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Monday, June 25, 2012

Want to be a Success? Develop Strong Habits

The most successful people are the ones who develop strong habits centered around the universal laws.  They do something every day that moves them towards their goals.  Remember, it isn't just about visualizing and waiting for something to fall in your lap. 

The law of action states that you must facilitate by taking action on your ideas.  ACT as though you are what you want to be - and you will become that very thing.  The key here is actually taking action.  That can be difficult to do without a plan. 

For that reason, I recommend making a check list and following it. 

Weight loss can be a great example - It's not something that is going to happen without action.  You can't merely wish those extra pounds away.  So an example of developing new habits might mean you create a checklist of daily tasks that will get you towards your goal. 

For example make daily goals to exercise, drink plenty of water, etc. and check those goals off as you hit them.  Save all of your daily goals and watch all those x's add up as you reach each milestone.  At every 5 or 10 or 20 pound milestone reward yourself and look back at how far you've come.  This gives you the motivation and the inspiration you need to keep going. 

As you go along focus on what you have gained from the experience and be truly grateful for it.  Gratitude is the attitude that manifests miracles in your life.  If you truly, to your core, feel gratitude in every cell of your body - you will see miraculous transformations in your life. 

Large goals are nice, but without detailed plans and a visible means to achieve them, they tend to go by the wayside. 

Use your vision boards to keep you focused, use your checklists and journals to keep yourself motivated and then allow the Universe to guide the rest.  Plan, facilitate, and take meaningful actions - those things all lead to success, not sitting around waiting. 

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