LOT more to manifesting and co-creating than simply the law of attraction.  It's not something that can be taught in one or two short books or one movie.  People often work for years to learn how it all ties in and how to co-create the destiny they choose.  There is not the "quick fix" that everyone craves.  When you learn to accept that, then you are ready to participate in learning the higher wisdom that can change your life.

Most people don't want to hear this, but if you are looking for a "quick fix" to have an easy life or buckets of money - you are missing the point.  The purpose of learning and mastering how to work with the Universal Laws is to EMPOWER your life and get you to recognize the immense value of your own worth.  If you are only using it get money or toys - you aren't properly focused and it will not work for you. 

Your soul isn't craving money, but it is craving security, peace of mind, and most importantly FREEDOM.  If you look beneath most of your wants - you'll find they are more about a state of being than the item/object itself.

That being said, the Universal Laws, when applied correctly and properly understood, will change you life in ways you can only begin to imagine.  You will learn exactly how large you are and what you are capable of, and as you do you will naturally attract what you need to live your life authentically and abundantly.  If you are looking for a genie in a bottle to give you a handout - you missed the point, that isn't how it works ;). 

Throughout this blog, I will cover all of the universal laws in great detail, explaining the concepts, how to recognize them and work with them in your own life.  I live my life by these principles every day and since I started practicing this lifestyle, I have found new passion for living and greater peace in my life.  I have the perfect partner, a wonderful family, and every day, despite whatever challenges may come up, I live with sheer joy and gratitude and love for myself and my experience.
How do I do this?  I did (and still do) the work it takes to get to that point.  My goal here is to show others how to do the same thing, because it is possible and I believe that all people who are called to should have the tools they need to live an abundant and inspired life.  You - yes you, are more wonderful and gifted than you have yet to realize.  My goal with this blog is to show you how to recognize the divine spark that is at the heart of you.  Those who live authentically live joyfully and I love nothing more than showing people how to find their own true joy.  It is nothing anyone can "give to you" ... You have to find it - and I will do my best here to help show you a path to that discovery. 

The Universal Laws..... 

  • The Law of Divine Oneness
  • The Law of Vibration
  • The Law of Action
  • The Law of Cause and Effect
  • The Law of Correspondence
  • The Law of Attraction
  • The Law of Compensation
  • The Law of Motion
  • The Law of Relativity
  • The Law of Polarity
  • The Law of Rhythm
  • The Law of Gender

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