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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Long Does it Take to Manifest Goals using Law of Attraction?

This is a very common question and the response is always the same - it depends.  There are several steps required when preparing to manifest a goal.

First of all are you focused on what you truly want - not merely what you think you want or need.  Everyone "thinks" they want to win the lottery - I mean who wouldn't?  It's not like any of us are going to turn that down right? lol.

What you really want though is what you feel that money would provide you - so your focus should be directed towards those things - not the "how" but the "what".  In this example the "what" would be the deeper answers of security, freedom, independence, ability to give to others, prosperity, etc.

So the first step is to identify the TRUE goals - remember it's not the "how" but the "what"... so make a list of genuine goals you want for yourself.  If you have always dreamed of owning your own business, start to focus on what you would want to do every day that would make you happy.

Would you be an artist, a counselor, sell your own product or service?  Envision yourself getting up to go to your dream "job".. do you actually own the business and do everything yourself? What part of the business/job do you see yourself doing with joy? That's what you need to focus on intently - not a generalization.

Overly general ideas are vague - they do not help you target your energy effectively.  You must determine what you truly want - the true underlying thing and target your energy concisely.  When you know this then you can start to focus on having it,  which will encourage inspired actions.  When we are clear on what we want, the universe has a way of giving us hints/ideas intuitively as to  how to get there. Signposts that direct us to take certain actions if we choose to listen.  The universe likes to be as expedient and efficient as possible.  If you are not manifesting goals in a reasonable amount of time, chances are you are either not focusing your energy properly or you are not following up on the "leads" given to you - sorry, but that's the truth.

The next step is listening to and ACTING on that intuitive guidance.  I'm sorry folks - but dreams are not going to pop out of thin air and drop in your lap the way many LOA products seem to infer.  Everyone is looking for an easy answer and those false promises sell a lot of products for their creators - but don't do a lot for you.  If you want something you have to plant the seed and then you have to tend it before you can achieve the harvest. 

Clarity about what you truly want is the first piece, the second is visualizing productively and planning, and the next is focus and action... When you do these things you can begin to manifest changes very quickly in your life.

If you believe in it - you can do it.  So some find they benefit from faith building exercises.  Focus on something small - something you feel in your mind is very easy to attract or accomplish - and then do that.  Build from there and learn to recognize the way your thoughts sabotage or get in the way.  Preconditioned responses are sometimes difficult to break, the first step is recognizing them and then moving forward.  Accomplishments, even small ones, build momentum.  Keep track of your little victories in life and let them propel your energy forward.

If you need some more tools to help make all of these laws work for you, don't forget to visit my latest hub post "The 7 A's Easily Learn to Use the Law of Attraction"  These 7 key words will help you remember what you need to be doing! :)  Write them down, commit them to memory, print them and post them on the wall :) it's a great reminder

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