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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 Tricks to Use Law of Attraction Successfully

Using Law of Attraction Successfully - Use These Techniques to Stay on Course

Awhile back I wrote a hub on HubPages I am going to revisit here today because I feel it works so well.  I wrote it in an effort to create simple, easy to remember steps to allow you to be able to stop and assess if you are facilitating the Universal Laws in your life, or sabotaging your best intentions. 

Have you ever used an acronym or letter of the alphabet to help commit something to memory? If so these 7 tricks will be great for you because they all start with the letter A.  I found that was fitting, because A is the 1st letter, and these practices are all about recognizing and valuing yourself as important enough to put yourself first.  Also, A being the number one, ties into the universal law of divine oneness - we are ALL one :) - so it was fitting. 

So now you are wondering - what are these 7 A's and what do they mean?

The 7 A's are:

  • Awareness

  • Acceptance 

  • Allowing

  • Appreciation

  • Adjustment

  • Application 

  • Attainment 

So what do they mean and how do they help you make the universal laws actually work in your life?

Find out by reading the original hub "7 Simple Tips for Using the Universal Laws Successfully"

Have a beautiful day!


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