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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is The Law of Vibration?

Universal Laws: The Law of Vibration 

Everything is made of energy, from thoughts to tangible objects, everything has an energy signature or vibration.  You've likely heard the phrases "bad vibes" or "good vibes".  If you really connect with someone it's often because that person has "good energy" or energy that is in sync with your own.  On the other hand,have you ever been around a drama queen? You know the type ;) an overly negative person - someone who is angry and bitching about everything and blaming everyone for their problems while engaged in self-pity etc.  How do you feel after spending time with that type of person? Do you feel drained and exhausted? That's because of the lower vibrations that "pull you down".

When working with the law of vibration it is important to learn to feel and tap into different vibrational energies so that you can align your own energy with what it is you want to manifest.  Also, learning to feel these energy signatures can show you when what you want may not be in sync with what you believe. 

Money is a great example here.  Many people think about winning the lottery for example and they feel really good.  They feel that life would be great if they had lots of money etc.  However, in their daily life if they are struggling when they think about money the thoughts/vibes are likely more negative.  Perhaps there is fear around money, worry over job loss, etc.  Suddenly what you want is not in vibrational "sync" and so manifesting that item/idea etc doesn't happen. 

If you feel negative emotions towards the object you desire (love, money, etc) you have to work to get to the bottom of the fears surrounding that in order to raise your thought vibrations high enough to line up with it and manifest it.   

Feelings are your barometer to let you know if you are pursuing the right ideas - or if you are off course.  Use your feelings as a tool to guide and redirect your thoughts. 

We cannot manifest what we are not correctly aligned with energetically.  This is one concept where the Law of Attraction movies/books often come up short. 

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