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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Journaling to Enhance Law of Attraction

Journal Techniques That Will Change Your Life

This is a hub I want to share today because it shows different journaling exercises that can help you on your quest to make Law of Attraction work in your life.  Remember, LOA requires a few things to be effective - conscious effort, clarity of intent, and the ability to look beneath the surface to the deeper meanings and purpose behind your life events.

The journal exercises in this hub are designed to do just that - help you open up to all of these things and see with clarity not only your true desires, but your plans and progress at a glance.  This is a great habit that will keep you motivated and moving towards your ultimate attainments.

Journaling also is an action that puts your energy out to the universe in concise, concentrated ways to help you begin to manifest what you truly want - consciously.

Enjoy the journal exercises and feel free to vote, comment and discuss via the comments section of the hub.  I thrive on your feedback and it helps me to know what to discuss and publish next :) so feel free to participate here or there via comments anytime I post :)



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