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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is the Law of Divine Oneness?

For today's post I want to explore the law of divine oneness.  It is a complex law that takes time to fully integrate and understand on a deeper level.  Many spiritual seekers work their whole lives to attain that sense of peace/clarity/unity and still find it fleeting.  It is perhaps one of the trickiest laws to fully integrate due to our limited perceptions of reality in our daily lives.

There is one simple word that is a greeting which sums up the law of one nicely...

Namaste "I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides; I honor the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us."

What this greeting points to is the principle of divine oneness.  In our daily lives we are chronically "pulled apart".  We focus on separation and what divides us, class, race, faith, intellect etc. Although most religious teachings focus on unity, the results over the course of history have too often lead to anything but.  

It is easy to say "we are all connected", but it takes a great deal of spiritual devotion and practice to experience that knowledge at soul level.  Once you have experienced a glimpse of it, it becomes difficult to carry anger and disdain for others, because you recognize them and yourself as interwoven into the same fabric of existence. 

Meditation and stillness allows us to connect to the "universal mind" - the power, the creative force that we all come from, every thing that exists is a part of this source.  While connected with this source there is no duality, there is a sense of "just me" but it is not an isolating feeling, nor is it a place of arrogance or ego,  rather it is an all encompassing feeling that brings peace and a depth of understanding and acceptance that leads to deep inner peace and knowing that no matter what we perceive in the outside world, all is well and in perfect order.  When you experience a glimmer of it you become like a child again - filled with awe and wonder and curiosity.

This often goes against the grain when people first read it, because the tendency is for the mind to shift to all of the perceived ill in the world war, starvation, disease etc. and say it is not true that all is well and all is as it should be.  It takes a lot of conditioning to undo all of our perceptions that cause us to lock into toxic thinking.  After all the moment in time we live in - even if we live a full century, is less than a blink of an eye in all that exists.... When things look negative we can get caught up in all that we perceive as wrong - and that leads to further separation and feelings of alienation.  A personal hell of sorts that keeps us always struggling and resisting.  What we resist persists - because we put so much energy behind that resistance that it keeps those things manifesting as well.

Universal laws are truly a balancing act.  They require the true seeker to dig down to the deepest levels of collective consciousness in order to fully understand and implement them.  There are no shortcuts, there is no "instant gratification".  The laws are always there and always working whether we choose to use them consciously or not.  

The next time you feel isolated and alone or angry at the state of the world, remember your life here is only a blink and do not put all your energy into resisting what you don't like.  Instead take time to find your quiet center - that place in you where the creative force resides, and connect with it.  Allow that presence into your life and let it empower you to expand your awareness.  In doing so, life itself opens up to you and you find peace and fulfillment in a sometimes seemingly scary world.  After this you can redirect your energy towards what you do want to see.  Instead of being "anti-war" be "pro-peace" as what you focus on manifests :).  People who are "anti" whatever tend to put all their energy into resisting what they don't want rather than manifesting what  they do want and the circle continues... 

You are connected intimately with the "all that is" the "alpha and omega" "God" whatever name you choose to give it.  It works through you and you exist because of it, there is no separation.  If God is the brain and existence (you, me, all of us) is the heart, truly one cannot live without the other and are a cohesive, connected and communicating unit.  All one working body - a whole.  "As above so below" you might say ;). 

Overcome Duality

All is as it should be - even when you feel it shouldn't be that way or wish it was different, shift your perspective.  All of human existence thus far is but a blink, less than a heartbeat in the all that is.  All things have a purpose and we are all connected.  Let that sink in, work to practice understanding it fully, not only at an intellectual level, but on a deeply spiritual one.  It takes time and devotion, but once you experience it and truly feel it at the depths of your consciousness, your life with transform "miraculously". 

Affirmations and Visualizations 

Visualize the body of the all as you would a human body with all parts interconnected and working/communicating together.  If you don't know fully how the human body works, read about it, visit a "body worlds" exhibit etc.  It will give you a sense of awe and wonder at the process of life itself and how trillions of cells work together in harmony.  

Did you know? There are more working parts in ONE cell of your body than there are human beings on the face of the earth? Keep a sense of perspective.  Within you is greatness - vast universes all working together in unity to make your body and mind function as cohesive unit.  You are a cell or working part within the whole as well. 

Read the following "You - Yes YOU are Beauty and Greatness Beyond Comprehension
Allow this to sink in and work to truly feel it at the core of your being... 

Repeat to yourself regularly the following affirmation and let it sink in: "I am one with the Universal Mind"

Namaste Friends 

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