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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Sky is Falling!

The current environment is certainly one mired in fear.  Wall street up to its antics again and the media pushing huge fears of a deeper rooted "double dip" recession etc.  What humans at large fail to realize is that what we focus on manifests  - and nowhere is this more evident than on Wall street where we see giant drops in the market based on people's fears and talking themselves into a frenzy. It solves no problems, produces no solutions and ultimately causes pain - why? because we allow it, we engage in it and we let others tell us why "the sky is falling".  (remember chicken little? good read lol)  

Throughout history mankind has been very good at letting his fear get the best of him - remember the persecution of witches for example? Mass hysteria where everyone turned on everyone for fear that evil was afoot and sure to destroy their lives.  This is just one of many historic examples of fear and paranoia destroying lives.  On hindsight we look back and say how stupid and juvenile that behavior was, but in the moment, those people were swept up in that powerful fear movement - so much that they couldn't see the forest for the trees and the result was great suffering. 

Fear is a wonderful way for those in power to instill control and complacency in others.  When we fear the bogeyman we can be convinced to do all sorts of things we normally wouldn't consider. 

Fear is very effective for marketing - how often do you notice advertisements play on your insecurities and fears to get you to buy a product or service?  If you don't use this you won't be beautiful enough, if you don't have that your neighbors will think you suck etc. We are so constantly bombarded with fear based thought/propaganda in so many areas of our lives it can be difficult to "break free".  We come to accept it as "normal" - and a constant state of anxiety/alarm, even when it feels subtle, causes us to miss out on joy in our lives.  It also causes health problems, mental/emotional stress, and feeling disconnected from our source.

One of the biggest threats to you ever reaching your fullest potential is to be swept away by the "sky is falling" mentality - that constant state of alarm/anxiety that is foisted upon us by everyone from wall street to advertising agencies and even the television programs/movies we love to watch to "escape". 

The key to overcoming fear - and the hysteria that ensues , is to step back and take a deep breath and realize that there is nothing to fear truly but what you let in and decide to fear.  Don't get swept away in the currents of despair and turmoil.  Fight back - not by raging against fear, but by embracing its opposite. 

If you fear money (loss of stability and freedom etc) you will attract more debt and less money (you'll repel it) - focus instead on manifesting opportunities, solutions, and doing what makes you feel "free to be you" - when you act authentically, and focus on manifesting (rather than avoiding or worry) you will find there is more than enough sustenance to go around.  Opportunities are there for everyone who embrace them.  People who get rich don't do so while believing money is hard to come by - if they believed that then money would not manifest and they would not feel compelled to act on the business ideas etc. that generate the high levels of income etc.  

If you are afraid of how others view you - chances are you fear rejection, fear lack of acceptance etc. - in that instance the best way to "combat" that fear is to focus on loving you, turning your mindset around and focusing on your importance in this universe.  You are a living expression of the creator/universe/God - whatever you deem it to be.  Stop separating yourself from this source and stop being small  - it doesn't serve you and it doesn't serve the whole.  When you learn to value yourself you'll find that what others think of you truly won't matter to you as much - and you'll also find that you tend to only draw those who support and encourage you because you have aligned your vibration to love and acceptance which allows more of it to manifest in your life.  You cannot give others and others cannot give to you what you don't have within yourself.  Many people make the mistake of expecting others to "make them happy" - and at the end of the day still feel lonely and unfulfilled.  Fulfillment, acceptance, love all have to be cultivated from within to be truly experienced.

Be what you want to see in this world - don't succumb to fear and don't allow yourself to be controlled by external circumstances - you are at the helm of your own experience - always were and always will be - take the wheel and change your destiny. 

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