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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Law of Attraction - Turning "Bad" Feelings Into Something Useful

Bad Feelings are Natural and Beneficial 

Huh? I can hear the response now! That can't be right can it?

In a lot of writings on the Law of Attraction the need to remove yourself from negative feelings is really stressed.  This is true, sort of.  We definitely shouldn't let feelings of fear, anger, sorrow etc overwhelm us for too long.  The challenge I think with many lessons on Law of Attraction and the other universal laws is that people tend to feel they have "avoid" rather than work with and reconstruct negative emotions.  It's almost as if we look at anger, fear etc as a personal failure so we cast it aside rather than embrace it.  That will always keep you struggling.

It is perfectly normal and natural to feel fear, anger, etc.  At times in life our circumstances or others are going to elicit these feelings and make us feel challenged in some capacity.  Rather than "ignore" it or push it away or chastise yourself for feeling the way you do - you have to consciously focus on its opposite and work to manifest that.  This is not the same as sweeping these feelings under the rug though.  If you simply ignore bad feelings without addressing the source - they will continue to come back.  If you pile guilt on top of that and push them away they grow malignant like a cancer to the soul.

When we grow a garden we have to continually weed that garden to allow it to grow and be fruitful.  When we merely pull at the weeds and don't remove the root - the weeds take over and choke off the garden.  Weeds are natural - weeds happen.  Anger, sadness, frustration, despair - those are all natural too - they happen.  Spiritual growth and enlightenment is a process of cultivation - of working to bring out our personal best through wisdom and inspired action.

Resist the urge to resist the challenging emotions.  Pushing them away is like pulling at weeds without removing the root - they are going to grow back and will be stronger than ever.  

Working With Negative Emotions 

When we see what we don't want.  When we feel that bad feeling, it is a cue to us to focus that energy on healing the source of the pain and on manifesting its opposite by focusing on what we do want.  So lets say for example you are feeling angry because your significant other or boss or someone close said something that offended you. 

This of course brings up deeper emotions - perhaps anger that the person is acting unreasonably, or fear of rejection from this person, devaluing yourself due to the opinion of another you hold in high esteem, fear of failure, etc.

The key to moving past this is to acknowledge all of the feelings the situation has brought up and then to look at them not through the lens of raw emotion - but rationally.  Ask yourself (and I do this regularly lol) Is this situation truly going to matter in the grand cosmic scheme of things? Then ask yourself with honesty - could I have done something different? Is there a lesson in this for me? How can I grow from this? Reflect on these and you will not only heal from the initial anger/fear - but also grow at the same time (weeding the garden so the fruit can come forward) Sometimes other people are going to "wrong" us - and we are only human and we are going to make errors too - embrace it as part of experience and learning and then work to let it go in a manner that benefits all involved.

Often this act alone is enough to diffuse the negative emotions in place and instead of being reactive, or making a situation worse etc.  you turned it into an empowering experience for yourself.  

We all have days where we want to reach out and slap somebody ;) those feelings are natural so long as you use them as a tool to get to the underlying problem that needs to be solved.  No matter how much we work on personal growth - eventually someone or something is going to get on our nerves and elicit an initially negative response.  Don't beat yourself up for having those thoughts - or you add more fuel to the negative vibe fire through guilt and chastising yourself etc.

Although these feelings are natural - we shouldn't wallow in them or ever ever act on them.  The wise see them for what they are - opportunities.  We always have a choice - we can take the high road or we can let our emotions overwhelm and rob us of our personal power.  Have you ever heard someone who has lashed out say "I don't know what came over me?"  - that's because we often push away and cast aside and that energy builds up like a pressure cooker until it reaches a breaking point.  Our job in working with Universal Laws is to not ever reach that point of meltdown where we lash out.

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