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Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Questions do you have about Universal Laws?

Hello everyone

I know my blog has many readers, but no comments.  This post is for you :) I would like to know what questions about the Law of Attraction or other universal laws you have that I can answer in upcoming posts. 

Do you have experiences using the principles in your life and how have you made them work? Have you grown frustrated with the process or not fully discovered how to make the most of them?  Looking for ideas or suggestions? Any subject area that I should apply the universal laws to that you would like to see more of?

An example might be manifesting business opportunities or career goals, an ideal mate, weight loss, self-confidence, more overall satisfaction with life etc. 

Please let me know your questions and ideas so that I can be sure this blog is covering the things people truly want to know. 


  1. I never post on blogs but your request moved me to do so! I would like some insight on time management. I need balance in my life! I go through cycles and do well at one thing-like keeping the house habitable- however if there's something else I'm busy with I'm putting all my time and efforts into that and the house quickly becomes inhabitable!! I struggle with prioritizing, juggling what deserves my time. The days are not long enough!

  2. Poetry - that is an excellent area of concern that many of us busy women (and men too) share and I will definitely post on that in a future posting. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas :)

  3. Hello Christin,

    I've been wanting something to manifest desperately. I have tried finding peace within myself and happiness that comes from gratitude. I have been more generous to others and have tried to redirect my focus into positive things.
    However, when I try to stay positive and assure myself that things will go along my plan, I get sense of doubt and anxiety. I feel like that that is the main reason why I have not seen the result of LOA.
    Can you give me an advice on how I can get rid of the anxiety and the self doubt so that my plan can manifest?

    Thank you so much for reading this long comment.