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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Don't Just Face Your Fears - Embrace Them!

How many times in life have you been told you have to face your fears in order to grow?  - This is very true, but today I'm going to tell you what is possible by taking it even further.  Want to really reach your fullest potential and see what you are made of? Let fear be your friend rather than your enemy and you'll find the universal laws flow with ease.  

After all, it's been stated repeatedly that fears block the flow of abundance and this is true.  Why? because we feed so much energy into fear and our fears are always directed at what we don't want.  So while it is important to redirect your energy to what you DO want - it is also important to accept fear is a natural part of life and embrace it rather than try to avoid it or fight it.  Fears can be a catalyst in the right direction when you know how to use them. 

An example: I am petrified of public speaking - have been since I was a kid.  I am introverted by nature, friendly, but quiet and the idea of having all these eyes on me and fearing that I'll mess up  or look stupid or say something wrong etc. brings out the worst in my insecurities.  The thought of it makes my heart race, makes my mouth dry, makes we want to run home and crawl under the covers and bury my head...

So, last month I signed up for a Public Speaking class - whoa! I must be crazy right? or a glutton for punishment perhaps? No - not at all.  I know that by facing this fear I will prove to myself that I can indeed do this.  I will not die of embarrassment, I will not be less of a person if I stumble, and in the end I will have learned some valuable skills to improve not only how I speak - but most importantly how I LISTEN.  So in this one step, a rather agonizing step, I am empowering myself and in that process I get to see just what I am made of. 

So far I have actually enjoyed the class.  Have I been nervous - no, more like a nervous wreck ;) - but I have played it as cool as I can and I learned that a lot of these people in my class who look so confident and self-assured also share a common trait with me - they are nervous wrecks too! We all are to some degree, granted some more than others, but it's quite normal and natural :)

How do I feel this experience will tie into the Universal Law of Attraction?  For many years I have felt too shy, to tongue tied to meet with people face to face about publishing my manuscripts or perhaps even eventually teaching others or doing seminars.  These are things I always thought would be fun, but never thought I would be cut out to do.  Now I am seeing that by pushing myself and focusing on my strengths and not shrinking back I am growing into more of my potential and the ultimate result will be that the universe continues to provide me the tools I need to continue growing and reaching out to others.  I told the universe 10 years ago, I want to use my talents to help others help themselves.  Since that time the universe has opened many doors for me.  I have taught myself web design, worked to improve my writing, finally went back to school for graphic arts and communications and I have opened myself up fully to my "mission".  I didn't know the "how" just what I wanted to do - and the universe has led me and pushed me to do all sorts of things aligned with that goal.

We all have our challenges, we each have our shortcomings.  Someone is always going to be better than you at anything you try.  You can let that defeat you (and many people do) or you can accept it and make a promise to yourself and to your creator to do the best you are capable of and to recognize and honor your own strengths.  When we shrink back the world loses.  Each of us has something unique and wonderful we can offer.  When you push yourself to reach new heights, your actions inspire others to do the same. 

I will never be the worlds greatest speech giver - in fact I'll never even probably be a very good speech giver ;) - BUT I can always say I showed great strength in facing a fear and that I am a better speech giver because of it - after all you can't be something if you don't give it a shot.  In the process, my fears have shrunk (not gone away but become manageable) I have gained valuable new experience and skills, and I feel fantastic about the accomplishments.

How about you?  What fears have you embraced - or what fears would you like to conquer? and how? Please share - we learn through the experiences of others! 

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