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Friday, September 30, 2011

Time Management & Law of Attraction

Many of us lead very busy daily lives and in the process of trying to accomplish so much stuff - we kind of lose sight of our personal goals or taking time to focus on our spiritual health/well being.  Time management was one area where a few people requested we spend some time so today's post is devoted to a subject I also struggle with at times. 

Time Management - What is Truly Important? 

Many of us feel compelled to "multi-task" - to take on many things at once and juggle them all successfully.  Multi-tasking can be a great characteristic in moderation, but often what happens is our energies become scattered.  We are unable to stop long enough to prioritize or plan effectively and we just go, go, go... The challenge here however is that more actually gets accomplished when we prioritize, plan, and focus on one thing at a time.  We delude ourselves into thinking that the more we are doing at once the better.  Multi-tasking is not typically the most efficient way to work.

Think about it.  Lets say the dishes are dirty, you have to make an appointment at the doctor, work is calling, your child needs help with homework and your friend needs a shoulder.  Suddenly you have all of these things vying for your attention and you feel pressured to do them all. 

Unfortunately, when you try to do everything at once, nothing is done fully and completely.  In this instance, you have to make a schedule and you have to establish priorities.  This means that you may have to "let go" and allow others to help.  Let your spouse or an older sibling do the dishes, tell your friend you'd be happy to discuss her struggles over lunch the next day.  Work issues should never come home and should be handled at work when possible.  Unless it's a matter of life or death (and 99.9% of the time it isn't) then it can wait until your next shift. 

Now you have stepped back, taken a breath and know what is getting handled, by whom and in what order.  This allows you to relax a bit and truly focus your attention on the present task at hand without the anxiety and distraction of everything else. 

When you truly focus on what you are doing now you will find it flows more smoothly, you are able to do a better job, and in the end you will actually be able to handle more demands more efficiently. 

Don't Make Time the Enemy 

Feeling rushed and hurried creates anxiety and tension which lower your vibrational energy.  This wreaks havoc on the body/mind/spirit and makes it harder to focus and direct your energy in positive ways.  When you feel pressured those feelings "weigh on you" quite literally!  Pressure and rushing tends to lead to agitation (think road rage), making mistakes (now you have to fix it too), and stress/worry over handling everything.  This lowers your vibration, causes illness, and takes away your ability to truly control/direct your thoughts/energy.  To use law of attraction effectively you have to step back, take a breath, visualize yourself accomplishing everything with ease and then take steps to prioritize. 

Learning to let go is one of the most important aspects of time management.  You do not have to be superman/woman. 

Take time to breathe.  Practice a few minutes of silent meditation every day.  Lack of time is not an excuse to neglect your needs, because when you do this, you actually end up sabotaging yourself.  A strong person who is focused and centered is always better able to manage their time and accomplish more goals. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Universe Within You - The Law of Divine Oneness Beautifully Illustrated

Often we feel so small in life and it is that sense of smallness and separation that keep us held back.  It is difficult to manifest our large dreams when our thoughts are small.

Yesterday I wrote a hub called "You - Yes You! are Beauty and Greatness Beyond Comprehension.

It beautifully illustrates how you are a walking, breathing universe in your own right.

You have within every cell of your being the keys to life itself - and within your body are 75 trillion - yes trillion cells - that is far more than the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy!

Every cell of your body is a working universe in its own right with millions of working parts that all work separately yet are part of a whole. There are millions of atoms in a single cell.  If even one part is out of place the cell cannot function properly.

Every cell of your body also functions within a group dependent upon it's type - heart, lungs, skin, brain, etc. and each of your individual parts have billions of cells that operate them. 

You are made to perfection - the beauty, power and divine intelligence or universal mind is at work in every tiny fiber of your being and you have within you a universe more vast than the one you live in! We are all connected and we are all one.

The population of Earth as of 2011 is roughly 6.9 Billion - The Earth itself has less inhabitants than ONE of your cells has working parts.

We are a living, breathing working part of Life itself - within you are the keys to existence - it is not distant from you it is present in every cell of your body and your body is massive beyond comprehension and yet you can't even see the individual parts - but they work together splendidly giving you the ability to breathe, see, hear, bear children, run, walk, feel, think etc.

Read my latest hub and learn more about the Universe within you - the perfect illustration of the "Law of Divine Oneness"  You are more powerful than you think you are - you are already made to perfection - a living work of art - an expression of the one Source.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Universal Laws for Self-Esteem

Many of us are plagued by self-esteem issues at various times in life.  No one is 100% confident and self-assured and we all have things that make us more self-conscious.  The key to true self-esteem is not becoming "perfect" - because no such thing exists, nor is it just giving up and giving in - because that means you are accepting mediocrity instead of actually living up to your fullest potential. 

My art teacher told us one day that if someone says you have potential it's the kiss of death.  Why? Because potential implies that your greatness is not in action - it's somewhere in the future, a distant possibility.  Without actions - potential means squat.  So many people have untapped potential - something inside of them that is wonderful and interesting that the world would benefit from seeing.  Each person has this seed of potential, but, let's be honest, in most people it is dormant or not used to it's full capacity. 

Have you ever noticed how there are millions of books, magazines, and other products on self-esteem and something most of them have in common is that they require action on the part of the reader.  Self-confidence is not going to fall into your lap.  Sustained confidence is a practice - like exercise it requires consistent effort and the reward is entirely dependent on what you put into it.  Like muscle, you have to build and maintain self-esteem.  The beauty is that once it's established it is easier to maintain that to build from the ground up. 

This "inspired action" is one of the 12 universal laws.  Many books suggests affirmations - which are great as one aspect of building your self-confidence, but repeating a bunch of mantras in your head that you do not believe will actually have an opposite effect (see the previous post on how affirmations may be sabotaging you) What you must do is take positive, constructive action to build your confidence. 

Do you feel your best after you've completed a project or reached a goal? Most of us do by design.
Set goals for yourself - even small ones and check them off as you accomplish them.  Don't set all goals to be something very distant or difficult, because you will give up without giving it your all. 

For example if your ultimate goal is to run your first 5k - set small goals that lead up to the big goal - and keep a visual record of what you have accomplished.  Start by running for 2 minutes and then 5 and then a half mile and then a mile and so on.  This process allows you to see growth at a glance and the result? more confidence, more self-esteem - because you realize you are capable of pushing yourself and reaching great things. You are persistently and consistently reaching goals that will keep you on the path - instead of seeing only one goal that right out of the gate is going to be impossible for someone with no previous experience.

Our desire for instant gratification in today's modern world often sabotages self-esteem.  We figure if we can't pick something up and do it well immediately that either we suck or aren't talented enough etc.  The truth is all skills take time - there are never ANY EXPERTS ever at anything.  To say someone is an "expert" is to imply that there is nothing more to learn in that field/practice.  If you become an "expert" you stop growing.  

Embrace the fact that you don't have to be "perfect" to be valuable.  Perfect is what is - you are already perfect at being who you are - so grow where you are planted and stop waiting for the self-esteem to find you because it doesn't happen that way.  Go after it, build it by building yourself up - and then maintain it by visually looking back at all you have achieved. 

What Questions do you have about Universal Laws?

Hello everyone

I know my blog has many readers, but no comments.  This post is for you :) I would like to know what questions about the Law of Attraction or other universal laws you have that I can answer in upcoming posts. 

Do you have experiences using the principles in your life and how have you made them work? Have you grown frustrated with the process or not fully discovered how to make the most of them?  Looking for ideas or suggestions? Any subject area that I should apply the universal laws to that you would like to see more of?

An example might be manifesting business opportunities or career goals, an ideal mate, weight loss, self-confidence, more overall satisfaction with life etc. 

Please let me know your questions and ideas so that I can be sure this blog is covering the things people truly want to know. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

When Your Body/Mind/Spirit Need a Lift - Use Music

Music is powerful and moving.  Throughout my life I have appreciated music in many of its forms.  Just like art, one can never soak in enough music - especially music that lifts our spirits (and therefore our vibrations) just by surrounding ourselves with it.  

When you are feeling blue, a nice piece of music can instantly move you.  Music can make us smile, cry, feel angry, motivated, etc.  Music throughout history and in all cultures has been a beautiful form of human expression - a universal language so to speak.  It guides our imaginations and lets us explore our dreams and fantasies, which is the first step of the process of creating our own reality.

The right music can raise our vibrations and we all know that the key to manifesting abundance in its many forms lies in raising our vibrations to line up with what we truly want to experience.

When I need a lift at times or I need some creative inspiration I find that the right piece of music is the fastest way to gain insight and inspiration.  For that reason I have come to love music that is geared specifically for those purposes - I listen to a lot of "Hemi-Sync" music which actually works to target different brain waves for different purposes.  There are some developed for increased learning and concentration, others for deeper relaxation, creativity, you name it.

Whatever your place in life - there is music that can help soothe and encourage, motivate and inspire.  Life is a wonderful gift that allows us to enjoy the beauty of so many things and that leads us to beautiful forms of expression:  art, writing, music.  All of these things are a way to tap into the creative soul of the universe and to connect with the experiences of the individuals who create the works we resonate with. 

I have a wonderful friend named AJ, who is so kind.  He knows I've been having some stress lately adjusting to my new schedule so first thing this morning he messaged me and asked me how he could help me.  That simple offer was enough to brighten my day and I am very thankful for the friends who I love.

My dear friend and kindred spirit is also an extremely talented composer and musician.   His work is filled with light and love and it absolutely radiates through his music.  He is a very enlightened soul with a great talent and I hope you will enjoy some of his work which he so graciously allows others to listen to for free via his website.  If you enjoy it and it moves you (and it will) be sure to share it with others.   You can definitely feel the light in his work so I encourage you to enjoy it.  

Have a great weekend!