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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daily Power Words & Law of Attraction

Power Words 

For many years, I wrote a free daily column "Daily Power Words".  Each word is used to illuminate a particular spiritual or personal growth lesson.  That words "power" is used for inspiration and to encourage introspection and growth via journaling.

I am going to share one for you today on Focus, because I think it illuminates the way we humans tend to approach things and how it sabotages our ability to truly manifest a rich and meaningful life.
If you would like to view 40 of the Daily Power Words and read more about how to use journals and power words to change and empower your life I encourage you to visit that website as well at 



Focus is what gets us from the drawing table to the end results; it's the combining of all parts into the whole: vision, knowledge, and decisive action.  For example, when we are physically ill, the first thing we usually do is reach for the medicine cabinet. This effectively treats the symptom, but how often do we seek the underlying cause and work to correct that as well? A headache may be easily treated and dismissed, but notice how they tend to recur?

When we focus on finding the underlying cause to our discomfort, such as diet, stress, or emotional trauma, we can eliminate the problem at its source and prevent it from recurring. So it is with all aspects of our lives. When we are feeling a lack of harmony, or off balance, we must address the whole situation, not just the symptoms.

Focus is the process of directing our energies, empowering ourselves to feel whole, connected to our Spirit, at peace with ourselves. It's odd to me how when we speak of focus and concentration we tend to view it as narrow sight, looking only at what is right in front of the eyes. Healing focus is broad, not narrow. Focus allows us to heal all areas simultaneously.


Today's Exercise:

Bring focus to an area of your life that is bringing you "dis-ease". This can be anything that tends to trouble you on a recurring basis and doesn't necessarily have to be physical. Take note of what you have been doing to correct this. Expand and look deeper into the situation, what else ties into it? Have you focused on all aspects of the situation? Broaden your focus and record the experience with action plans of what you can do on all levels to help correct it.

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