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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Accountability, Self and Law of Attraction

One of my problems with mainstream ideas and lessons with Law of Attraction is that they often tend to focus on a force outside of ourselves - In many faiths people pray for what they want, with movies like "The Secret" people are told that the universe is like a Genie that grants wishes.  While I loved the Secret and thought it was a great primer, there were some key concepts that I feel were left out.  Of course it is difficult to condense Law of Attraction fully into one book or a 90 minute movie so I definitely give them props for breaking down a complex subject admirably.

One key area I think that people miss though is accountability.  We tend to push things off onto others, onto God, the Devil, "evil", etc.  Most of us are not taught to look deep within ourselves, to embrace all aspects of our nature.  We spend much of our time dodging what we deem bad or unacceptable and trying to line up with ideals.  "I don't know what got into me" or "the Devil made me do it" - have you ever heard those phrases? Often people thank God for the good in their lives.  It's a nice gesture, but God lives and breathes through you, so when you find strength it is important to recognize your own role in that process.  God may be an inspiration to you, but you are the one who went above and beyond.  In life we always tend to pass the buck ;) good or bad, right or wrong, we struggle to "own ourselves"

 What happens in the process of all this is that we don't quiet down, we are never still long enough to maintain a deep connection to our source - which whether you call it God  or the Universe etc. - is the heart of everything, of all creation.  It lies within you and it is all around you.  Everything that exists comes from the same place.  You are not some detached, pitiful small creature - the greatness of all that is lives and breathes in every cell of your body.  I say all the time when viewing yourself, stop seeing a tiny drop in a vast ocean - instead see that the ocean exists in the drop.  When you can truly feel that connectedness and let it in, your ability to manifest the life of your dreams will take off.

So how do we tap into that? Silence, Stillness, Meditation...

In stillness we learn to to avoid the pitfalls of extreme emotions.  We become witnesses to our feelings and thoughts and as the observer, we are better able to detach and make choices from a place of wisdom.  In a place of silent meditation it is like the eye of the storm - as we sit calmly in this state, nothing in the chaotic outer realms can touch us.  When we have a dark thought we can allow it float by and not engage the thought by trying to fight it or avoid it - simply let it float by and then it gains no traction and has no power.

But what about positive thoughts then?  If we just observe our positive thoughts are their powers removed? No.  Why? Because when we detach we allow the "clutter" to move past us, so that our strongest, healthiest, most inspired ideas can flow to us during our regular activities throughout the day.  We can then take action on the best ones and allow the others to float on by.

The best way to learn to manage your thoughts, desires, and emotions is through becoming the observer.  Watch but do not attach.  As your emotions and thoughts flow, do your best to acknowledge them without hanging onto them.  One way to do this is to view yourself as a sieve where everything flows through.  When our emotions and thoughts are flowing properly, we naturally align with the true calling of our spirit.  We can then manifest away free from clutter, chaos, etc. and then we can bring into being our best life. 

This perspective allows us to "aim higher".  In the movie for example they showed a girl focusing intently on a necklace.  Well, yes technically you can focus on material items and manifest a way for them to come to you - HOWEVER, the Universal Laws are about much more than that.  They transcend the depths of our awareness and with proper focus and action, you can manifest a life that is truly joyful.  Things don't bring joy ultimately, so if you are focused solely on "stuff" - aim higher. Joy is a state of awareness where you can be at peace no matter what is going on in the world around you.  It is an inner state of grace that is attainable with practice.  When you are in that place, the "stuff" of the universe that you truly desire will make its way to you without great strain or effort.

If you find you are focusing on the wrong things - you won't manifest them no matter how hard you try.  Why? because they are not aligned with your true soul purpose.  Instead of focusing on things outside yourself - go within.  That is where the keys to the universe lie.  I find that when I get too caught up in the mundane or too focused on the fleeting things - I remind myself to "look up" - not to some distant place, but to a higher vibrational place of energy.

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