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Friday, September 30, 2011

Time Management & Law of Attraction

Many of us lead very busy daily lives and in the process of trying to accomplish so much stuff - we kind of lose sight of our personal goals or taking time to focus on our spiritual health/well being.  Time management was one area where a few people requested we spend some time so today's post is devoted to a subject I also struggle with at times. 

Time Management - What is Truly Important? 

Many of us feel compelled to "multi-task" - to take on many things at once and juggle them all successfully.  Multi-tasking can be a great characteristic in moderation, but often what happens is our energies become scattered.  We are unable to stop long enough to prioritize or plan effectively and we just go, go, go... The challenge here however is that more actually gets accomplished when we prioritize, plan, and focus on one thing at a time.  We delude ourselves into thinking that the more we are doing at once the better.  Multi-tasking is not typically the most efficient way to work.

Think about it.  Lets say the dishes are dirty, you have to make an appointment at the doctor, work is calling, your child needs help with homework and your friend needs a shoulder.  Suddenly you have all of these things vying for your attention and you feel pressured to do them all. 

Unfortunately, when you try to do everything at once, nothing is done fully and completely.  In this instance, you have to make a schedule and you have to establish priorities.  This means that you may have to "let go" and allow others to help.  Let your spouse or an older sibling do the dishes, tell your friend you'd be happy to discuss her struggles over lunch the next day.  Work issues should never come home and should be handled at work when possible.  Unless it's a matter of life or death (and 99.9% of the time it isn't) then it can wait until your next shift. 

Now you have stepped back, taken a breath and know what is getting handled, by whom and in what order.  This allows you to relax a bit and truly focus your attention on the present task at hand without the anxiety and distraction of everything else. 

When you truly focus on what you are doing now you will find it flows more smoothly, you are able to do a better job, and in the end you will actually be able to handle more demands more efficiently. 

Don't Make Time the Enemy 

Feeling rushed and hurried creates anxiety and tension which lower your vibrational energy.  This wreaks havoc on the body/mind/spirit and makes it harder to focus and direct your energy in positive ways.  When you feel pressured those feelings "weigh on you" quite literally!  Pressure and rushing tends to lead to agitation (think road rage), making mistakes (now you have to fix it too), and stress/worry over handling everything.  This lowers your vibration, causes illness, and takes away your ability to truly control/direct your thoughts/energy.  To use law of attraction effectively you have to step back, take a breath, visualize yourself accomplishing everything with ease and then take steps to prioritize. 

Learning to let go is one of the most important aspects of time management.  You do not have to be superman/woman. 

Take time to breathe.  Practice a few minutes of silent meditation every day.  Lack of time is not an excuse to neglect your needs, because when you do this, you actually end up sabotaging yourself.  A strong person who is focused and centered is always better able to manage their time and accomplish more goals. 

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