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Friday, September 2, 2011

When Your Body/Mind/Spirit Need a Lift - Use Music

Music is powerful and moving.  Throughout my life I have appreciated music in many of its forms.  Just like art, one can never soak in enough music - especially music that lifts our spirits (and therefore our vibrations) just by surrounding ourselves with it.  

When you are feeling blue, a nice piece of music can instantly move you.  Music can make us smile, cry, feel angry, motivated, etc.  Music throughout history and in all cultures has been a beautiful form of human expression - a universal language so to speak.  It guides our imaginations and lets us explore our dreams and fantasies, which is the first step of the process of creating our own reality.

The right music can raise our vibrations and we all know that the key to manifesting abundance in its many forms lies in raising our vibrations to line up with what we truly want to experience.

When I need a lift at times or I need some creative inspiration I find that the right piece of music is the fastest way to gain insight and inspiration.  For that reason I have come to love music that is geared specifically for those purposes - I listen to a lot of "Hemi-Sync" music which actually works to target different brain waves for different purposes.  There are some developed for increased learning and concentration, others for deeper relaxation, creativity, you name it.

Whatever your place in life - there is music that can help soothe and encourage, motivate and inspire.  Life is a wonderful gift that allows us to enjoy the beauty of so many things and that leads us to beautiful forms of expression:  art, writing, music.  All of these things are a way to tap into the creative soul of the universe and to connect with the experiences of the individuals who create the works we resonate with. 

I have a wonderful friend named AJ, who is so kind.  He knows I've been having some stress lately adjusting to my new schedule so first thing this morning he messaged me and asked me how he could help me.  That simple offer was enough to brighten my day and I am very thankful for the friends who I love.

My dear friend and kindred spirit is also an extremely talented composer and musician.   His work is filled with light and love and it absolutely radiates through his music.  He is a very enlightened soul with a great talent and I hope you will enjoy some of his work which he so graciously allows others to listen to for free via his website.  If you enjoy it and it moves you (and it will) be sure to share it with others.   You can definitely feel the light in his work so I encourage you to enjoy it.  

Have a great weekend!

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