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Monday, July 9, 2012

Accept Risk, but Don't be Reckless

Universal laws state that we must be willing to take a chance on change, even when that change may go against social norms or what we have been previously programmed to believe.  When we seek change and truly embrace it with all our heart and soul, the universe works quickly to manifest those dreams.  You may notice it in the form of "serendipity" - little happy surprises that come just when you need them or affirm you made the right choice etc.  When those signs occur you can breathe easy that you are working in accordance with the universal laws.

Other times we get too caught up in what we "think" we want or become too dependent on our vision of how we think things will go.  We burst forth with guns blazing, but nothing seems to gel right.  Things seem to fall apart and then we start to question the laws - instead of ourselves.  We begin to say "this doesn't work" etc. without taking time to step back and look at the situation with an openness and receptivity of spirit.  Ego gets hung up on simple gratifications and wanting to "win" a goal.  Spirit or our higher selves, relaxes and allows our goals and dreams to manifest.  We are gently nudged and although we are encouraged to pursue our dreams with a sense of urgency, it flows easily, things get done and come together as if by magic.

Are you Embracing or Chasing?

Do you know the difference? If you are chasing a goal like you have to accomplish it to "prove something" or you are doing it for the thrill of a victory, or to push your own agenda, you may find that manifesting is more difficult.  Sure your putting your energy into something, but you may not be aligning with your higher power, your source and approaching it from a higher vibrational place.  Ego and spirit are two very different things.

That being said, ego isn't "bad" as it is so often depicted.  Our personalities help shape what we are good at, what we are drawn to, who we best interact with etc.  Personalities give us flavor and dimension.  It's only when we become caught up in the ego that we falter.  It is possible, and we should, embrace goals in ways that can gratify both the higher self and the ego. 

For example, the ego when hearing us say "we should be healthy and eat right and exercise and focus on whole being wellness" - will quickly get bored.  It's the part of you that loves that junk food and so it resists and says "eh, maybe later" ... or makes excuses, "Well I can't do that today because we are going out to eat tonight" etc. You know the excuses ;).  However, when you make a loftier goal fun for the ego too - then you have cooperation and then the truly miraculous can take place. 

I once resolved to do a 5k a day five days in a row for a month.  Mon - Friday I would run and rest on weekends.  I wanted to do this to clear my head, to build stamina and to push my limits.  My normal ego response would be to resist - no way sister! that isn't any fun... BUT, the ego loves to compete, so I made it into a contest with myself.  I focused on beating my own times, on pushing to go faster each day, or with more of an incline on the treadmill etc.  What happened was truly inspiring.  I spent my daily walk/run listening to meditative music while doing my workouts.  My whole being was rejuvenated - my mind was clear, my body became leaner and healthier, I began to feel more confident.  These achievements all gratified me on every level of my being.  When I would start to get tired if I ran for a long part of it, I would tell myself "sweat is fat crying!" lol - silly, but it was gratifying to the old ego and gave me incentive to keep pushing.  Spiritually I felt "lighter" and more connected and emotionally/mentally I was clear as a bell. All parts were working as a cohesive unit - it wasn't the typical "us vs them" type battle that is so often depicted between our ego and our higher self.  Cooperation is how to get things done!

So moral to the very long story - is follow your heart, pursue your goals that are inspired by a higher calling or purpose, and do so in a way that gratifies you on every level of your being...When you find that harmony, all things will pull together and manifest in ways you will not believe. 

Pursue your dreams, take chances, accept risk - but don't be reckless - LISTEN to your inner voice and ALLOW your dreams to manifest.  Embrace everything you pursue as a "whole being" aspiration and you'll be a master at manifesting in no time!

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