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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Oneness and the Universal Mind

Image by Christin Sander

Today's image is a little reminder of the law of Divine Unity or Oneness.  This law states that you are one with the universe and all that lies within it.  Looking for answers?  Rather than seek it - allow it come to you.  Use meditation or guided hypnosis to distance yourself from the mundane thoughts/routines of daily life and connect to your higher self.  It takes discipline and practice, but results in the ability to easily attain answers in your life.

When you recognize your unity with "All" that is - it becomes possible to "know" answers to the questions in life without struggle.  You can easily connect to the source of all knowledge and allow that inspired energy and ideas to flow through to you.  The secret to doing this is learning to quite the chatter of the mundane mind - so that the higher mind has room to enter.

When we think of elite athletes - we tend to think of those who train for the Olympics or play professional sports etc.  These people train and work hard so that they make their sport seem easy or virtually effortless at times.  The recognize the benefits of taking charge of their own bodies.  With universal law of attraction (and the other laws) we are challenged to become elite athletes of the mind.  Training our mind/thoughts so that we are more in control of where our energy flows and ultimately what we manifest.

Energy is always manifesting.  If you don't like what is being created in your life at present, it may be time to engage in exercising and building the mind so that your destiny is more in your own hands.  Only you can do this for yourself - no one can give you easy answers, you still have to do the work.  Just like reading a diet book won't make you thin - reading my blog and other publications on "Law of Attraction" etc. won't make your life better unless you take action.  

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