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Monday, September 3, 2012

It's All in the Attitude

Today I wrote a monster hub on Frugal Living - 101 Tips for Frugal Living you Need to Know as a matter of fact.  It reminded me of an important lesson however that ties in very nicely to law of attraction - mindset. 

Many people think of the subject "Frugal Living" and they think - doing without, sacrifice, scrimping by, not having nice things etc.  This is a poverty mindset - a dis-empowered way of thinking that leads to more of the same.  Remember where thoughts/beliefs go so does our energy. 

I challenged people to look at frugality another way.  View it as a way to embrace simple living, organization, efficiency and empowerment.  Rather than focusing on what you don't have - you start to focus on loving and making the most of what you DO have.  Frugality from an empowered mindset becomes something to strive for and enjoy.  It is not miserly or clinging to what one has out of fear - but embracing simplicity.  Misers are those who fear and cling desperately to a false since of control.  Those who practice simple abundance embrace the simplicity and don't feel that sense of impending doom or financial ruin.  They trust in their resourcefulness and creative thinking.

Those who embrace simple living give up the need for struggle, competition, and the temptation to live beyond their means.  They can let go of struggle with debt and simply enjoy being comfortable and secure in what they've attained.  Those who live simply actually become more generous, because they free up resources and time that they can then extend to others. 

Look at the ways your attitude can empower or rob you in life and make necessary adjustments.  It's often a simple matter of finding and keeping a new perspective.  Rather than focus on not making enough money for example - think of some $50 ideas.  An extra fifty bucks is not a difficult goal to reach.  Perhaps you have a service or good you can offer, maybe you have extra things you can sell on consignment or at a yard sale.  Once you reach that first extra $50 it will inspire you to brainstorm and look for other ways to reach that goal again - because it feels good.  It gives you a sense of accomplishment which leads to inspired action which leads to abundance and prosperity. 

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