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Friday, April 6, 2012

What Anger Can Teach Us

Sometimes in life, it is just unavoidable, someone is going to do something that makes you angry.  People will hurt one another or act unreasonably.  It can become easy to get sidetracked with justifying our anger.  We feel that we have been wronged and we want the validation from others that yes, you are good enough and this person did something bad etc.  When we get caught up in the web of anger is when it becomes detrimental to our health and the well-being of those around us. 

Has someone ever really p****d you off and for the rest of the day your energy sinks lower and lower, because you are so focused on how this person or event or whatever it was brought you down?  Anger can drown us or it can be turned around and made into a catalyst.

We will never be able to control the actions of others - and perhaps that makes us even more angry.

After all, anger is simply another version of fear.  We fear being hurt, fear losing control, fear being defeated etc.  What we do ultimately control however, is how our fear controls us (or not).  We can take that anger and turn it into a catalyst for something good - or we can take the anger and let it fester into more negative feelings and hostility.

When we see injustice in the word we can go back and forth with others, get angry, blame everyone else etc. but that does nothing to solve the problem.  It doesn't make the person you are mad at less of a jerk. It doesn't make the situation you are mad at less unfortunate.  Rather than waste time compounding misery, you can make an empowered choice to direct your energy towards different things. This is how solutions are found - not in being angry, fighting or blaming.

I can't change what happened and I can't change other people, but I can always change myself.  I don't have to give in and be swept away by negativity.  I can take that same energy that I waste being mad and do something positive for the world.  Stewing in anger never leads to productive solutions, all it does is polarize and bring progress to a grinding halt.

Next time you get mad, don't get down on yourself for it.  Get mad as hell! then take that energy and redirect it in ways that are going to lead to something better.  This is where your true power lies.  Does this mean be a pushover and never stand up for yourself etc? Of course not, but learn to do so from a place of love and respect and you'll find solutions are easier to come by.  People who are angry and defensive have a hard time persuading others to see their side of a situation - as granny used to say "You get more flies with honey than vinegar". If you come at others with hostility or defensiveness, their natural reaction will also be hostile and defensive.

 You can be assertive without being aggressive.  This is where people seem to blur the line and then problems escalate.

 Anger and fear are not your enemies - they are your friends when you know how to learn from them and use them properly.

Life is short - don't get mad - get busy manifesting what you DO want instead ;)

If you are angry at a problem, focus on the solution, not being mad at the problem itself.  Instead of being "anti-war" - be "pro-peace".  Instead of having a proverbial "war on whatever", disengage and be proactive.

Anger that seeks solutions is anger with a purpose.  Anger that festers and boils like an infection is what will kill your spirit.  

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