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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Effort vs Struggle - The Right Way to Manifest

Ok, so we all know the first step in law of attraction is knowing what you want - getting clear on that goal and then really pouring your passion into your desire.   With passion and dedication come the next universal law - inspired action. 

Here is where a lot of people also get hung up because they mistake "struggle" and trying to be in control - as inspired action or hard work.   If you are struggling - if you are in the mindset that I have to push hard, compete, wear myself out to pursue a goal - you are approaching your goals from a fear mindset which will sabotage you.  99% of the time if you feel you have to constantly work at something to do it well enough or to be able to be "good enough" to manifest something - it is because subconsciously you are holding onto a belief system that says - I have to try harder than others because on some level I don't measure up.  Your job is not to prove yourself through struggle like many of us have been taught. 

The need to feel in control also stems from a lack of faith.  Remember - universal law is all about the "what" not the "how" - the other universal laws step in to determine the "how" - divine providence, masculine and feminine (when you plant a seed it takes time and nurturing to grow and reach its potential) 

When you are doing the right kind of hard work - it should feel like effort but not struggle or pushing beyond your limits.  If your goals are causing stress and anxiety - you are engaging in "struggle" rather than inspired action and need to revisit your goals and see how you can relax into the process more and enjoy it.  Often all that is needed is some simple adjustments in your thinking/emotional process to get back on target. 

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  1. I love this post Christin. I think you wrote it in anticipation that I would need to hear it!