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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can I Use Universal Laws to Make Someone Love Me?

The short answer to this question is No.  We cannot use the law of attraction to change another persons free will and aren't you glad we can't? You wouldn't want someone to have the power to influence your decisions either. 

Each of us creates our own realities and we will love who we love. 

Can you use universal laws to help in the search for your ideal love? Absolutely yes! 

There are techniques to do this and the key is to not focus on a specific person - but rather to focus on getting clear on exactly what you want.  When many of us think of love we get attached to a person and then project our ideals onto that person before truly getting to know them authentically.  Think back to a time you had a crush on someone and then when you actually dated that person they disappointed you.  The reason is you tried to attach an idea to a person - rather than put a clear picture of what you wanted out to the Universe and allow the correct person to come to you.

How to Attract Your Perfect Mate 

Write him/her down on paper and go into great detail about the traits you want in your ideal person.  Envision this persons conversational style and what you would talk about.  This gives a big clue into what you expect in a partner. 

Find images that represent the important values you want your partner to have.  You can focus on "deal breakers" too - but only long enough to determine what you don't want so that you can return your focus to what you do want. 

Once you have identified the right type of person for you - let go and allow the process to blossom.  Don't put pressure on it by attaching to people immediately.  Make yourself available to meet others of like interests (take a class or join a social club - try online dating if you like) Get to know people slowly and see how they measure up. 

In the meantime focus on YOU - when you love you, others can love you and not before that.  If you don't love yourself - and I mean really, truly love yourself you cannot find the truly right partner for you.  When we cultivate love from within - we overflow with an abundance of positive energy that in turn magnetizes us to others who have similar vibrations. 

If you are focused on being "lonely" and wanting someone to "fulfill" a need - you will always feel that need no matter who is around.  That loneliness stems from an inner soul desire that needs to be filled by you first - so that you can enter a strong partnership that will last later.

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